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Important Components of Technical SEO to Rank Higher on SERPs 

BY  ASWIN  |  JUNE 08.

 Important Components of Technical SEO

Those who are in touch with the new market reforms might have an idea of what technical SEO is ?

And many SEO company in Kerala are constantly trying to figure this out to become successful and efficient while doing SEO.

Even if you already know or if you are hearing this term for the first time in your life, read on as we will make sure you get a complete idea of important components of technical SEO.

Important components of technical SEO

Well, this article comprises in and out details related to technical SEO and other correlated subcategories.

The technical search engine optimization is quite a subject to be observed. Many significant changes in online business have been uncovered as they relied on Search engine Optimization.

This is because SEO is one of the foreseen futures of online marketing, with the end result unraveling the disadvantages of traditional marketing methods.


Most businesses these days seek SEO as an open door to vast marketing opportunities that are slow but a steady process.

The crawlers are getting advanced day by day, but this doesn’t make them more effective in understanding the values of your website.

Crawlers may often fail to see the relevancy, as nowadays, just creating and posting good content online isn’t enough.

Exceptionally good content should always be backed up by a proper SEO strategy, which eventually aims to drive more and more audiences to your website.

Consider technical SEO optimization as an opportunity for the future self, to gain more reputation by organically planning and implementing a well-analyzed strategy.

importance of technical SEO

The important components of technical SEO that you should follow:-

➔ Keep an eye on your site’s performance
➔ Have an idea of a minimal website design
➔ Check for website responsiveness
➔ Check if your website is mobile-friendly
➔ Keep in mind the rules of Crawling and Indexing
➔ Check for website page errors
➔ Perform Image stabilization

 important components of technical SEO

Your main groundwork for technical SEO begins with taking care of the Overall Performance of the website.

Lets us begin with the prime technical SEO ranking factors:-


Think of an instance where you have written a highly interesting article on your website page, and you can’t wait for it to be published and get positive feedback.

Eventually, you post the article, and the users start clicking on your website only to wait in line for your website to load.

How would you feel if you were in that situation?

Not so good, right?

Whether you have written a tempting to read article, users will not care as long as they don’t get a speedy user experience.

Hence site speeds are to be taken care of while considering the important components of technical SEO.

A flawless impression is created only when a site loads in under two seconds.

You can check your website loading speed on Google’s Page speed insights, one of the best efficient and free cost tools available online.

There are also many other free tools to know your website speed, such as

● Web page test
● GTmetrics
● Pingdom
● Pagelocity

It is always recommended to run the page speed test repeatedly, as there are chances to show a slow speed projection the first time you use these tools.

This is one of the best Technical SEO factors and one of the primary ones that have to be carried out.

Technical SEO factors

Impose a responsive design

Using a minimal or a well-responsive design gives out a good user experience.

Leaving more space on your website is not a negative but an area of attractiveness, rather than stuffing up with articles, designs, and images.

Being consistent in fonts, designs, and colors used throughout all the web pages is a key point to be persistent.

Following are the tools to check your website responsiveness;-

➪ Screenfly
➪ Responsinator
➪ Google resizer
➪ Am I Responsive


We now live in a mobile-ruled era, where more and more mobile users emerge every day, varying from small kids to elderly people.

Hence, to reach all these people and their convenience, you have to configure your website for mobile-friendly. making this one of the important components of technical SEO.

“Your site should be accessible on different kinds of devices across the digital web”.

Here we are mentioning few tools to check for your site’s mobile-friendliness:-

➪ Mobile-friendly test on Google search console
➪ Mobi ready
➪ Rank Watch
➪ W3C Mobile checker

Being a mobile-optimized website in today’s world plays a vital role in your online identity.

What is crawling and indexing?

Crawlability is the capacity of the search engines to crawl or access the page contents on your web pages.

These crawl bots identify internal and external links if there are any broken links, crawl to the pages through main site entry points, examine contents, and look for links to other pages.

Indexing is the method of search engine pages to know whether to include your website or page contents in the list of rankable pages.

Site Errors:

Getting site errors is like taking your website to a slaughterhouse.

Site errors are the common result of a broken link, wrong redirecting links, and missing pages.

A 404 error page needs to be taken care of as soon as you discover it. An error page is so frustrating to the users that they will surely discard the thought of revisiting your site.

Even Google hates discovering a 404 error page.

Hence these tools to find these broken links;-

● Google’s Search console
● Screaming frog
● Broken link checker plugin on WordPress
● Ahrefs

Mostly identify any broken links present on your website and correct them and provide the users with a pleasant experience by guiding them to a different page.

A plugin is available for free on WordPress called the redirection plugin, which proficiently manages your 301 redirects and makes life easy for you when you deal with important components of technical SEO.

✜ Resize your Images:

The usage of large-size images with high resolutions can cause a cluster for your website user experience, as it may take longer to load or doesn’t load at all.

To avoid this issue, you should always resize the images used but never compromise on the image equality as it may negatively affect the website’s appearance.

Smush is a free plugin available on the wordpress site. This is a powerful tool that helps to compress the images used in a website.

But the tools aren’t completely free, it has a limit. But still, that’s something, isn’t it?

As we have previously mentioned, there are many tools to check the website’s broken links. The same tools can help find a large image that is slowing down your website.

If you are interested in knowing about more tools that are useful for SEO, do check out our elaborated blog on the Best SEO tools in 2023

Now let us also discuss the common question asked related to important components of technical SEO.

What is a technical SEO audit?

technical SEO audit

A technical SEO audit is scrutinizing a website based on various criteria to analyze whether that website meets the minimum requirements of the technical SEO audit checklist.

A technical SEO audit doesn’t mean that you need to make the textbook analysis rules per the checklist.

Many digital marketing academies and offer these in their advanced digital marketing course in Thrissur.

Learn the best advanced digital marketing

 A technical SEO audit report may include checking on-page SEO techniques like keywords used, content strategy, etc. However, the backend work done for your website is considered equally important as other technical SEO elements.

 technical SEO elements

Following is the Technical SEO audit checklist:-

● Ensure the visibility of your content
● Make sure your analytics is configured
●Gettingting hands-on Google Search Console and conduct website analyzing
● Undergo mobile-friendliness test
● Look out for any crawling or indexing issues
● Scan your website for any error 404 pages
● Robot.txt file audit is conducted
● Ensure the visibility of site maps on your website
● Backlinks inspection for any issues
● Checking of issues on website security
● Schema Markup checks are conducted.

Based on these evaluations, the technical SEO audit report is created.

Try these points out on your website and start generating more traffic and increasing site visibility.

That’s all for this blog. Concluding this blog by hoping that we have cleared your doubts related to Importance of technical SEO.


That’s all for this blog. Learning and being skilled in SEO, especially technical SEO is one of the factors that makes you successful in digital marketing.

Explore the best digital marketing course in Kerala. 

Concluding this blog by hoping that we have cleared your doubts related to Important components of technical SEO.

Also, check out the on page SEO checklist 2023 to get ahead of the rest!

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