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Discover the best digital marketing courses in Thrissur that qualify to ensure top–demanding jobs in India. All our programmes are curated by Industry experts to deliver outstanding learning experience to develop a career, boost sales, earn from home and much more.

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Advanced digital marketing training aids the students to dive deep into the topic and help to raise a proficient digital marketer from the best digital marketing institute in Kerala and deliver profound knowledge in the best digital marketing course in Thrissur.

150+ Hours              2.5Month Duration

Social Media Marketing Course

Social media marketing course stimulate students to make use of every social media channel and enable them to develop strategies that convert and drive profit. How to maximise revenue out of social media is another benefit of social media marketing course.

75+ Hours                                      1 Month Duration

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Course

Search engine optimisation (SEO)  is the practice to acquire quality and quantity traffic to the website from the search engine result page. Ranking at the top of SERP page requires various other practices such as On page, Off page and technical SEO.

80+ Hours                                     1Month Duration

Intergrated Digital Marketing Course

Integrated digital marketing facilitates the learner to understand over all digital marketing aspects and encourage to choose an area of expertise. Integrated digital marketing is one of the best digital marketing course in Thrissur.

100+ Hours                               2.5Month Duration

Blogging Course

Blogging course in Kerala has gained attention considerably.Blogging is another means to  accumulate revenue from ad, affiliate marketing, paid promotion and several other resources.work from anywhere is the key attraction of blogging.

80+ Hours                                    1 Month Duration

Customized Digital Marketing Course

Customised digital marketing course is tailor -made digital marketing course carefully chosen to provide personal experience to the student.It is a kind of personalised program in which students can choose upon their requirement.


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