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Best job oriented courses after graduation for easy placement and high salary

BY Aysha  |  Nov 12.

job oriented courses after graduation


You might be thinking “What is the best job oriented courses after graduation ?


In this world of conflict of clans, every small item that provides you with an advantage over the rest is vital.


Before, in our country, the moment a person completed their schooling, he was considered to be well-educated in the social norms of society and had the ability to get numerous jobs.


Later, it was gradually increasing until it reached graduation. Graduation is a requirement to secure a job.


Nowadays, people are moving toward higher education. At present there are more students studying post Graduation, which is increasing by nearly 100 percent when contrasting it with the previous decade.


This is an incredibly absurd increase by any standard.


In the present, a single degree isn’t enough to survive in this competitive market, focusing on particular areas can help one stand out in the rest of the applicants. In the overall psychological perspective, recruiters might feel dissatisfied with the selection of the same graduates.


A specification program will definitely make you stand out when it comes to the eyes of recruiters.


yes , a kind of job oriented courses after graduation.


Did you recently complete your graduation stage and are now thinking about your job prospects?


If you do not have a plan in place for long term studies it’s always best to take a look at short courses with job placement that focus on job placement to get a job with an established company as soon as possible.


Even if you’re a graduate, eventually you might feel that graduating isn’t enough in today’s competitive market. In order to get a job that is decent, you have to be highly skilled in certain specific areas.


There are many careers that you can pick from various industries such as digital marketing Accounting, Analytics Finance, IT, and Finance. The most significant thing is the short-term courses you select from different areas to find the most paying job within a limited duration.


If you are in a dilemma to choose a better course based on your qualification, check out this list of short term job oriented courses in kerala. These courses will certainly aid you in developing your skills set and will help you achieve higher levels of achievement.

What are the job oriented courses after graduation ?

career oriented courses

Before diving into career oriented courses let us have a look how this article is going to help you !


A complete solution to after degree what next


You will get to know 5 best job oriented courses after graduation that never lost its charm, yea, its trending the trend will never go out of style.


short term courses with high salary, so that you are going to earn a 6 figure salary soon or will be a freelancer and be your own boss.


What are the new courses in kerala and it is an online course for graduates, so that you don’t need to worry about social distancing or spread of coronavirus. You can learn it from anywhere.


creative courses after graduation, and it let your creative spark go high.

Digital marketing -short courses with job placement

short courses with job placement


It’s no wonder that digital marketing certifications can be among the top popular professional certifications in the market today!


Since a growing number of people spend their time on digital domains as well as online platforms, companies cannot afford to ignore the importance of an “online” presence. There are many reasons to believe that the digital marketing landscape is vibrant and colorful.


Social media has granted customers the freedom to speak up like never before .

We are now able to voice our opinions, make calls and connect with brands via social media platforms, receive an experience that is personalized and more.


With this in mind in which consumers are increasingly involved on virtual platforms, businesses who don’t establish their presence to their customers, are losing out on a wealth of potential.


The bottom line is that – Digital Marketing is the truth that you can’t ignore!


Alongside extending your brand’s reach to the vast majority of the online population in addition to the rest of the world, Digital Marketing promises a greater ROI than traditional methods of marketing.


As more companies venture into the Digital Marketing field and expand their operations, they will increase the need for talented and skilled Digital Marketing specialists who can enhance their businesses.


The greatest thing regarding Digital Marketing is that there are no strict prerequisites to being a part of the field.


But, you need to have the knowledge of specific Digital Marketing concepts and also have the required digital marketing abilities to guide a business’s Digital Marketing efforts in the correct direction.


The most effective way to acquire both is to take the Digital Marketing Certification program.


Digital Marketing Certification programs are specifically created to be designed with Digital Marketing concepts in mind.
Naturally, they provide the most effective way for breaking the ice on the field.


Furthermore, you will receive direct instruction from your instructors while working on real-world industrial assignments and projects.


Hope is here ; digital marketing is one of the best job oriented courses after degree in Kerala.


Why digital marketing course seems attractive ?

short term courses with high salary


The Job oriented digital marketing course Will help to get to you the following.


To give you more understanding regarding what you can expect from a Digital Marketing career, here are the most important seven advantages of Digital Marketing Certifications!


able to explore a Wide Range of Career Options
Increase Your Market Value
Receive High-end Salary Packages
Enjoy Greater Flexibility
Enhance Your Skills and Creativity
Digital Marketing Certifications Have Become the Industry Standard
They are Cost-Efficient and Time-Savvy



The most well-known types of digital marketing courses in Kerala offer a quick outline of each.




