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What is the scope of Email Marketing as a career in 2023 ?

BY  AYSHA |  Nov 05,2023.

scope of Email Marketing as a career

Is email marketing dead or alive in India?



Email is alive in India with almost 122,500,453,020 email messages being sent each hour.

Do you believe it ?


As such the email marketing scope of work raises a big question?


But still people are unaware about the scope of email marketing as a career.


They are thinking about the open rate of emails, the reach, the likeness among the crowd.


Dear reader, don’t be confused about is email marketing effective in India ?


This is not just an invented question, as a digital marketing company in Kerala, while discussing the strategy for different businesses, sometimes we need to propose email marketing as a solution.


The very next is does email marketing work here?

Does anyone open email ?

Questions all around !!

Finally the convinced and the results or the outcome make them again invest in email-marketing.


We as Nexxa digital academy , while providing digital marketing courses, rarely , students opt email marketing as their career.


If you are looking for scope of email marketing as a career, this will be your complete guide.


Because , there are several reasons to look into email marketing jobs
But make sure, you are reading till the end.


Email marketing is a well-known method of reaching out to leads and nurturing them.


Email marketing is the best and most effective way to connect with leads, nurture them and turn them into customers. It consistently wins over all other marketing channels.


This guide will walk you through the scope of email marketing that allows you to know


What is email marketing ?


The importance of email marketing


Skills needed to be an email marketing expert .


Finally , email marketing salary in India


Come on guys,


Let’s go for a email marketing ride

scope of email marketing as career-A complete guide

email marketing scope of work

What is Email Marketing?


Email Marketing is a powerful digital marketing strategy for sending emails to customers and prospects.


Marketing emails that convert prospects to customers and make loyal, repeat customers are the best.


According to Adobe, millennials read their email approximately 6.4 hours per day according to a study.


Email is not only for millennials. Email is used by most people every day. They check their email everywhere, including while they exercise, eat, and even when they go to the bathroom.


Email marketing is a reliable way to communicate with your customers. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach customers right where they are most active — in their inbox.


Learn more about the benefits of email marketing, including how it can help you communicate with your audience, find new customers,build a new career, grow your business, and other ways to get involved.

Why email marketing works

importance of email marketing

Email marketing, unlike other channels of marketing, allows you to stay in touch with customers on a regular basis.


Email marketing is the best way to show your customers you care.


It’s a great feeling for customers to see a business treat them as individuals and not as if they are just another customer.


Make sure, This value should be evident in your emails. The more you offer value to your target audience, they will be more open to hearing from you.


It’s much easier to get them to respond to your call to action.

Email Marketing:The Value of Email Marketing

scope of  email marketing

Although we’ve answered the most important question of all, what exactly is email marketing? We haven’t explored why email marketing is so crucial for your business. Let’s get to it.


Despite social media’s rise and unsolicited spam emails (which is not an effective marketing strategy ), email remains the most efficient way to nurture leads and increase customer loyalty.


Email marketing should be a top priority for many reasons. Here are three of the most important:


1) Email is the most popular communication channel. This is true for all communication channels.

2) Your list is yours. Your email list is yours. You are the only one who can take these leads.

3) Email converts better than any other marketing channel. Customers who receive emails about products they are interested in purchasing spend 138% more.

Email marketing has a return on investment (ROI) of 4400%.
This is huge! This is huge!


Email marketing is the best way to sell online. Let’s now learn what are the email marketing specialist skills.

Do I need email marketing specialist skills ?

email marketing specialist skills

Do you have a passion for building relationships with clients and customers through digital media?


Many promotional emails are being sent every day in today’s society. Unfortunately, most of these emails are overlooked.


It is the job of an Email Marketing Specialist to create emails that grab their audience’s attention.


An Email Marketing Specialist must have a solid background in both marketing research and analysis.


An Email Marketing Specialist will benefit from research to keep up-to-date with industry and marketing trends.


Analytics plays an important role in identifying the most appealing content and motivating the target audience to take action.


An Email Marketing Specialist must have a good understanding of technology in today’s world.


Email blasts, scheduling and analytics are just a few of the many technological options available.


Email automation can be triggered by an individual’s actions that allow for email follow up, such as a blog subscriber receiving an email notification about the most recent blog post. 


