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content writing topics for beginners to kick-start content writing career



I know you are planning to write content and you are a beginner too.

Obviously that’s why you are here to see the top content writing topics for beginners.

Even if you are not, then please pardon me for underestimating, but this article will help you find the best topics to begin your content writing journey with the ” just right info” even if you are not planning to do so.

Do you know that psychology has proven that humans are more attracted to quit at the beginning of anything if they find any lack of relevant information that can’t satisfy the brain with authentic reasons.

But simply we don’t need any psychological facts to prove that.

Analysing our own circumstances just before we start something new is more than enough to gulp that fact.

Just look at our own selves when we decide to go for a content writer career path.

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so that you can acquire the most in this field and Let me start this article by primarily giving importance to the question ‘what is content writing’?’, for which you can find an ocean of answers in your fingertips.

what is content writing – efficient content writing topics for beginners

content writing topics for beginners

Maya Angelou one said,

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

I am a content writer and I think that this is the takeaway that every content writer should have in their mind when they are driving their hands to do one.

I’ll Elaborate this quote at last.

Everybody writes. People write for textbooks, study materials, newspaper articles, trending feeds, hashtags, social media contents, blogs (that’s what we are talking about in here), novels, stories, and the list goes on.

But let me remind you one thing, haven’t you been able to find that each and every one that I’ve mentioned above was having its own particularity.

Yes it does each have its own specificity and each serves a particular purpose.

That’s the gist that is a ‘you must have’ in content writing and is the first, ‘niche’.

1. Finding the right Niche

There are two things that my mentor who is also a digital marketing trainer, always tells me ‘riches are in the niches’ and ‘if you are everything to everyone then you are nothing to no one’.


2. Creating unique Content

These words play a major role in my content writing career. These are the words that guided me to find the uniqueness within myself; and that’s the second thing in content writing ‘find your uniqueness’.

And the takeaway that I mentioned at the beginning which I promise to tell you at last is quite simple, a content writer should always be futuristic.

He/she should have this point in mind that your words, your images, your hashtags, nothing’s gonna stick forever in your readers head, the only thing that they will remember is, how you made them feel.

With this i am concluding the answer of the question, what is content writing?

What, that’s it?

I know this might be the comment that is arousing in everyone’s mind. But if you do want a perfect answer then,

“Content writing is writing specific and relevant content for a website on a particular Niche with great uniqueness to reach the target audiences.”

Now tell me which one is better?

Let me clear that for you that content writing is not something you should be given a definite explanation and so on, so that you can give a perfect exam and get certified in content writing.

It is the skill and your mind sets that determines the quality of your content. Neither the explanation nor the definition.

Trust me these three things in mind while writing a content can do wonders, status from my own experience.

I think I took really long for an introduction, so without giving this too much stir, let’s quickly jump in to our thing, content writing topics for beginners.

Topics for content writing

what is content writing

Here come the 7 magical topics.

Just kidding, these topics ain’t magical, nor do they do wonders, but these topics are hot today.

This might be a great head start in your content writing career.

Moving to the perfect head start content writing topics for beginners,

That fits just right.


Skincare and beauty

Weight loss and physical health

Books and movie reviews

Fashion blogging

Travel blog

Career counselling

Aah that’s it, you did get that hit right.

By seeing all these topics aligned together I think you found that these are the regular and trending topics that you come across every day on your screen.

Let’s go further and check how we can make all these flexible and favourable for us to start a content writing career.



Marketing is a really hot topic to put your hands on. No industry runs without marketing. The marketing can either be traditional or digital or some times other than these too.

But marketing is really necessary for every small and big industry. So people who won’t be looking for marketing strategies or ideas or tips will be really really few.

But let me remind you that you are not the only one who is looking for trendy topics and writing the content.

There are a lot of other fish in this ocean looking to survive, always in a better way.

So make sure you show your explicit uniqueness, and relevancy, authenticity, everything that you can, so that you can outshine everyone and the reader chooses you above all.

Marketing is not a single string.

There are hundreds of sub-streams coming under marketing.

So, at a time focus on one, so that you can give the most and the best at it.if you would like to know more about Marketing so that you can showcase better sculpted knowledge of yours, check out the best digital marketing company in Kerala.

Be Particular. focus on your niche.

✥ Skincare and Beauty




Next content writing topics for beginners is skincare and beauty. If you are a girl, then you know the importance of this topic, if you are a boy, then you might also know how important this topic is.

What I’m tryna say is, this topic is really important at the present aeon for both the females and the males. since everyone is giving priority in taking care of themselves and pampering themselves and find it really important.

The most interesting part in this topic is, if you’re proficient in this Niche of skincare and beauty content writing then there is a high chance for you to get an opportunity to get into product copywriting or become a beauty copywriter.

If you keep your eyes wide open, you can see a well played game of contents within the beauty industry.

Yes there is, in my opinion, beauty products are the most intellectual industry who knows the vein and pain of the prospects.

So if you are able to show your excellence in this particular Niche, then you can easily sway the beauty content marketing.

Even if you are Thinking to be a freelance beauty content writer, there are some core divisions that you have to be always alert about.

✔ Keeping up with the trends

✔ Updating your tips and tricks

✔ Updating your prospects

✔ Inculcating every new feed

✔ Knowing your prospects vein

✔ Think by standing in the position of your readers and then start writing.

These are some of the main core divisions that you have to stir a lot.

If you can’t do a great thing, then do a small thing in a great way.

This is just a reminder that if you are not able to succeed in the first try, or you can’t make that great difference at the very start itself, it’s ok. Try to make that small thing so great that it automatically gets recognised in putting great effort.

✥ Weight Loss and Physical Health


freelance beauty content writer,


How many times do you eat junk food in a week?