Optimization (SEO)

The purpose of SEO is to allow the business’s website to rank more prominently on Google result pages, eventually increasing traffic from search engines to the website of the business.

In order to achieve the goal, SEO marketers research words and phrases that consumers use to search online for information and then incorporate these terms within their content.


Pay-per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click is a term used to describe paid advertisements as well as promoted search results. This is a temporary kind of digital marketing, meaning that once you’re not paying for the advertisement will no longer be displayed.


Similar to SEO, PPC is a method to boost search for a company’s website.

Pay-per-click can be used to describe advertisements that appear at either the sides or top of results from a search, the advertisements you see when browsing the web, the ads that appear in front of YouTube videos, and ads in mobile apps.



media marketing

This covers everything a company engages via social media channels. Everyone is acquainted with the social networks, however, marketers need to approach social media by taking a strategic and integrated strategy.


Marketing on social media goes beyond creating posts for social networks and replying to messages.


In terms of the above, it’s much more complex than managing your own personal Facebook or Twitter account.


It requires a mix of innovative thinking and objective, data-driven strategies. It could be an ideal fit for professionals who like mixing these two fields. Social media analysts with the degree of a bachelor are likely to learn about 64,876 in accordance with Salary.com.

Also read: social media strategies for e-commerce

Content Marketing

Content marketing utilizes storytelling and sharing of information to boost brand recognition.


The goal is to get the user to make a decision to become an actual customer, for example, seeking more details, signing up to an email list or buying.


“Content” could mean blog posts, online resources such as white papers and e-books, podcasts, video, and digital content, and more. It must be able to provide benefits to the customer and not only promote the brand or generate sales.


Content marketing is about creating an ongoing, trusted relationship with your customers which could lead to numerous sales over time, and not just only one sale.


Content marketing is an excellent option for those who love writing or recording or production. However, as with digital marketing generally, it also requires solid analytical and strategic skills.


Email Marketing

With the advent of mobile apps and other channels, emails are an effective marketing strategy, Rogers said.


It can be a component of a strategy for content marketing and provide value to consumers and eventually turning the audience to customers.


The experts in email marketing do not just know how to develop engaging campaigns, but they also know the best way to maximize audience outreach and are proficient in analyzing customer interactions and data, as well as making decisions on the basis of the data they collect, as per the American Marketing Association.


Marketing software for email can provide various analytical tools however two of the ones that marketers strive to increase are the open rate, the proportion of recipients who have opened the email click-through rate, which is the percentage of recipients who read the mail but did not click on the link within the email.

Web development – creative courses after graduation

short term job oriented courses in kerala

A web development certification is an investment that is increasingly valuable because it can aid you in developing the capabilities that employers are increasingly relying on.

It also gives you opportunities to further your career, and also increase your earnings.


It is one of the best short term job oriented courses in kerala and it helps to increase your potential and worthiness in your career.

Why web development is one among best career oriented courses

creative courses after graduation


Since there will be about 1.7 million computer jobs by 2021 and just 400,000 developers who are qualified needed to fulfill them, people who are looking to develop skills in demand will definitely benefit from having coding and web development on their resumes.


It’s safe to say that there is and will be an abundance of web developers. There’s no need to be concerned about finding work for web developers anytime in the near future.


Great income & job flexibility

Based on U.S. News & World Report, professional certified web developers have an average income of $64,970 in the United States. The salary isn’t the sole consideration when choosing whether to study Web development.
However, it must be considered. With the median family income for the United States being $ 56,516 in the year 2017 The average earnings for web developers appear good.

You can work as you’d like, from wherever you are–imagine the possibilities of. All you require for web development is an internet connection and a laptop. Some jobs may not be remote but if that’s your preferred option there are some remote jobs out there to suit your needs.


Dear aspiring web developers, let us have a happy dance!


Be a freelancer or be a part of tech companies

If you’re the kind of person who likes to complete a project according to your own schedule , becoming self-employed is the right choice for you.


 After you have joined the web development community you’ll discover that there are many opportunities to be a freelancer.


Right out of the bootcamp program, you are able to cost $50 per hour–based on your location–for your work.


It will grow as you get more competent.