Common Duties and Responsibilities

▪ Target audience identification and growth of email lists

▪ Direct email marketing campaigns can be designed and implemented

▪ Emails should be proofread for clarity, grammar and spelling

▪ Mobile-friendly email templates are essential

▪ Send out a newsletter with all company news

▪ Email templates can be upgraded with graphics, personalization and other    advanced features

▪ To minimize unsubscribes, ensure prompt and accurate communication via  email with clients

▪ Securely create email databases to generate leads

▪ Email marketing generates sales revenue

Is email marketing effective in India?

Is email marketing effective in India

Email marketers around the world are adopting advanced personalization, but India is making every effort to win the email game.


India’s mobile phone revolution is here.


Email is a topic that 33% India Marketers believe over 50% of email messages are viewed on mobile devices.


This represents a YoY increase of 25%. BFSI (Banking and Financial Services), is at the forefront of the market with 39% BFSI Marketers reporting the same.


If you think that the internet is a problem for India, it is not. Not even in rural areas. India has very few email marketing companies, so there is a lot of revenue potential.


Although email is not yet a mature service model, the industry will continue to grow in competition.


Companies from abroad might now be able to invest in India’s email industry, especially since 51% of Indian marketers believe that emails are a very effective channel for marketing.


66% of marketers are open to investing in social media, while 55% are interested in exploring email marketing.

Value of Email Marketing

The reports show that email marketing has increased in importance by 38% in the past 5 years, whereas it was not important before the first 4-5 years of India.


The report also shows that marketers are most keen to increase their email marketing budgets by between 11% and 30%.


This investment pattern suggests that India has a lot of potential for the email industry to profit from.


The Octane report also clarifies the fact that the majority of marketers surveyed used either a homegrown solution or their IT and marketing teams to ensure email delivery.


Many ESPs will thrive if they are forced to use ESP.
First, India’s email frequency seems very high.


Email marketers in India send around 59% at least one email per day, and 29% send an email every day. 30 percent of marketers send more than 50,000 emails per month.


Second, email marketing is a popular channel for new signups and registrations. 20% of marketers choose to use discount coupons as part of their program, but this is still a small number.


The AIMIA 2014 Loyalty Study found that 45% of Indian consumers responded to an inquiry about activities that result in maximum engagement. This is 30% more than the US (15%).


In India, a special reward program that shifts from value-based to welcome offers may make sense.

Scope of email marketing as a career

What are the email marketing jobs available for me after my email marketing training ?

Do you think so ?

Here are the list of email marketing jobs available after email marketing training.

And let me tell you though, email marketing course in Kerala are not popular in Kerala. But we have compiled an email marketing training and it will enable the students to be email marketing specialists.


Join our free webinar & know more about email marketing training


Senior email marketing manager

☛ Find your target audience and increase our email list

☛ Create and implement direct mail marketing campaigns

☛ Make sure emails are proofread to ensure they are clear, correct grammar, and spelling

☛ Make sure that your email templates are mobile-friendly

☛ Send out newsletters that include the latest company information

☛ Enhance our email templates with personalized graphics, images, and other advanced features

☛ Make sure that you are in regular contact with clients via email in order to reduce the number of unsubscribes

☛ Create email databases to aid lead generation

☛ Examine campaign performance and make suggestions for improvements

☛ Report on the sales revenue that results through email marketing campaigns

☛ Inspect that your emails comply with industry standards and best practices.

Senior email marketing manager

Email marketing manager

☛ Develop and manage an the overall marketing strategy for email

☛ Create different emails and campaigns

☛ Create and design a variety of CTAs as well as email templates

☛ Examine every campaign’s to determine its success

☛ Establish the email marketing KPIs

☛ Prepare and deliver reports on weekly basis

☛ Create a lead generation strategy

☛ Design smart emails lists

☛ Increase the number of email subscriptions

☛ Utilize data analysis to gain the most insightful insights

☛ Offer suggestions on ways to improve

☛ Segment lists based upon behaviors such as email engagement in the past and interactions on websites

☛ Documentation and roadmaps are needed for the process, A/B testing and promotions that work via email.

