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On-page SEO checklist 2023 |upgraded elements


on-page SEO checklist 2022

When it comes to SEO it is believed that on-page SEO elements and checklists are the easiest and seamless once compared to off-page SEO checklists and important components of technical SEO.

Some might find this true while others don’t.

But if you are looking at the comparative context of onsite SEO and offsite SEO elements you can indeed tell that on-page SEO elements are more comfortable to work with since these factors can be controlled by one but the off-page factors are not that easy to be controlled.

Jordan Teiche once said;

“SEO isn’t about gaming the system anymore; it’s about learning how to play by the rules.”

So let’s learn how to play by the rules by looking at this well-crafted on-page SEO checklist 2023 .

On-page SEO factors are the factors that affect the performance of a page in that particular site.

The on-page SEO factors are easily controllable and the one who is designing it can manipulate and twist and bend the whole thing according to the norms of on-page SEO.

While bending the context of a page to leverage the SERP, one should not forget to remember the main factor that the content is provided for the users, not for SEO.

If you keep the prospects about SEO and follow the SEO guidelines only for ranking, then it is assured that the results will be long term.
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In this article, you will see what are the factors that affect on-page SEO. In other words, in this article, you will find the upgraded SEO checklist for 2022 with all the details, information and tips to improve your own page performance.

While talking about the upgraded checklist, it doesn’t mean that on-page SEO has overlooked all the initial and common features that we use. It’s only an upgrade with a little more effective and great performance factors that will assure you a higher ranking in SERP (search engine result page).

First, we will look into the upgraded factors of on-page SEO elements and later on we will jump into the common on-page SEO checklist 2022 that has proven to be effective ever since SEO was born.

what is upgraded to the on-page SEO checklist 2023

off-page SEO checklists

  ▶ Site validation

Talking about site validation it was always there but no one recognised it nor did they recognise its value. But now things have changed, and site validation is recognised to be one of the top on-page SEO.

Side validation is the process of running HTML derived and XML derived documents again world wide web consortium (W3C) standard documents.it is also highly recommended by the Google search console.

This cross-checking includes spellings, grammar mistakes, readability, clarity, context, relevance, authenticity, altogether but in an accurate and precise manner. Site validation also helps to make the code as clean as possible so that the search engine crawlers can be guided through the right path that you intend them to go.

For site validation, all you have to do is go to the W3C website and enter your page URL and run it. There are two chances here, either you will get the success green button or you will get a result that you have to improve. if you get the improved corner then you should go back and work on it and do it again and again until you get that green success.


▶ Mobile-friendly test

Time is moving so fast as with the speed of light, along with the digitality and technology too. Mobile phones are indeed visible in every corner of the world and people find them more comfortable with phones rather than on desktops. Mobile phones are the go-to device for people who are seeking any help with a device since it is really easy to carry.

The point that I’d like to convey by saying all these things is you have to check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. You will get a bunch of tools that will help you to check whether it is mobile-friendly or not but if it is not you have to work on it until it becomes mobile-friendly. It is also suggested by the Google search console.

The major mobile-friendly checking tools are;

Google Developers Mobile-Friendly Test tool

Google Developers Mobile-Friendly Test tool

↪ Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool
↪ Mobi Ready mobile-friendly checker
↪ Google – Page Speed Insights
↪ RankWatch
↪ Varvy Mobile SEO
↪ Browserstack Responsive Design Testing across Devices
↪ W3C Mobile Checker

Most of these platforms run by the same method like copy-pasting your page URL and running the URL to check whether it is mobile-friendly or not and you will get the exact results. Sometimes platforms also show the preview post on how it looks on a mobile phone screen.


Fixing crawl errors

You might have seen errors popping up when you visit a particular website once the error has popped up then the possibility for you to go back to that particular website again for any further process your purpose will be minus.

Errors can be caused due to various reasons and there are various types of errors such as 404, 500s, soft 404, site error, URL error, access denied, etc.

This is caused due to its own particular reasons. Most of the errors revolved around the broken links are because of the lack of providence for search engine crawlers to index the website.

So fixing crawl errors is one of the crucial factors of an on-page SEO checklist 2022.

