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By  Malavika  |  Date  :  08-June-2022

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Wide-open doors of opportunities are out there for a BTech graduate.
You have to walk in with better skills.

What to do after BTech, and  What are the career opportunity after BTech?

Confused about selecting the best courses after Btech ece graduation, we are writing about some of the best practices you can choose after Btech ece graduation.

After BTech, the options are pretty open for you; the thing is that you have to choose the right, or else you’ll regret it later in the different part of your life.

As we all know, this modern world is of high competition, and you have to make the right decisions at the right time.

It’s pretty the same as choosing the best courses after Btech ece, and it’s a decision that can cause a big blow to your entire future career when it goes wrong.

It’s only your life and your career that will be affected when the selection of your course goes wrong.

There are a vast number of short-term courses and long-term courses available around you that can give you a better career and jobs after b tech and salary.

best courses after btech ece


Different students have different passion and interests. This blog is about the Best courses after BTech ECE for those students who have other interests and want to know the opportunities after those courses.

If you are looking for an excellent job about one year after your BTech, it’s always best to do an excellent short-term courses with a live project internship.

In that, the course can give you the basic information, and the project will provide you with a working experience so that you can apply for a job after the internship and be paid more than a fresher.

We can look into two common questions that are still unfolded for some engineering graduates.


This question what to do after btech is eating the heads of most engineering graduates because most don’t know about the changing world and its wide range of opportunities.

First of all, indeed, skills matter the most; it’s not about the degrees and master’s degrees you earn; it’s all about the skills you have.

In this world which is getting updated every minute, you must have the skills.
you have to choose a perfect course that suits you and a brilliant academy for learning that system or else you can’t master the skills of that particular area you selected.


This question after btech which  course is better remains as unfolded for some engineering graduates who do not have any vision for their future careers, And they are in total confusion about selecting the best courses after bTech ECE ? and which approach is best.

A wide range of courses are available for the students who have completed the BTech, and you should select them according to your tastes and interests.

To know the opportunities and the scope of some courses we talk about, you should go through this blog until our last sentence, and we have more information for you in every paragraph.


The achievement of a degree in engineering is a fantastic achievement. If you’re an engineering graduate, you can select among many careers options after your study.

Campus placements are designed to offer job opportunities through interviews at the college. If you aim to get secured job as soon as possible following your BTech and looking for a job, this might be the ideal choice.

The IT sector will increase 8.4 percent to $ 191 billion in 2021-2022. 120 billion, according to Nasscom’s recent market study report. 2.1 lakh people have come into the Indian IT industry this year.

Which is the best courses after btech ece?

Don’t worry;

Btech electronics and computer engineering graduates are also looking for excellent jobs to settle their careers. Some short-term and long-term job-related courses are available for graduates. 

But here we are discussing Some necessary job-oriented best courses for electronics and communication engineering students.


Digital Marketing is one of the best courses after BTech ECE and  most difficult courses if it is taught with high quality.

Eyes of an online marketer see a brighter future in the present day world. It’s only because the opportunities for digital marketers are growing every day.

You could choose this program to be considered for a job or for work as a freelancer.

A quote for human life,

“if opportunities don’t knock, build a door.”

To open the door to your career in the future Digital marketing can be an important role.

its primary function is due to the fact that marketing strategies, marketing concepts as well as everything else associated with marketing has been transformed to digital.

This opens numerous possibilities for you if you’re a skilled digital marketer who has some expertise.

It’s a good idea having more experienced trainers with expertise in the field of digital marketing Without an industry-expert trainer, you will not be able to get valuable information regarding the industry of digital marketing.

