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What is the hottest Digital marketing career 2021?

There is no single answer 

There are multiple trending job opportunities available in digital marketing.

If digital marketing career in 2021 is your central point, you must regard thriving opportunities in terms of vacancies and pay scale.

Choose a job you love, do your best and be best at what you do .

There are plenty of job opportunities in digital marketing and expecting a job hike in the coming years, as the scope of digital marketing is rocketing.

Pick a job that matches your skill set .

Check out the following job opportunities that are high in value and huge in opportunities.

Digital Media Manager

Digital Media Manager is not an entry-level digital marketing job, it demands several years of experience to lead people, proficient in idea generation and a trend mapping mind-set.

The important skill for a digital media manager.

Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Plan and oversee all aspects of digital marketing department including marketing database, social media, advertising, email and various other digital marketing aspects (asses ROI and KPI’s)
  • Develop and monitor PPC campaign budget
  • Manage and monitor social media account 
  • Identify the latest trends in the field , educate other professionals, and adopt when it is appropriate.
  • Collaborate with others and brainstorm ideas for the growth of organisation.
  • Identify the conversion path and optimise user funnel.

SEM Specialist

The scope of SEM Specialist is spiking rapidly due to the measurable and instant result.

Have you ever liked to be a SEM specialist? or wondered what are the requirements for a SEM specialist.

It is widely known that the duty of SEM specialist is to advertise a product or service in the search engine result page

You need to have strong analytical skills and be able to prioritize the task upon the requirement.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Collect, analyse and track data, foresee the campaign and keep insights to maximise ROI
  • Manage campaign expense, stay on budget and estimate monthly expense
  • Optimise copy and landing page for paid advertising 
  • Perform ongoing paid advertising keyword discovery expansion and optimisation
  • Proficient in performance marketing, online customer acquisition and conversion 
  • Familiarity in A/B test and multivariate experience

SEO specialist

What are your thoughts about SEO specialists?? yay it is simple, a person who ranks   websites.

It’s true the responsibility of a SEO specialist is rank website. However it demands the collaboration of multiple skills including proficiency in keyword research, copywriting skills, design and layout of a website.

So a SEO specialist must think out of the box and watchful to the ever-changing SEO landscape.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Exceptional ability to think creatively, to identify problems and resolve issues
  • Proficiency in content writing and copywriting (it is not mandatory, if you don’t have impressive writing skills. Hire a writer)
  • Excellent organizational, time-management, and analytical skill
  • Familiarisation with google optimisation tools
  • Experience with google analytics

Content developers

Content developers is one of the most important job opportunities in digital marketing. It is saying content is the king. No marketing strategy can’t be fulfilled without well-played content.

Content is the broad term that often refers to the writing blog post, composition of website, content for video, social media posts, podcast and other content related aspects.

Content developers in the digital marketing career 2021 is skyrocketing.

Look at the duties and responsibilities of a content developer:

  • Research industry related topics
  • Writing clear and attractive marketing copy
  • Researching latest trends and audience preference 
  • Foresee layout before publication.

E-commerce specialists

Change is the power word for an ecommerce specialist to survive and sustain.

Why does the role of an ecommerce specialist flourish day by  day?

An e-commerce specialist is the person who is in charge of design and execute e-commerce marketing strategy in order to sell a product or service by using available marketing channel.

It is evident that role of e-commerce specialist is not confined in a single domain but it is spread across various mediums and it involves strong rational skills, systematic analysis of policies, and is curious to observe the marketing trends.

Duties and responsibilities of e-commerce specialist:

  • Collaborate with different teams including designing, products, sales, etc
  • Ability to multitask, able to meet deadlines.
  • Proficient in web designing 
  • Must be accomplished in developing strategies, tactics and game-plan that attract and convert audiences.
  • Competent in product listing, categorization, content creation, distribution and maintenance.
  • Ensure the efficiency of other marketing medium including PPC, Social media, content marketing, email-marketing, etc
content marketing jobs for freshers

Content Strategist

Content is the king, so the role of content strategist is greatly in demand.

Companies are looking for an experienced content strategist to increase brand awareness and boost conversions.

The core function of a content strategist is to develop strategies that meet business objective and end user needs.

This can include content audit, scrutinizing social media. Create and maintain an editorial calendar, keep a style guide, etc.

The responsibilities and functions of content strategist:

  • Create appropriate content for brands
  • Monitor content delivery and promotion
  • Setting tone for brand’s voice, keep style guide for content 
  • Measure and analyse what is working and which strategy is lagging behind
  • Ability to repurpose the story into other formats other than text based contents like multimedia representation, videos, infographics, etc.
  • Sound knowledge on user-friendly content, SEO and SEM skills.

Social Media Marketer

Social media marketer is responsible for analysing, auditing and improving social media profile of any business. 

The sole purpose of social media marketer is to improve business brand, increase sales or conversion.

The role of social media marketer is spreading across all the social media and ensure the efficiency, quality of each medium.

So, expect a role that is thrilling yet challenging.

Responsibilities of social media marketer: 

  • Develop, implement social media strategies 
  • Manage and visualise social media content 
  • Ability to use social media tools like Hootsuite, rival IQ.
  • Know the latest trends in social media
  • Define KPI’s 
  • Work with other team members, including copywriters, designing teams to ensure the quality of social media posts.
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Which is better ?

It is always confusing, reading about multiple job opportunities in the same field 

Which is the better option for me ?

Which serves me straight.?

Questions start coming.

Please remember , choosing a career is a personal choice. Pick a profession that befits your passion.

Believe me, it makes wonders.

It is the only way to work better, choose a passion as your profession.

We are here assisting you to choose the right digital marketing profession that suits to you.

For further clarification or additional information, contact us.