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 How to do effective keyword research that is optimized for maximum impact.


How to do effective keyword research that is optimized for maximum impact

A question that leaves most of you in utter confusion, as many of you might be in the basic steps of how to find the right keywords.

Let’s just help you come out of the confusion pertaining to keywords.

Keyword research is the method of exploring and evaluating words or terms that people across the web have entered in the available search engines today.

Keywords are amazing as they are the most relevant part of the content that people like to see.

This includes the relevance, blind confirmation of keywords without proper analysis, or seeking the help of the best keyword research tools for SEO, resulting in drastic outcomes for your websites and brands.

So basically, by properly analyzing the keywords using prominent keyword research tools, you can get to know what your targeted audience is searching on the internet.

“Using such critical pieces of information, you can find out the most relevant keywords and develop several articles or content using those keywords”.

How to do effective keyword research to find the right keywords? 

How to find right keywords

So we are going to compile enlightening keyword research tips for your concrete understanding.


Niche is decided by you based on your passion, talent, and the market value it possesses in the current times.

Just deciding on a niche is not enough. That means you should always try and learn new things related to your market niche, as it keeps on changing and updating as per the trends.

So, always keep on studying your niche. This can get you smoothly through the next steps in the process: selecting topics and brainstorming on seed keywords.


So if you have fixed on a business or niches, Do make a list of certain topics related to that.

To do that in the right way, you have to think from the buyer’s or user’s side. Rather it can be said as Understanding the buyer personas.

Gather the search topic that you think is relevant and popular among your niche.

Seed Keywords

Seed keywords are the keywords that you formulate randomly based on your niche or business relevance.

Seed keywords are the something that you start off with, it is considered the foundation of keyword analysis.

You have to brainstorm on these seed keywords using keyword research tools like Ahrefs, KWFinder, Soovle, Ubersuggest, etc.

These Keyword research best tools for SEO shows a colossal list of keyword ideas pertaining to the seed keywords you have entered.

You will then get the individual search volumes, Ranking difficulty, and popularity of those keywords.

How to do keyword research for seo?

How to do keyword research for SEO

Keyword research plays an important role in the process of Search engine Optimization especially when we talk about how to do effective keyword research.

Though there have been very formidable changes in SEO that go beyond just finding the right keyword, no SEO experts can fully deny the fact that keyword research still rules the ranking factors.

As discussed earlier, selecting your niche, having a bucket list of thoughtful topics related to the niche, and entering seed keywords into keyword research tools all come under one roof of SEO.

Now let us just take an example of a keyword,

“Digital marketing,” entering that into search engine projects other keywords that are related to the keyword such as:-

Digital Marketing trends in 2023

Digital Marketing Company in Kerala

⁎ Digital marketing Salary for freshers

 Digital marketing institutes in Kerala

⁎ Digital marketing agencies in Kerala

By that, you can get more relevant ideas, and prominent search queries your targeted audience is searching for.

Also, you can determine who is your main competitor for that particular keyword and then analyze their website in keyword research tools like Ahrefs, keywords everywhere, etc. and get the complete details on what is the top-ranked keyword for the website and much more details by which you can be more tactical on your website.

Amazing!! Now you know how to find keywords on a website.

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Keyword research tools

Youtube Keyword Explorer

There are many prominent keyword research tools that are totally free, freemium, and paid premium versions. You need to know how to use keyword research tools in order to learn how to do effective keyword research.

Let’s have a look at keyword research best tools –

➥ Google Keywords Planner

This is a service or rather a feature available on the Google Ads account. This is an absolutely free tool that can help you find relevant Keywords for maximum output and cost-friendly.

➥ Google Trends 

An amazing tool that shows the trending topics and popularity of the particular topics in real-time analysis.

➥ Ahrefs

One of the best tools out there, can be used for keyword analysis and analyzing the website as a whole. The free trial version of 7 days is available, and then you can buy the premium version.

➥ Soovle

An all-in-one package, that is what Soovle is all about. Assessing and bringing you the best keywords from any platform across the web.

➥ Uber Suggest Chrome Extension 

The ultimate help for fast knowledge from the SERP page itself. Uber suggests giving out a free chrome extension that kills the process of literally visiting the website or tool for getting analytical data on websites reflecting on SERP.

➥ Moz Keyword explorer 

Finding the most relevant keywords that magnets more traffic is amazing, isn’t it?. One such tool is Moz Keywords explorer, which thinks outside the box and gives you the relevant topic and keyword ideas.

➥ SEMRush

In Semrush, you can find out your competitor’s tactics by several different analytical data displayed when you enter the website’s URL.

➥ Youtube Keyword Explorer 

You can always depend on tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, VidQ, etc. For analyzing keywords for your youtube purposes and trending subject, as usual, depending on google Trends is the best.

➥ Keywords everywhere chrome extension 

Just like uber suggests chrome extension this is a very helpful tool that showcases relevant keywords searched and their search volumes. Since it is an extension it is very easy to access.

How to find longtail keywords?

How to find Longtail Keywords

This is the most prominent type of keyword that the users are more found to use.

Usage of long-tail keywords is arguably the best way to understand and connect with your audience as they are more specific and likely to use.

Nowadays, as voice searches are being frequent, it is the long-tail keywords that are largely used in these voice-based searches.

The few important of several ways of how to find long-tail keywords are:-

Using Google Search Engine Suggestions
Using Multiple keyword research tools
Generate ideas from different social media Q&A platforms like Quora
Find keywords from competitors and use them if relevant
Keep an eye on Google’s related search results.
Further exploration of your niche and industry of focus

How to increase visibility on google search?

How to increase visibility on google search

Now that we know how to do effective keyword research, let’s take a look at how to increase visibility on Google Search.

A poorly ranked or visible website on Google SERP can draw just close to zero users daily.

Hence, every digital marketer or business aims to be highly visible and get to more and more audiences, eventually resulting in a boom of sales and profits.

When it comes to how to increase visibility on google search, there are some best methods –

The first and Foremost one will be finding relevant keywords – as you have already read on how to do keyword research for a website, you can start off by using those tactics mentioned.

Monitor your competitors – We have already shown you how you can find your competitors, and once you have the list, you can analyze them one by one on the keyword research tools and conduct a deep-level study on those websites.

Compare your keywords among your competitor’s website – Doing this will make you confident and sure about the keywords you are focusing on, and you can invent your goals accordingly.

Google Analytics – Using Analytics shows the performance of your website over the days, months, years, and so on. This opens up the area for improvement, new strategies, and effective marketing methods.

Title, Meta, and URL – Three main things you got to be sure of. The title should be engaging, the meta description should be attractive and click-worthy, and the URL should be trimmed to look good.

Content writing – The main area of focus that should be crafted tactically to engage more efficiently with your audiences.

User experience – Websites loading speed, 404 error pages, broken links, content, and immense design cluster can kill the user experience.

Mobile-friendliness: Well, this one should never be missed because your website is just accessed by users below 40 percent of the worldwide network without being optimized for mobile friendliness.

By Following all these points and making sure you have in-depth knowledge on your niche, you now have the answer for how to increase visibility on google search.

There is more to this list, but we are not exaggerating since we have provided you with valuable insights on how to do effective keyword research.


In Conclusion,

A keyword analysis is the foundation of a website, and undeniably it is a lengthy process. Still, it is all worth your time because once you know how to do effective keyword research, you can get the right keywords, and then you are all set to prosper your website and take it to the next level.

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