Marketing course for digital devices is primarily is suitable for:

2.Job seekers
3.Freelance work-seekers
5.E-commerce store owners
6.Affiliate marketers

A course in digital marketing involves a variety of methods that are some of them,

1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course
2.Social Media Marketing (SMM) Course
3.Website Planning And Creation
4.Email Marketing
5.Content Marketing

Other courses are not oriented towards jobs in digital marketing, but could be considered for employment

1.Computer Programming
2.Certificate In Advanced Embedded Systems

Search Engine Optimization

(SEO) Course

Search engine optimization (SEO) courses are more popular job-oriented best courses after btech ECE students. You will get a clear picture of SEO from the SEO course, which has website optimization, link building, and more.

Numerous organizations across the globe employ SEO professionals to produce more relevant content and thus generate more leads for the business.

A seo analyst will be one of the most demanding jobs globally because, without the search engine optimization or optimization of the website, the business around the world can’t grow further.

For that, they all need an SEO analyst.

A professional SEO course should include topics of,

1. SEO for starters

2.Technical SEO

3. Keyword Research

4. On-page SEO

5. Off-page SEO

6. Advanced SEO

7. Conversion optimization

8. Website speed

9. Website security

10. Image optimization

11. Structured data and schema

12. Google analytics

13. Local SEO and international SEO

14. SEO tools and services

15. E-commerce SEO

The above topics are the most relevant in SEO; When you cover all these topics with the help of an experienced mentor, You can be an SEO expert in the future, and your salary will be more than you imagine.

What will be your role when you are a search engine optimizer?

I hope you doubt this one, and the answer is given below:-

1. You have to find relevant keywords, and these keywords should have a better search volume.

2. You should optimize the website and contents regularly

3. It would help to develop SEO strategies by optimizing the competitors’ websites.

4. Use quality links to improve the ranking of your website.

A wide-open door of opportunities is waiting outside for SEO freshers, and you can get through that door if you have skills.

SEO is not only for job seekers but also perfect for freelancers.

Suppose you want to work as a freelancer for your entire career without fearing a boss, without having immense work pressure from the office.

In that case, SEO will suit you because SEO provides enormous freelance opportunities with high earnings and less stress in India.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

A  perfect SEO course can create opportunities for your future.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Digital marketing course also includes marketing through social media.

What is SMM?

“Use social media networks and websites to market company products and services to customers” Social media marketing (SMM) uses social media platforms and sites to promote a specific product or service.

Social media platforms are simple, easy and cost-effective. There are many types of marketing and social media platforms, or websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on.

These platforms allow you to get in touch with the right audience at the right moment in time and help you convert customers via them. Marketers must promote their the products they sell, popular offers as well as brand awareness and other pertinent information to their targeted customers.

Facebook along with Instagram are the ideal platforms for marketing to the intended people.

The has five fundamental elements of social media marketing.

1.Social Strategy

2.Planning & Publishing

3.Listening & Engagement

4.Analytics and Reporting


SMM is an effective method of connecting with customers and to promote your business. It’s easy managing SMM.

Anyone can take social media marketing courses since it’s a minimum requirement , plus two.

Social media marketing classes (SMM) constitute an important component of the curriculum for digital marketing.

After completing SMM following the research of SMM they are able to create advertisements.

Thus, Social Media Marketing is simplest and efficient method for marketing using online media.

Website Planning And


Websites are collections or collection of web pages that are linked through the same domain. It is necessary to have the website to have an online presence and carry out online branding.

Nowadays, when the realm of marketing is quickly becoming dominated by the digital world and advertising, you’re hurting your company if you don’t possess an internet presence.

The first step in establishing an online reputation is to have an internet-based website.

How to plan and create a website?


Sites consist of sites. They provide a glimpse into your business, and is in the hands of potential customers around the clock.

Anyone who is interested in your service or product is able to browse your website throughout the day, and at late at night!


Creating and planning websites starts with understanding the basics of the internet.

There are further developments in website designing and construction based using Word press.


The first module of the training program focuses on learning the fundamentals of digital marketing with the basics.

This module will assist you in developing solid fundamentals that will help you during the advanced training classes.

After Learning Website Planning And Creation, You can

1. Plan

It will allow you to design your website, including your number of web pages and secondary and primary keywords: macro and macro-related activities and an entire framework for how websites are designed.