If you want to fix any crawl errors, which is a tiring process you have to go to the URL error section there you will find which link is causing the error and you have to fix it. When I say fix it, it means you have to find that link in your page and remove it not only from the page but also from other websites that link to your page to remove that particular error. It is indeed tiring.

If you want to learn more about fixing broken links, then I think you should consult a digital marketing trainer for better clarification of this matter.


Securing website

Securing a website is a basic necessity but lately, it has seemed to be an on-page SEO factor too.

SSL security is necessary for all kinds of websites. If your website URL doesn’t have the tag of ‘HTTPS then the amount of trust acquired from the customers can also be comparatively less.

The providence of HTTPS security for any websites can give insurance for their prospects that, even if they share any information or valuable assets to the sites too, it is indeed secured.

And thus it is trusted.

Previewing your posts before publication is a really good way to ensure everything twice.

That was a must-have created on-page SEO elements for 2022.

  common factors in on-page SEO

On-page SEO elements

Even though it is updated with new elements the existing ones always shine through.

The existing ones seem to be adopted by the top digital marketing institute in Kerala The existing on-page SEO elements are;

    ➥Keyword research

    ➥Keyword density

    ➥Short URLs rank best

    ➥keyword-rich URLs

    ➥Chunks of text

   ➥Optimise graphics

   ➥Providence of alt texts

   ➥Broken link fixing 

In addition to this, there are also certain factors related to keywords and where to put keywords to entice both SEO and prospects.

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Primary keywords are always prescribed to be embedded in the first of title tags just like primary keywords are also prescribed to be inserted within the first 100 to 150 words of your page.

All these are to pave the right way for the search engine crawlers to travel along the destined path that you have decided and not to get lost.


➥ It is also said to embed the primary keyword in the subheadings. Inserting keywords in H1, H2 and H3 tags is to show the search engine crawlers that the content is still going focused and isn’t detached from the Niche.


Providence of optimised images with alt text is another on-page SEO ranking factor. If you are planning to insert an image on your content then you have to make sure that your image is maximum optimised and also the given alt-text.

For example, if you are planning to insert an image of a black Labour dog with a gold chain, then the best alt text to give about it is black labour dog.


➥ Another and almost non-executable factor of on-page SEO is content. If you provide irrelevant content and something that is not related to the niche that you choose then there is no point in putting all the other factors in place.

The quality of the content is really crucial when it comes to on-page SEO checklists and you should also make sure that the content is trustworthy.

You should also put Keen focus on checking whether the Content you provide is a user experience focused content structure Along with the readability level.

You might have a great language or sophisticated way to tell people but contents are not the place for it. You should always keep it simple and informative to the peak so that everyone who comes to see that content can understand what you exactly meant there.


Adding LSI keywords or the use of synonyms of keywords is always a great factor among the on-page SEO elements. While doing the keyword research we should also keep a slot available for LSI keywords. Normally the bestseller Sahi keywords are chosen from the LSI graph keyword generator. And LSI graph is the worldwide trusted place for the best LSI keywords.


High authorities backlinks are another factor. Just imagine, If a website has thousands of irrelevant backlinks and on the other hand a website has 10 to 20 highly relevant backlinks. Which one do you think has the most possibility to be ranked? Of course the second one. Backlinks never revolve around quantity, it always revolves around quality.


Internal and external link providence is also one of the highly recommended on-page SEO factors. You can ask any on-page SEO expert what is the importance of internal linking as well as the external and the answer you will get will be mesmerizing. This doesn’t mean that you should stuff links wherever you get a slot to.

You should provide a disciplined number of internal and external links in your content based upon the amount of context that you have written. You have to make sure that the links you provide are not broken and it is relevant and also it is focused on the niche that you have chosen.


▶ Conclusion

So that was the upgraded elements of the on-page SEO checklist 2023. Mostly on-page SEO factors always revolve around the common ones that we have been using ever since SEO was born.

But since technology is moving so forward and the needs of people are also getting higher every second, the services that we provide should also have the same standards for that more sophisticated and dedicated level of factors should be implemented.

Hope all that information comes in handy for you.

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