Another opportunity is to be a part of any tech companies around the world and earn a 6 figure income.


Python-An answer to after degree what next

career oriented courses in 2022


In the realm of Programming languages Python ranks first in the list of the best options for careers for technologists.


Career options in Python are expanding all over the world. It is often regarded as an advanced programming language, Python allows for faster readability of code and speed, which translates into more efficient designs using fewer lines.


Additionally, Python is a great tool for developing dynamic scripts at both big and small scales.


Python is a general-purpose programming language. It is widely used for Web development as well as scriptwriting, testing, as well as in the development of apps and updates.


Additionally, Python offers web developers an evolving type system as well as automatic memory management that can be used with various programming models.


Anyone who has become an expert in Python has a range of opportunities ahead of him, whether as a programmer or data scientist.


Python is a relatively new entry into the market, is gaining traction faster over other programming languages and has a lot of potential for developers.
Alongside being an open source programming language, it’s also among the most flexible programming languages.


Developers utilize it extensively to develop applications and systems development programming.


Additionally, less coding effort and improved test performance guarantee the best programming.


Therefore, Python developers are highly in demand.


Easy to read, learn and write

Python is an advanced programming language with a syntax that is similar to English. This makes it simpler to comprehend and read the code.


Python is very easy to learn and master and that’s the reason why many people suggest Python for beginners.


If you are familiar with the Python programming language one of the positions you’ll be able to find yourself as a Python developer. As an Python developer you will be able to:

✦ Create and design websites
✦ Optimize the data algorithms
✦ Solutions to problems with data analytics
✦ Secure your data and implement security
✦ Write code that can be reused that is testable and efficient


The cryptocurrency trading course -new courses in kerala

cryptocurrency  trading course

The cryptocurrency market is expanding rapidly and has already disrupted the financial system and is now beginning to transform major industries across the globe.


The cryptocurrency industry and Blockchain technology, despite being in the early stages could soon become an integral aspect of the coming.


Every technology firm or bank and finance firm, and any company that manages ERP or logistics systems is considering the potential of an immutable database and additional features.


Decentralization is a new idea, but it is rapidly gaining acceptance and a new movement is emerging .


It is one of the best job oriented courses after graduation .


Because Making the effort to understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency today, no matter which stage of life, will help you in a variety of ways, maybe more than you realize.


Learning is what allows us to develop as individuals, keeps us humble and happy, and ultimately, it helps to keep our memories active and our minds sharp.


Ultimately , The cryptocurrency learning process can be beneficial to you at any stage throughout your lifetime.


How cryptocurrency training benefit you in each stage of life

new courses in kerala

A crypto currency trading course can be beneficial if you learn the best cryptocurrency course. The given below are advantages at different phases of life.


★ The advantage of cryptocurrency trading course for students at universities

When the doors of your university close and the door to careers does not open in the same way There is a lot that can happen during the time it takes to earn your degree, particularly within the cryptocurrency world.


Since it is a relatively new field being a relatively new one, experience isn’t necessarily the most important factor in securing your spot on the ladder of success in block chain.


However, the know-how and abilities are! This is the reason why you should make an effort to embrace the opportunities for education in cryptocurrency which are available to you today and can benefit you in the near future.


★ The basics of cryptocurrency education for the novice investor


When you are first entering the crypto market, it might be a bit intimidating and seems like an alien.


If you take the time to study at your own speed along with your personal language, you will be able to understand what incredible concepts blockchain and cryptocurrency technology can offer.


Understanding cryptocurrency can change your entire perspective on investing and investment processes.


When you are familiar with cryptocurrency, it’ll make you aware of new investment possibilities, and help to inform you about the latest technologies, new avenues of thinking and innovative ways to earn a return on your investment.


Most importantly, knowing about cryptocurrency can add fun and personal addition to your portfolio of investments.

You no longer have to depend on the wealth management company to handle crucial decisions regarding your investments and you’ll be able to make decisions on your own, making decisions you know and make them from the comfort of your phone at any time it’s convenient for your needs.

Learn cryptocurrency course and start earning today

★ Education in cryptocurrency for the investor with experience

The cryptoverse is a long learning curve, and even those who are already a few years into the process of establishing their crypto assets may benefit from further cryptocurrency education.


The cryptocurrency industry is evolving every day -new coins, tokens and ventures are entering the market at an alarming pace!


