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By  JAYAKRISHNAN  |  Date  :  08-june-2022

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First thing to be aware of is, it’s not cun-tent, the right   pronunciation is

con-tent .

From now on, you must try to pronounce it as above.

Content is any type of information designed to inform, educate and entertain, as well as influence, or convince an audience of a particular type.

Content is KING

It’s a quote said by Bill Gates and it’s a statement that defines the importance of the content in this modern

World and how the Content helps in branding and in growth of your Business .This blog will help you to understand how to become content writer and how can you grab the opportunities in this world..

how to become a content writer

Content writing refers to the process of creating, editing and writing web-based content, usually to be used for digital marketing.

It may be writing blog posts and articles, as well as scripts for videos and podcasts, and also content that is specifically designed for certain platforms, like twitterstorms that are posted on Twitter or texts on Reddit.

How Different Is Content Writing And Copywriting


Content Writing and copywriting , the pillars of digital marketing !

Copywriting vs. Content Writing, What’s the Difference?

While the content writing is used in marketing and the Copywriting is used for advertising purposes ,Both come under the roof of marketing.

Every marketing content is not a marketing copy but,every marketing copy is a marketing content

Who is a Content Writer?


In common the content writers can be called as “The Story Tellers” for their company or the industry they work. Normally the contents , the industry uses for their marketing decides the future of them.

Because in marketing you should attract the targeted audience to your product or services .

For that you needs a perfect and attractive content .

The responsibilities of a content writer:

  • Should research about the industry-related trending topics(industry that you are working for)
  • Create content for blogs, articles ,product descriptions, social media and for the website of the company you work for.
  • You have to assist the marketing team creating Content for various advertising campaigns.
  • Editing and rewriting the existing contents.
  • Creating enthralling headlines and body copy for getting the attention of the targeted audience.
  • Identifying the customer’s common needs or problems and try to fill the gaps in the existing content of your company .

Without contents and content writers a business will not Succeed in this world because of that opportunities for Content writers will only increase day by day.


How to Become Content Writer ? Is This Question Eating Your Head?

Content writing is one of the pillars of marketing so a vacant seat for a content writer will always be there for everyone who has perfect skills. So you can choose content writing as a career with full confidence.

How to become a content writer by choosing these three ways :

  • Self Built Content Writer

  • Choosing An Institute 

  • Industry Experts

Self Built Content Writer


It’s the most difficult and time consuming way to be a content writer.

For a self built content writer you may follow the tips:

  • Choose a Niche

  • Build a Portfolio

  • Create Social Proofs

  • Start Writing Blogs

  • Create Pitch

Choose a Niche

Niche should be the passion in you, because the niche should not be hated by you.

If you combine a particular skill like content writing, and the expertise of a particular area, you are not just an expert in content writing but additionally an expert within the field.

This is an appealing option because you now not only have subject matter expertise but also a particular skill on this topic.

However, be aware of the fact that you must ensure that the niche you select is based on content, and that there are plenty of opportunities.

Build a Portfolio

If you are a new content writer nobody is going to trust you, for earning the trust first you should showcase your talent or capabilities. And this can build trust in you.

Create Social Proofs

As a content writer you must have the social proof .
Quora is one of the best places to do this.

Also, having a specific area of expertise is a great way to establish you as an expert.

Start Writing Blogs

Writing blogs can make you expertise in language, grammar and can improve your writing style and can become an expert as a content writer .

Create Pitch

This means that you must convey something valuable or personal in just a few words.
A great pitch should be simple, concise, and clear.

These are the components of an effective and clear pitch:

  • A clean, customized subject line
  • Name the recipient
  • Refer to the place you saw their need (or why they think they require content).
  • Why do you believe you are a good match for the company or requirement?
  • Refer to your work and portfolio
  • Link to your blog from other platforms (like Upwork, Quora etc.
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Good email signature

To become a self made content writer it’s pretty hard and tough.

Because without proper mentoring and monitoring 80% of people can’t get proper skills in a new subject.

it’s a proven fact…


What are the Content writing topics for beginner.

Choosing An Institute


It’s always good to learn anything under a Good institute .

With a proper syllabus and proper mentoring .

An institute can help you to evolve. It can help you to gain more knowledge in less time .So that you can consume more information in less time without much effort from your side.

 Industry Experts



Because only an expert in that field can provide Updated information and practical skills.

An industry expert with lots of knowledge and practical skills can mould you to another expert with great skills.

Some advantages ,if you learn content writing from an expert:

  • They can provide the perfect tips to how to build a career in content writing.
  • Only an expert can give you the ideas of how to start and where to start your career.
  • You can always gain the updated information .
  • Always able to know about the changed trends.
  • Because of the experience they can also train you to become a writer with the updated techniques.
  • They can help you by suggesting the best tools ..
  • From scratch to hatch they can be a perfect mentor for you.

An industry expert can provide the best syllabus for you to become the best content writer.

The following will be the outline for learning content writing:

  • Learn the basic concepts of Copywriting, Content Writing and Content Marketing.
  • Determine your ideal reader or audience, and then create a buyer personas
  • Develop effective copywriting skills by crafting compelling headlines, calls to action and convince readers
  • Stand out from the crowd by enhancing your writing abilities
  • Qualities that make you a great writer
  • Blog writing tips for more traffic
  • Writing powerful content can increase your website/blog traffic, sales, and conversions.
  • Using storytelling to get the reader to sign up for your email list and/or to buy from you.
  • Challenges a writer may face & strategies to overcome them

Don’t waste your precious time and money by going to fraud institutions or individuals , You must make sure about that they have the capability and quality..

What Is The Content Writing Qualification ?


The common question is

What is the content writing qualification?

Any degree stream completed individual can become a professional content writer , but to say frankly anyone who have good writing skill with better language handling skill can become a content writer.

The degrees are only for sake of the MNC company jobs, but skills matter the most. If you are perfectly skilled then you can definitely get hired without considering your qualifications.

5 Best Tips For Content Writing


A good content writer is always built ,not born .So if anyone with a passion for content writing can become a good quality content writer. Good writer has some tips for content writing.

Here we share some tips for content writing, follow these and work hard to reach your goal one day..

  • Always write impeccable headlines
  • Create a hook that grab the attention of audience.
  • Always do your research
  • Always focus on single purpose
  • Always write in a unique voice

5 Free Content Writer Tools that Will Help You To Become A Content Writer


Content writers are mainly of two types, one is who can write naturally, writing comes to them naturally they only need to research about the topics and start writing .

But the second group is who needs to work for writing a good content they always needs the help of some resources or ideas for that there are a lot of tools available on the internet . Internet provides Content Writing Tools Freely

Top 5 Free Content Writer tools that helps you:





Google Trends



“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.”

A famous quote by Sheryl Sandberg.

Here we can consider the rocket ship as your career and the digital Marketing is the fuel for that rocket ship if you are fueled enough You can reach heights with no time .

Hope you are ready for fueling your career and we suggest

Best Contenr Writing Course In Kerala.

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