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How can you land Perfectly on the Google Ads specialist jobs?



So, what are precisely Google Ads specialist jobs?

Let us guide you through it.

On the one hand, there is the process of ranking your website using organic methods, which is a slow mechanism; on the other hand, there are paid ads wherein you can invest a certain amount of money and get your website Ad forecasted in the first position of SERP.

As times have evolved according to the technological advancements that we have endured ever now and then, so does businesses that chose these paid ads to reach more and more customers at the speed of light.

Throughout the year’s Google Ads have seen a surge in growing users, which parallelly opened up the door for vast job opportunities and for digital marketing agencies in Kerala.

Many new aspiring digital marketing professionals had solely focused on specialising in Google Ads as it is one of the latest digital marketing trends in 2023.

What is Google Ads?


Most of you reading this article might have a general idea or maybe an expert in digital marketing, yet we are starting off from the basics, as Google Ads is much more exciting, and the Google Ads jobs are on a predominant rise.

Google Ads is Google’s advertising programme that lets you project your ads on their search engine page 

And it doesn’t really matter how many ads you run, if it isn’t creating an impression, then it’s not doing anything good other than exhausting your ads budget.

William Bernbach once said;

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”

With that said, there are many companies, small and big, looking out for specialists in this field because they want the best person to do this job the right way.

And these big companies offer a wide range of job options and opportunities if you are skilled.

The truth is that the job opportunities that come with this field are endless and you can choose which you want to specialise in.

Some of which are;

⌑ PPC expert
⌑ Paid Search Specialist
⌑ PPC Consultant
⌑ Google Ads Expert
⌑ Google Ads Specialist
And more.

Today we will focus on Google Ads Specialist Jobs.

Google Ads falls under the same Pay-per-click system, wherein you pay Google for each click the online users engage with your ads every time.

What are the primary specifics of Google Ads jobs?

Google ads comprise various duties that have to be fulfilled by those who take on the related job.

Responsibilities of a Google Ads Specialist Jobs

How to do keyword research for SEO

●Create crucial and effective Google Ads Strategies

●Ad campaign management that includes building, presenting and administering the Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

●Conduct core keywords analysis and come up with suitable keywords using Google Ads Keyword planner.

●Always be cost-conscious and have an eye on increasing the ROI by initialising the sophisticated Ad strategies.

● Bid Management and create well-planned campaigns

● Creating appealing landing pages for Google Ads.

● Always keep track of KPI to analyse performance.

● Come up with critical audience targeting plans.

● Frequently monitor published ads and make strategies to update them for optimal performance.

●Be up to date on the latest trends and updates in the market and plan your strategies accordingly.

● Be creative in idea related to producing Ad campaigns and templates.

There you go now that answers the most common question of what are the Google Ads specialist jobs.

Now that we are stuck within the walls of the pandemic, most of us are forced to stay home. This called in for a lot of work from home opportunities.

Freelancing is such an opportunity preferred by most professionals who aim to be financially independent.

We think that it is a good thing to be a Freelancer.

Ever heard of UpWork?

Upwork is one of the leading websites that provides freelance works to users. As we mentioned earlier, if you aim to be a freelancer, there are plenty of options in Upwork.

Google ads Specialist jobs in Upwork 

 Just type in Google ads specialist jobs in Upwork and see the never-ending list of offered jobs. Once you decide on the kind of job you can take over, you can bid for that particular job by inputting your rates per hr or rate per job.

There is a section in Upwork wherein you can enter why you should be hired to do the work. Once you enter all necessary fields, after a few days or so, if you are selected, they will contact you via mail or within the website itself.

Well, now you know one way of becoming a Google Ads Specialist.

How to get Google Ads Specialist Certification?

There are several digital marketing certifications that you can get by attending some of the best digital marketing training institutes or Google.

One of the leading certifications that many of us thrive on is the Google Ads Certification.

By getting Google Ads Specialist certification, you will automatically be recognised by Google as an expert in online advertising.

You can Achieve this valuable certification by creating your account in Google Skillshop. There you can learn the courses that Google provides and attend the assessments successfully, and voila!! The certificate is given to you.

As we have mentioned about certification and duties pertaining to Google ads specialist, we can now dig deeper.


Enrol the best customized digital marketing course

How to become Google Ads Specialist?

Google Ads Certification

We have already mentioned freelancing in Google Ads specialist jobs Upwork, which is one way to become Google Ads specialist.

The next one would be getting appropriate Google Ads specialist Certification and then applying for an opening in a company’s career section.

Google Ads is a trend that is likely to be a dominating marketing factor in the coming years. Hence getting a job now is like hitting a lottery that can change your life forever.

A Google Ads specialist should always find the right keywords to use at the right time and right place. Well, that what is expected out of them.

But there is more than just fishing for the potential keyword, as you might have read on the duties that are performed in a Google Ads Specialist jobs, you might have got the slightest of the idea that this is a really demanding job that calls in for long hours of work time.

You have to be attentive and focused on what you are doing because it is your sole duty as a google ads specialist to plan effective ad campaign strategies, manage bidding strategies, stay up to date in marketing trends, and create and test out new ads.

How much does Google Ads Specialist salary be?


Digital marketing fresher’s salaries are attractive as the industry itself is facing frequent developments.

For Ad words Starters, the average salary package in India varies from 20k to 30k INR per month, which is not bad.

Again the salary being paid depends on various factors, including the size of the company offering that job, your experience and how you manage to negotiate your expected salary with the interviewers.


➩  In Conclusion,

The main thing you have to do is to get more and more practice. This applies to all the digital marketing freshers who thrive to become aspiring professionals.

There are many ways that you can earn enough practice. The fundamental and most preferred ways of getting live practice would be landing on internships from the best digital marketing internship programs.

Hopefully, you will all work smart and get smart by reading this article on Google ads specialist jobs.

Wishing you all the best in your digital marketing career 2023!!

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