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Digital marketing salary for freshers – The ultimate expert advice

BY  ASWIN  |  JUNE 05.

 Digital marketing salary for freshers

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As a fresher, you might be wondering about different kinds of available opportunities in the current job market.

Let’s agree on one thing, whatever the industry maybe, getting a desired job or salary is pretty tough these days.

Due to the surge in competitions all around us, we should be pretty confident and hard-working, which may land us in the desired job.

Getting a job in the digital marketing sector is undeniably a new trend in the current job market.

So, you may think about why digital marketing is so important?

In recent years the scope of digital marketing in India has seen an incomparable bloom, considering the number of companies going online or a surge in courses related to digital marketing.

These changes happening in recent years are undoubtedly a preparation for a new and better future.


Digital marketing and its possibilities are never-ending. Companies today are thriving for newer strategies to break the wall of loss in business.

Hence, irrespective of how big or small a company is, digital marketing has become a kind of oxygen for them.

On the one hand, as requirements for digital marketing arise for several companies worldwide, a vast ocean of opportunities opened up for digital marketers.

Hence the change, not so long back, Digital marketing term was kind of anonymous. Most of the online users did not even know such an option existed.

Now every nuke and corner is filled with digital marketing companies and institutions.

How to get a digital marketing job as a fresher?

Now, as you all know, it is pretty challenging to get a job that too in this fast-paced and competitive world, but once you have what it takes to be a professional, nothing can stop you from landing your dream job.

The first and foremost thing you have to do is create a digital marketing fresher resume, and a compelling resume is the first step to a successful job hunt.

Secondly, Get proper insight on how to prepare for digital marketing interview. Facing an interview as a fresher might be the most frightening moments of life.

Once you get a complete guideline on the interview facing techniques, you will automatically feel confident and geared up to face any challenges ahead of you.

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Educational qualification for digital marketing

It is not necessarily essential to acquire a graduation or diploma to become a digital marketer if you have the proper skills.

Yet, some top-notch companies and several startups seek graduates, as graduation has become an essential criterion for getting a job.

Hence being a graduate is a plus in the hiring process.

How much can a fresher earn in digital marketing?

Salary earnings in the field of digital marketing depend on various factors

Salary earnings in the field of digital marketing depend on various factors:-

● Your apprehension of digital marketing
● Skills you have acquired related to Digital Marketing
● Size of the company
● Educational qualifications

These factors are the base determinants of your salary package.

There is a vast ocean of opportunities in digital marketing, but it is the skills of a person and the way he/she performs in an interview that lands them in the desired job.

So, you may ask, How much can I earn from digital marketing?

That depends on various factors as we have mentioned above, apart from that you can become a freelancer.

Becoming a freelancer in digital marketing is a bit of a task. You have to prove your skillset and be unique in approaching a client.
Most people prefer to be financially independent and hesitate to work under the norms and timings of a company, being bossed by higher officials.

For such people, freelancing is a golden opportunity to prove oneself; you have a space to improve yourself when you freelance by frequently pushing up your limits.

How much can a freelancer earn in digital marketing in India?

By taking on freelancing as a career in digital marketing, on average, a digital marketing freelancer in India varies from INR 18K to INR 1 lakh per month.

Again these calculations are based on several online surveys and are subject to changes.

Freelancing rates depends on your popularity, rates per work or hours and the number of jobs that you receive on average.

Yet, it is up to you to decide on what you are going to pursue, but always keep in mind that digital marketing will be the next future, the future not so long from now.

As tempting as it is, let us brief you about the various positions, duties performed, and the average salary range of digital marketing freshers in India.

Career opportunities in digital marketing for freshers are beyond compare; we are about to mention several options and career in digital marketing.


Search engine optimization jobs

Enhancing the visibility of a website to rank them in the first position on the search engine results page organically is known as SEO.

There are many strategies for this process to be complete, including keyword research, backlink building, and many other optimizations.

These tasks are performed by those who excel in the method of SEO

Following are the different job titles in SEO;-

● SEO Trainee/Intern
● Junior SEO executive
● SEO executive/analyst/consultant
● Senior SEO executive/analyst/consultant
● SEO team leader
● SEO manager
●Online marketing manager

Digital marketing salary for freshers per month varies between 10,000 to 30,000.

Social Media Marketing jobs

Social Media and the influence on all the people in today’s world cannot be ignored.


Social media’s impact proves why all the business now depends on social media to establish a robust online presence.

Hence an SMM specialist is a highly responsible and tactical job.

An SMM specialist needs to keenly keep up with the latest ongoing trends on social media, and by that, they have to be highly proactive in creating engaging content that would focus on the right kind of people at the right time.

Job profiles in Social media marketing are;-

● Social media executive
● Social media specialist
● Social media strategist
● Social media manager

These specialists are the face of the organizations they work for, as they are the ones who maintain the company’s accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Reddit, and so on.

The average salary of a fresh social media executive varies from INR 2.50 to INR 3.50 per annum.

Content Marketing Jobs

Well-crafted content never fails to attract more customer, eventually leading to a surge in business.

Excellent command of the English language can be a big addon to your resume, making you a valuable contributor for SEO Copywriting and content writing jobs.

Copywriting plays an essential role in the SEO of a website, making it unique and attractive to the users, resulting in increased sales results.

Few content writing job profiles are:-

SEO based content writer
Content marketing specialist
Web copywriter

Content writing is a skill that needs more practice, and you have to invest a lot of time reading to gain immense knowledge to write a unique piece of content.

The average salary provided for a content writer is INR 6.50 per year.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer salary in india

A digital marketer should plan, strategize and decide on a strategy that’s fit for the company they work for.

The digital marketer should have commendable knowledge of all sections of digital marketing strategies, as he/she will have to be vigilant of cost-effectiveness.

A cost-conscious digital marketer can be an overachiever for sure and maintain partnerships and good rapport with other companies and vendor partners.

An average digital marketing salary in India for a digital marketing fresher ranges between INR 20K to INR 25K per month. And a Digital Marketing Manager with experience of 1 year or so earns an average of 3 lakhs per annum.

Digital Marketer skill

Apart from that, managers receive yearly bonuses and other allowances depending on the size of the company they are in.

Still, many other job roles require freshers, moderately experienced, and highly experienced marketing professionals.

The projected salary data may vary drastically based on regions, like digital marketing salary in Bangalore can be an average of INR 4.40 per year and can even gross up to a whopping INR 12.0 annually, which is pretty high based on digital marketing salary in India.

Salary of digital marketers across countries

Well-developed countries like Dubai have a vast ocean of opportunities with attractive salaries ranging from AED 26K to 360K with an average salary forecast of AED 180K. Digital Marketing Salary in Dubai can be considered as most appealing within the digital industry.

You can always learn every day with unconditional consistency and passion for gaining a better position and making a name for yourself in this gem of a profession.

Come check us out for more detailed insights on different job responsibilities, tips and tricks, the latest updates, and much more information to come.

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