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Top 6 landing page builders in 2023

BY  rameesha  p.h  |  JULY 23

landing page builders

Which are the top 5 landing page builders in 2023?

This question may be a bit confusing. right?

Many of you probably even think about what is a landing page? Some of you may be thinking what is the need for a landing page? Am I right?

The fact is most of them didn’t have deep knowledge about landing pages and it seems perplexed for them.

Don’t worry, I will give you a detailed overview of what is a landing page, what is its benefits, and the top 5 landing page builders in 2023.

You may have heard the term landing page mentioned regarding with a website’s conversion rate, but what is a landing page, and what are its benefits?

What is a landing page and what are its benefits?

lead generation in digital marketing

A landing page is a stand-alone webpage, which is designed to encourage the visitor to take a specific action.

You have effectively convinced them to click on a designated link through your online marketing channel, and now you need an effective landing page to finish the conversion or produce a new lead.

You can use a landing page for advertising anything, like a new range of products, services, or a subscription to a mailing list.

Ultimately you are looking for contact details of visitors to turn into sales, that is to convert visitors to customers.

Essentially, the reason behind making a landing page is to capture a lead or to get a visitor to perform out a particular function. The accomplishment of your online marketing depends upon how well optimized your landing page is.

So what are the benefits of the landing page? let’s have a look at the importance of landing pages in digital marketing.


high converting landing page

Landing pages are designed to get visitors precisely the thing that they are looking for. On top of this landing pages can be tracked and followed.
You can discover what and how your audience is engaging with your page.

Lots of data can be found like; time on page, the conversion rate on this page, exits or bounces from this page, and the number of organic leads generated from the page.

Solving problems

landing page analysis

If you create a landing page for your visitor/visitors, it usually makes your visitor feel like you have solved an issue for them.
Therefore, the visitor will consider that and put their trust in your website which helps in building credibility. This can help to make a customer base along with building a relationship dependent on trust.

Sale funnel

free business leads

If you want something quickly sold, a landing page is perfect. It is a marketing strategy to promote a new product. You can in a real sense lead your audience right to what you need them to purchase.

Indeed, your home page can lead them to a greater number of items than one. In any case, if they are truly impressed, they will do this all alone.
If you are selling something that you need to be sold or driving your audience to something you need them to read, then, at that point a landing page will be extremely valuable.

With everything taken into account, make your landing page benefits you for sure or what you need to promote. A landing page can in a real sense be anything you want it to be. Make it beneficial for yourself or your business. These pages are vital for traffic, sales, and new clients.

But making landing pages are not an easy task. It takes hours if you want to build multiple landing pages. So how can we make it easier?

The landing page providers or builders are the real-life savages. These tools make the process much simpler and even you can create multiple landing pages easily.

But if you don’t know how to build a landing page, you can join the best digital marketing course in Kerala, where you can learn all the essential tricks and tactics to build better landing pages, which help to grow your career in the digital marketing field.

So which are the top 6 landing page builders in 2023?

landing page marketing strategy

A landing page is the most important platform to create new leads and run digital marketing campaigns. Here is the list of some landing page providers that are very popular in the online market.

1.Hubspot landing page builder

Hubspot landing page template

Hubspot is the best landing page provider, but it is quite expensive than other landing page builders. It comprises the best and selective features and tools that help you in planning the most excellent landing pages and can convert your visitors into leads.

The landing page builder is very easy to use and is the most ideal option for business owners and entrepreneurs. Hubspot gives some advanced analytics tools and testing software that assist your page in creating more leads.

There are many Hubspot landing page tutorials available nowadays on youtube on how to create a HubSpot landing page and you can make use of it if you don’t know about it.

Features of Hubspot

▶ Modest HubSpot landing page templates
▶ Manageable to add videos, tracking, etc.
▶ Tools for creating content and blog
▶ Facebook lead ads
▶ SEO and content strategy

Hubspot landing page Pricing

Hubspot offers two sorts of plans to its users:
▶ Basic plan – it is a starter plan but doesn’t provide improved highlights. It costs you $42/month
▶Proficient plan – it provides you with selective features and full admittance to the landing page builder. It charges $655/month

2.Instapage builder

instapage pricing

 Insta page builder is really simple to use and as the name proposes, you can dispatch a landing page almost instantly. It’s useful for businesses at all stages from solo entrepreneurs to agencies to big enterprises.
On their platform, Instapage gives more than 200 customizable templates or formats that can meet a variety of objectives, from Lead Generation to Webinar Registrations and App Downloads.

Every layout is effectively customizable, and with their Instablock highlight, it’s not difficult to visually edit a landing page without typing a single line of code. You simply drag a block to the ideal location and change the copy or imagery according to your preferences.

Another key benefit of Instapage? They offer various solutions specially designed for Google ads, Facebook ads, and Retargeting ads. You can make custom landing pages to coordinate with the ad campaign you’re running for.

