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Best content writing course in Kerala

Learn to write, write to earn 

Content writing is incredibly popular in the current scenario. Content is unavoidable to thrive in the digital world. Content rules the digital marketing verticals that is why, it is saying content is king.

We nexxa digital academy, working under the aegis of Nexxa corporates infotech Pvt Ltd.

Offer best content writing course in Kerala, which helps to develop unique content in regard with ever changing markets. Nexxa digital academy, best digital marketing institute in Kerala which helps to develop attractive content that sells products, creates brand awareness and engages the audience.

Content marketing course in Kerala is just flourishing. It is an art of storytelling where a writer must be able to produce engaging stories. Stories that arouse interest or excitement, able to catch the attention of readers.

Content writing is creating content for blog, website, social media and other marketing collateral, whereas content marketing is creating content to generate leads and increase sales.

Content writing is not creating content relevant to the topic, however, writing from an attractive angle to catch the attention of the reader.A captivative headline and intro to dive deep into the content. Nexxa digital academy teaches the students to analyse the reader and write for them.

Nexxa corporates, leading content writing company in Kerala, deliver a profound understanding of content writing and content marketing, deep knowledge about how to select platforms respective to the type of audience and message.

How Nexxa offer best content writing course in Kerala

In Depth knowledge in content writing

Content writing is vast, different types of contents encompass the content writing training.we provide best insight about different content types.

Learn content writing
content writing training

Internship in our company

Learn content writing with live work.our student able to work in our company and able to enhance their writing skills.

6 months support

Just after the training, we provide 6 months complete support to our students

content writing course in Kerala
How to become a content writer

Personalised attention

We thoroughly check your content writing piece and suggest necessary edits to improve the students.

Helps to be expert 

An expert in content writing is highly demanding.we would love to turn an amateur in content writing into an expert.

online courses for content writing

What includes our content writing course

Blog Writing

Blog Writing


If you’re in love with something, you’ll want to share your passion publicly. If it’s photography, fishing or even marketing blogging is a fantastic method of sharing your passion. If you blog about something that you’re interested in and share your passion, you open the door for connecting with others across the globe who speak your language and share similar interests.
There by increasing your personal branding and exposure.or start affiliate marketing and be well paid in the industry.

Social media write ups

Social media write ups


Each social media posting communicates the business’ image to its customers. A well-written article portrays an appealing and polished image of a company, indicating to customers that this company has something to offer or provide. … So, properly written Social media content is crucial.

No matter if you write poetry, fiction scripts, nonfiction, or any combination of these, Social media will help you increase your reach. A well-established readership makes publishers and agents more likely to take your work since you’ve a certain audience to sell your work.Our content writing course in Kerala helps to be an expert in social media write ups .

Technical writing course

Technical writing course


The aim in technical language is to provide the reader with information about something and the writing style must serve that purpose, and not hinder the purpose by trying to engage, entice or confuse the reader.
Technical writing assists in teaching these abilities and will teach students to write effective and concise sentences that are understood by almost everyone whether they are an experienced or novice.


Additionally, it can be beneficial for work environments, this method can also be used in the classroom.Technical writing helps to teach these abilities and will teach students to write effective and concise sentences that are understood by everyone whether they are experienced or not. While it is effective at work, the technique is also useful to the classroom.Be a technical content writer and establish your personal brand.

Ebooks writing

Ebooks writing


The process of writing may take some time however, it’s well worth the effort to write an excellent text. This will not only mean you’ll be able to increase the selling price to your ebook and your readers are also most likely to suggest it to others they know, which will result in greater sales.

You can earn money by self-publishing your eBooks in the event that you’re willing to invest time and money into it. It’s a bit silly, but if you’re willing to take on the task, writing and selling eBooks are still lucrative. It’s true, even when you’re competing with hundreds of authors all vying for the same slice of cake.
Get ready to earn an income as e-book writer.Our content writing training help to unlock your skillset

Product description

Product description


The aim of the Description is to convince customers to purchase the product. The most popular items usually include the most thorough descriptions of the product. The description of the product should include details about the product’s characteristics as well as the benefits it offers to buyers as well as any issues it can solve.
A great description of the product should concentrate on the product’s strengths and advantages. The features, of course, are more clearly defined. Benefits will require some more imagination and understanding of your target audience. Both advantages and features can be used to create creativity in writing.
Let us learn to be creative in writing product descriptions.

Web page writing

Web page writing


A website that is representative of a company will aid in establishing visibility and visibility on the internet and also improve or establish the recognition of your brand. If you have a lot of backlinks to authoritative websites that link to yours, this can give your business credibility.
As you may have guessed from the above, the primary reason for a website is to allow you to communicate your ideas however you’d like. Individuals and businesses alike appreciate this. This is the reason why companies use it to build their brand and for individuals to showcase their personalities in their personal online space.
Let us learn the evershining webpage writing.

After the course, you will be in a position to

☛ Create engaging and creative content

☛ Create blogs according to the needs of the customers

☛ Effectively write-up sales

☛ Be proficient in the art of writing optimized for search engines

☛ Meet the unique writing needs of your customers and employers

☛ Create engaging and clear post on social networks.

The courses for content writing course in Kerala that are offered by Nexxa digital academy are targeted at students who want to make an income as a content journalist within Kerala as well as India. This understanding has led us to develop the programs for training so that helps improve writing skills and meet the needs of the industry.

content writing certificate course

Who can join content writing course in Kerala

No prerequisite to join the content writing course 


What is content writing for websites?

Content writing for websites is meant to provide relevant content to your website.Every website has a specific audience and content writers write in the audience’s language and attract their attention.

How to become a content writer?

Select a niche, build your portfolio, write as much as you can and improve your writing skill.

What is a technical writing course?

Technical writing course teaches us to communicate complex and technical information more easily.

Are online courses for content writing available ?

yes , we provide online and offline content writing course in Kerala