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A real life story digital marketing students must read

Learn digital marketing from a digital marketing company

What ? is digital marketing hard to learn ?

Why Digital Marketing Matters?

Ram couldn’t make it up

Mr.Vivek was explaining his experience, the exposure he got.

Ram was describing the mental agony he underwent.

“I’m really fed up!

It seems like it was pointless to learn digital marketing, you know; I don’t know how many resumes I have sent so far.

No reply at all”

Vivek understood the problem of Ram is not regarding the resume, but lack of experience.

I don’t  have vital experience in the field of digital marketing– Ram wailed.

Let us go for a walk– Vivek interfered

While walking, Ram explained what he had heard about digital marketing.

You are aiming to start a business, learning digital marketing is helpful to implement winning strategies, and it reduces employee cost 

One of  the benefits of learning digital marketing is the wide variety of career opportunities. As digital marketing comprise a different digital channels like search engine optimisation ,Search engine marketing, content marketing , social media marketing etc. You are able to choose a career based on your liking, passion, interest and qualification.

Digital marketing is one of the emerging careers which has more vacancies, and the payment scale is very high.

The scope of digital marketing is rising because of increased web -based businesses and services. Each and every corner, digital literacy is peaking, that is the reason why digital marketing is rising rapidly.

One of the major advantages of learning digital marketing is , it increases your market value. Major report says that  60 % of companies take part in digital marketing because it is cost-effective, instantly able to target an audience and provide measurable results.

He described everything within seconds.

He was panting, Vivek understood the toil and turmoil Ram had undergone.

Vivek asked: Getting a job is difficult, right ?

Suppose you are attending an interview, “your experience please” – it is an inescapable question you must expect.

Experience is more important than your qualification.

Why is experience important ?

Experience is the best teacher, or experience is the mother of wisdom

We heard the sayings many times throughout our life.

Let us connect the sayings with our career.

Now! You got an idea why every company irrespective of shape and size is looking for experienced professionals and avoid freshers.

Selecting experienced professionals is a kind of investment. It reduces the cost of training and the experienced employee can work flexibly even in the time of difficulty too.

If they opt for freshers, paying peanuts. How terrible ?

Hmmm-Ram nodded.

“Look at me”– Vivek pointed himself

I am working as a digital marketing manager in a reputed firm.

Think how my story differs from you.

Ram, I know you were studious while doing graduation and you learnt whatever came in your way.

I am not at all active as you were. 

After graduation we diverged into two paths. 

You joined an institute, whereas I opted for a company .

Grab a job as soon as possible. It was the intention behind selecting a digital marketing company.

We were not financially stable then.

As I was the eldest, it was my duty to look after the family.

‘’THAT makes the difference’’, dear Ram

Ram was in deep thought as he winked his eyes and stared at Vivek.

Come to our topic learn digital marketing from a digital marketing company.

Listen carefully, 

You know the benefits of digital marketing, how can you make use of digital marketing, scope of digital marketing and all the theories related to it.

Only theoretical knowledge can’t help you.

Digital marketing is all about practical-oriented, data-driven medium.

How can study material help you?

It generates knowledge, but it fails to deliver clear-cut strategies related to each digital platform and befitting to the type of business.

Before diving deep into the digital domain, you must acquire marketing tips and tricks.

If you are learning from a company, you know the benefits or result is everlasting and amazing.

There you are working in a company, I repeat the word company, where you are available with lots of real- work whereas the institute is teaching you the technology or explaining with the help of study material

A digital marketing company provides a work atmosphere and you can cope up with work pressure.

How about an institute?

Just a learning environment only.


“Yes. you are right”, Ram mumbled weakly.

A company brush up your skill set through corporate digital marketing training. An institute is delivering the knowledge only.

When it comes to the placement, the company can directly recruit or able to refer you for their client.

Suppose you are not recruited by the company, again you need to send your resume for other firms.

The difference is they consider you as an experienced professional, no more a fresher.

This is because you worked in the company. You are well-versed in multiple projects, able to develop tactics instantly.

Here, the major benefit is high-pay, just after the training.

Because the experience matters.

This is what happened to me!! Vivek Paused.

“What can I do, then?”-Ram asked.

Can I join for an internship where you had studied ?

yes, of course.

Think before you leap.

If you don’t think, you can’t reap.