Features of Instapage

▶ Friendly plugins
▶ WordPress integration
▶ 200+ unique templates
▶ A/B testing
▶ Huge library of free stock pictures, videos, and so on.

Insta page pricing

▶ Insta page offers two plans. One is the core plan for $99/month and the other is the Enterprise plan. But for enterprise plans, price structure changes according to the users.
▶ Insta page get started with a trial

3. Unbounce

unbounce pricing

Undoubtedly, the Unbounce landing page is the best landing page builder available in the market. It is extremely simple to use and is the extraordinary landing page software for beginners, small companies, and so on.

It comprises an exclusive collection of layouts and amazing tools. This landing page builder empowers you to make mobile-friendly landing pages without taking the assistance of any experts and developers.

With its beginning plan you can utilize highlights like A/B testing, can incorporate with Hubspot and WordPress, utilize 75 landing page formats, etc. But if you need to utilize advanced tools you can move up to premium and enterprise plans.

Features of Unbounce landing page


▶ Manageable drag and drop editor
▶ 100+ distinct templates
▶ A/B testing
▶ Allows to add maps
▶ WordPress integration

Unbounce pricing


Unbounce offers three different plans,
▶ Essential plan – $99/month
▶ Premium plan – $199/month
▶ Enterprise plan – $499+/month
▶ Unbounce get started with a free trial


leadpages features

Leadpages is one of the best landing page builders that is also very moderate and provides great solutions to its users. The fundamental aim of this landing page builder is to build your leads through the landing page.
It is one of the best landing page software compared to others that provide powerful tools and templates in upgrading leads and sales of your business. It helps in making mobile responsive landing pages.

With its standard plan, you can utilize features like limitless pages and traffic, free landing page layouts, $100 Google Adwords credit. But to utilize progressed features you can settle on professional and advanced plans.

Leadpages features


▶ Robust drag and drop builder
▶ Mobile and user friendly
▶ A/B testing
▶ 160+ remarkable templates
▶ WordPress integration

Leadpages pricing

Leadpages offers various types of subscription plans.
▶ Standard plan – $37/month
▶ Professional plan – &79/month.
▶ Advanced plans with premium features – $321/month.
▶ Leadpages get started with a 14-day free trial for its users.

5. Landingi

landingi landing page

Landingi landing page builder is one of the beneficial landing page builders that help in creating your visitors into your customers. It is perhaps the most flexible landing page builder tool.

Landingi doesn’t need any particular IT and coding skills to make, distribute and upgrade your landing pages. With its powerful highlights and intuitive editorial, creating a landing page has become simpler. It gives numerous unique templates to make your landing page that expand your customer base.

With its automated and agency plan, you can use its highlights like A/B testing, autoresponders, webhooks, etc.

Features of Landingi

▶Drag and drop pixel perfect editor
▶ 100+ incredible templates
▶ Integrated with numerous platforms like MailChimp, Hubspot,and so on.
▶ Landing page import
▶ Creation and page design plugins

Landingi pricing

Landingi provides various types of plans:
▶ Basic plan – $29/month
▶ Automate plan – $49/month
▶ Agency plan – $109/month

6. Swipe pages

swipe pages

Swipe Pages is an accelerated mobile page (AMP) builder that help you with making stunning and quick landing pages that are optimized for all devices without composing any code.

Swipe Pages has an interface which is very easy to navigate and explore. It is direct and undoubtedly a newbie-friendly landing page builder. Swipe Pages additionally ensures that the developer’s code is clean and, therefore, loading on mobile will be quick. Their customer support also goes the extra mile to assit you out in any confusion, clarification, and technical trouble.

Features of swipe pages

● Make immediately loading Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in minutes, in addition track results and performance with built-in analytics.
● Alternative to: Unbounce, Instapage, and LeadPages
● Use the drag-and-drop interface to assemble and distribute landing pages, where you can sell items utilizing Stripe Checkout.
● Best for digital marketers and agencies who need to expand the ROI of ad campaigns with high-converting landing pages.

Swipe pages pricing
Swipe pages provides various types of plans:
● Basic plan-$29/month
● Marketer plan- $79/month
● Agency plan- $149/month
● Starts with a 14 days free trials


webinar landing page

There are numerous landing page providers is available in the market but using the best landing page builder is important for creating high conversion landing pages to generate leads. The best landing page builder helps in boosting traffic, upgrade your SEO and increase your brand recognition.

Landing pages led the users to a particular product and service and stimulate them to take action that helps in creating conversions thereby convert them from visitors to customers and increase the customer base.
If you are a business owner, who wants to build a landing page for your business and you don’t have an idea about it, you can approach the best digital marketing company in Kerala or get advice from a digital marketing expert in Kerala.

Also, do check out our latest blog, “How to do effective keyword research– a complete guide with example” and comment on your valuable feedback.

Happy reading!

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