The more you are aware the more advantage you’ll have in not just expanding your personal portfolio but also benefit from business opportunities and private sales.


You will become an expert in analyzing market trends, be better prepared to make smarter investments and become an advisor or an influencer within the industry.


★ Education in cryptocurrency for retired people

The world of cryptocurrency isn’t limited to ‘Millennials’ As the old saying goes, you’re not too old to be learning.


What better option to make use of your spare time during retirement than to refresh the latest technology and investing expertise.


It is worth the effort to explore and comprehend this new financial landscape and can open your eyes to different investment options. It will also help you to comprehend what possibilities are open to you to add more flexibility to the retirement portfolio.


Cryptocurrency could be a desirable choice for retirement plans because of its long-term potential for growth since retirement is about taking a long-term vision.


Learn cryptocurrency course and start earning today

Big Data -job oriented courses after degree in kerala

after degree what nex

With new technologies and approaches appearing every day, it is virtually impossible to be an expert in everything.


Each and every day we spend a major part of our lives with our eyes on screens, and we share what we see through these screens on social media.


We also come across numerous social media accounts and websites that are used for community building.


Data is everywhere. In every facet of our lives, from the way we walk to work to the amount of time we spend on social media.


Big Data is something that has been around since long before the 21st century, but what’s new is how data can be used more effectively and through a variety of different technological innovations.


The key here is not only acquiring a lot of information, but it’s about turning this information into actionable insights using software tools known as Analytics . So what purpose does big data serve? How is big data changing everything around us? Let’s find out.

Data driven decisions provide a competitive advantage

Many studies have shown that data driven decisions are more effective and more efficient than human-generated decisions. Big Data allows organisations to detect trends, and spot patterns that can be used for future benefit.

It can help to detect which customers are likely to buy products, or help to optimise marketing campaigns by identifying which advertisement strategies have the highest return on investment.

It is easy to see that organizations that ‘know’ more than their competitors, will outperform their peers in the long run.


☛ Big data a catalyst for AI

Many assume that Big Data is just an interest for organisations with large amounts of financial resources to throw around at projects, but this is wrong. Big data companies make a lot of money from projects based around AI because these two areas are intrinsically linked.


. The two may seem very different, but in fact they work together very well.
When you start a project based around AI, it becomes quickly apparent how important Big Data is as the basis upon which AI operates as well as how crucial it is to any company that wants to take AI seriously as a potential source of revenue for their products or services!


☛ Demand for qualified Data Analysts/Data Scientists is on the rise

At a time when Big Data generally is becoming a hot commodity, the demand for proficient personnel is growing rapidly.

And if employers have it their way, this trend will continue to move upward exponentially.
This type of scenario creates great job opportunities for both employers and job seekers.


Investments in Big Data keep growing


Many studies and surveys show that investments in Big Data keep growing, year over year.


The International Data Corporation (IDC) that publishes the Worldwide Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Spending Guide indicates that Big Data-related hardware, software, and services are expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.9% through 2020 when revenues will be more than $210 billion.


The increase in spending is a sign that Big Data is a trend that will continue in the next few years, and that investing time to study Big Data is not just a short-term investment.


Aspiring entrepreneurs would do well to brush up on their big data acumen. Not only is the field growing in stature, but its applications are myriad. You can use it to build a successful enterprise or even make smarter decisions along the way.


If you are studying Big Data, make sure to balance your time between the technical knowledge surrounding the subject of its theory and how it’s actually implemented in the real world.


If you’re spending most of your time learning how to use various Big Data platforms or learning more about various algorithms that run on these platforms then try to find some time to explore their theory.


Learning how they work is crucial but you need at least a superficial understanding of the underlying principles so that when new techniques emerge you’ll know which ones will be useful for your day-to-day task at hand.


job oriented courses after graduation, what you need to know

 job oriented courses after degree in kerala

By now, you might still be searching for the right job oriented courses after degree in kerala to take as it’s crucial that you don’t veer too far from your true interests.


 By doing so you may not only land a job that won’t keep your interest but it can even hinder your progress in finding a career path that makes you happy and will allow you to learn and grow as an individual and as a professional at the same time.


While hunting for the best job oriented courses after graduation, try to evaluate yourself, find the right institution and start learning.


Needless to say, Nexxa digital academy offers these 5 courses offline and online and it has helped many students around India.


To know more about student reviews , check out our review page.

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