Email marketing manager

Email marketing specialist 


☛ Optimizing the campaign (in terms of call-to-action buttons, the information to include in emails as well as coordinating with other professionals in marketing to complete the task)

☛ Aligning email campaigns to the most important messages

☛ Copy proofreading

☛ Revision and testing of email content as required
Management of emails lists

☛ Segmenting email lists in order to optimize campaigns

☛ Automating various workflows

☛ Enhancing the efficiency of email sign-ups and opt-ins

☛ Supporting digital marketing efforts

☛ Reports are compiled

☛ Contributing to the digital marketing strategies

☛ Insights into the public

Email marketing specialist

Email marketing Analyst

☛ Implement the plan and co-ordination of CRM Strategy and Analytics to help achieve business objectives, working together with both external and internal stakeholders.

☛ Develop long and short-term targets in your eCRM Strategy.

☛ Coordinate the flow of data throughout your team in order to guarantee campaigns are efficient.

☛ Determine and encourage the successful implementation of the best practices proven to implement eCRM.

☛ Develop and implement the plan to segment your customers based on their buying habits and then market to them in accordance with their buying habits.

☛ Develops, updates and distributes promotional calendars for communication to the company.

☛ Monitors metrics and sends periodic reports to the executives and other stakeholders manages the development of experience of the lifecycle of a customer for personalization of websites.

☛ Offer guidance and assistance on email programs that are international.

☛ Track and forecast budget for all email – and related activities to CRM.

Email marketing Analyst

Email marketing coordinator


☛ Assist graphic design, marketing and product development teams to develop and send out compelling email messages to various groups, such as newsletters, surveys of products and sales promotional emails.

☛ Manage daily email operations in order to make sure that email messages are delivered and delivered within the timeframe.

☛ Monitoring of daily delivery and campaign performance segments email lists and design strategies for nurturing campaigns for different audiences.

☛ Manage subscriber databases to increase the list of subscribers and increase the response.
Assist team of web design as well as graphic designers to create efficient and responsive landing pages.

☛ Analyze the effectiveness of marketing emails and track subscriptions in order to enhance the return on investment from the marketing via email.
Help in the writing and editing of the content for distribution via email. Analyze data and create reports on performance to be added on the dashboard for marketing.

☛ Track and track web development issues that affect the email marketing program in order to ensure that they are dealt with in the quickest time.

Email marketing coordinator

Email marketing copywriter

☛ Write B2C marketing emails to suit a variety of clients, including flows, pop ups, and campaigns.
Use the same tone of voice and adhere to the brand guidelines of our clients.

☛ Create compelling content to be sent to the appropriate segment of subscribers at the right moment to increase engagement revenue, as well as lifetime value.

☛ Utilize nother email software to compose, copy, edit, or check grammar, and read emails prior to sending.

☛ Create compelling copy for email capture with software such as Justuno

☛ Make and analyze a/b testing for call to action, etc.

Email marketing copywriter

Can an email marketing job make me rich ?

Email marketing salary in India as per top reports


Email Marketing Manager salaries in India are ranging from Rs 2.0 Lakhs to Rs 13.7 Lakhs with an average annual wage in the range of 4.6 Lakhs.


The salary of an Email Marketing Manager in India that has less than one year of experience up to 16 years old ranges from 2.0 Lakh to Rs 13.7 Lakh with an average annual income of 4.6 Lakhs.


Employees who are knowledgeable about Email Marketing earn an average of Rs 18.9 lakhs, mostly between Rs10.0lakhs per year up to Rs 50.0 lakhs annually.


Average earnings of an employee who is knowledgeable about Email Marketing is Rs18.9lakhs.


The highest reported salary for anyone to anyone who is aware of Email Marketing is Rs86.8lakhs.


In the top 10 percent of employees make over Rs27.5lakhs per year. The highest one percent have more Rs50.0lakhs per year.

Let us wrap up

email marketing salary in india

Wait !

Let us start from the beginning.

Scope of email marketing as a career.

It’s enormous

Right ?

Email marketing in India !

It is growing field And growing at an exponential rate.

Dear friend ,
Don’t ask again

Is email marketing effective in India?

Email marketing is alive with all might

And it will flourish with a bang.

The salary is quite high too.

So don’t stay behind.

This is the right time to learn email marketing.

✦  ✦  ✦  ✦  ✦

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