Yes we all have to hesitate a moment to tell the answer because we all eat that much junk food and we all take the least care of our health until and unless we see that our health is not supporting us anymore. Here you can see content writing on health is a great head start.

Sometimes people will start looking for ideas and methods to lose their weight and take care of their health when they been slapped by their health condition, or someone might look for it just because they think that their health is going down.

Anyhow this topic is of great importance in this Era since people want to take care of themselves more and put them first before others which is a really good thing.

Haven’t you seen that people are more obsessed with outer appearance than in health. You can even take advantage of this by writing a weight loss journey blog.

But certainly there will be a point where these people themselves find that over weighing appearance over health can be hazardous to oneself.

This realisation can be early or late but still this topic is among the hot seven.

When you’re starting to write content on weight loss and physical health keep steadfast upon your niche along with inculcating new feeds and tricks for improvement, to keep your prospects on the tip of curiosity. Always add more and cover more than what is already covered.

For instance, imagine you are writing a weight loss fitness blog and how to be physically well even in the stressed period, without only focusing on physical well beingness alone try to add some more tips and tricks to keep your mental health stable in this stressed period.

This is a vague picture on how you can give your prospects more than what they expect and these techniques can drive more new leads too.

As a beginner you have immense opportunities if you are excelling in showing your skills beautifully. If your blogs are worth reading then you can even guest post on best health and fitness sites.

✥ Books and Movie Reviews




Just take a look at our own situation, when we are going to a movie.

The first thing we search about will be the reviews because we don’t want to waste our precious two hours or three hours on watching something that is not worth watching.

I can say that this topic can be among the hot seven for a long time.

This applies the same for the books too.

Before buying one we would like to take a slight look at others’ experience on reading this.

If it is positive we can be certain in buying it. if it is negative we can drop it there itself.

When it comes to books you can either go for a critical book report or you can simply give your experience with that particular book.

On the other hand when it comes to movies a movie review outline can be found really beneficial to the readers.

Just imagine if you are consistently putting updates on a specific kind of movies like adventure and actions, and posting your review outline for newly released movies then you will be your readers favorite when it comes to deciding.

That’s why this is one of the best content writing topics for beginners.


✥ Fashion Blogging

I have a t-shirt in which it says ‘fashion is nothing but style updated’.

Actually this is true right?

Every new fashion is a particular style that is updated.

But if you look closer, this update can be really fast, really crucial, and really different too.

I’ve read statistics long ago that fashion trends change every 6 months.

So there is no better topic to choose as a trending one than fashion content writing because every six months these fashion trends are renewed and the renewed ones run for at least six months.

Just as like the fitness sites, if you succeed in showing your capability of your writing skills then you can also guest post, ‘content writing for fashion blogs’

By all this, you have to keep one thing in mind that content writing about fashion can always be a great option to start when you are interested in fashion related topics.

Because sometimes the fashion world can seem tiring.

But if someone is obsessed with something then there’s nothing to stop them from doing that, right?


✥ Travel Blog




People who don’t like travelling will be really really few.

Literally I can’t even imagine a life without travelling once a month.

Sometimes it won’t be that great a destination or a long trip, but travelling does have a magical power to refresh one’s mind with tenderness and freshness.

Due to the pandamic situation, people travelling will be really few because you can see some places being locked down and some don’t.

But, if we get a chance to go out (stay safe) we won’t miss that right.

Just imagine the situation of those people who used to travel a lot but cannot travel due to the worldwide crisis, they really miss how they used to travel once and at this point they find themselves through my travel blogs of other people which keep them joyous even in this pandemic situation.

They also go for travel experience blogs which cherish their own memories.

You can also see people Looking for luxury travel blogs to satisfy their mind or to know more about these places and fix a date.

This also can be a great choice for a start since people who Don’t travel are less.

Luxury travel blog on one hand and you can see another which is budget travel blog where you will write a blog on a travel ferry within that particular budget that is frequently asked by your prospects.

See, travel blogging is something that will catch the eyes of optimists and an all time favorite content writing topics for beginners.

✥ Career Counselling




All people are not the same, there are two categories of people: risk takers and risk free people. Everyone’s mentalities and views are different from each other.

There Is no way that everyone chooses the same career option as, careers content wrter or same future plan since it is working out for one.

Some might go for entrepreneurship and some might go for serviceships. But the major dilemma faced here by most of the people is what to choose.

This is where you can give your content writing career a head start with the topic ‘career counselling’.

Counseling and counselors both are required in mostly all aspects in this era.

People find it difficult to start something without getting an authentic and guaranteed piece of information.

There are students who are looking for the best career guidance so that they can explore more and acquire the most and best out there.

Here you can drive your hands to write something about college and career counsellors

People at different stages of life require different counseling sections. for instances looking to change their career, they might be needed for career lifestyles counseling.

This particularity applies for everything.

You can also see a need for career counselling for working professionals which can be either asked by the authority of firms or the professional itself so that they can improve.

As long as there is a career, career counselling will always be a great option.

Did I drag that too long? I hope not.

But trust me if you are looking for content writing topics for beginners then this is worth the read.

You can do anything you like to do when you are steadfast upon it and it is for good.

In our case As content writers, if we are steadfast upon the decision that providing the best contents for people will be the main motto then there’s nothing holding back.

With the right guidance you can excel in it. I would like to recommend the best digital marketing course in Thrissur for your guidance, who’ll provide you with the correct knowledge and skill set, and guide you to the path of the best contents.

➩ Wrap up,

So that was me giving content writing topics for beginners.

I can say that these are the hot topics with which you can perfectly start a content writing career but there is also one thing that you have to keep in mind while starting this, it is, if you want people to read what you right think from their perspective, view from what they want and right how they expect.

I hope this information comes in handy for you.


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