2. Design

A stunning website is frosting on the cake! After completing this course, you’ll be able to sketch your site’s design on one piece of paper, similar to how professionals and agencies do.


Once you have your blueprint and the blueprint is complete, the first half of the work is finished.

After you have designed, you will practically apply your design and then create your site using WordPress, a website builder platform that comes with predefined themes. Luckily, no coding is required.

Email Marketing  

Marketing via email is sending out a commercial message, usually to a set of individuals, via email.

In its broadest sense, any email sent to a prospective or existing customer is considered marketing.

It uses emails for advertising to solicit business or solicit donations or sales.

The amount of information you’re expected to know is staggering – from using email marketing software and building an email list to the latest rules and regulations for sending out emails.

Emails are among the most used channels of advertising.

How to choose the best email marketing course in Kerala?

In this Email Marketing Course, You will be taught everything from the different types of emails you can send out to the tools you can utilize to develop the campaigns, monitor them, and analyze the effectiveness of these campaigns.

Introduction to Email Marketing

1.What is Email Marketing

2.Why use Email Marketing

3.Different Types of Emails

Email Marketing Process

1.Plan your Email Campaign

2.Email Marketing Funnel

Essential Elements for Successful Emails

1.The art of framing subject lines that work

2.The design practices you should be following

Email Marketing Tools

1.Features of Good Email Marketing Tools

2.Selecting the best Email Marketing Service

How to Use MailChimp

1.Basics of how to use MailChimp

2.MailChimp features that provide the power to you

3.Email Automation

Campaign Planning

1.The process of analyzing and interpreting the performance

2.The strategy of campaigns is based on the information.

Content Marketing

A career in marketing content is ideal for people who are passionate about writing without any limits.

It needs skilled people to make you perfect.

Digital marketing is an increasingly competitive industry, and there are many opportunities for job seekers and it is a career that is highly sought-after in the present.

Many companies need online presents of their product or services and need skilled writers so you can understand the demand for content writers.

Content marketing is to increase brand awareness and web traffic by marketing content.

A career in content marketing is one of the fastest-growing careers in marketing and advertising.

It includes understanding buyer or audience, keyword research, competitors’ content audit, creating attractive titles, etc.

Types of content marketing

1. Blog content marketing

2. Infographic content marketing

3. Podcast content marketing

4. Video content marketing

5. Social media content marketing

Content marketer responsible for an editorial calendar that includes,

1. Case study

2. Research

3. Tweets

4. Blogs



7. Emails

8. Letters

9. Webinars


Skills of a content marketer

1. Research skill

2. Writing and grammar

3. SEO and other technical skill

4. Design and creative skill

5. Project and content management skills

6. Social media optimization

5 Reason why content marketing is important

1. Increase sales

2. Cost-saving

3. Better customers

4. improve Seo Ranking and Traffic

5. Attractive Return.


Computer programming is among the best courses for electronics and communication engineering students and other btech students, BCA students.

Professionals make use of programming to describe how a computer program or software works.

Suppose you’re wondering what a programmer does.

In such a scenario, experts compose instructions for computers that be run through writing, testing and testing code which allows software and programs to function effectively.

Programming language learning is also essential for current job opportunities.

Computer programming is an additional course that helps you improve your knowledge and other skills for your job.

Computer learning is necessary now because every field of computer knowledge is necessary now.

After you finish ece your best next choice is computer programming, which is currently more scope.

C-Programming Language

It is a machine-independent programming system that is used to develop a variety of software and operating system, such as windows, as well as other complex programs like oracle database GIF, Python interpreter and more.


This programming language is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It can be used to develop operating systems, games, browsers, etc

C++ support different ways of programming like

1. Procedural

2. Object-oriented

3. Functional etc


It is used to write applications for different platforms that  run JRE and support applications that run on a single device like a desktop or a mobile phone.


A supportive language for software developers, building control and managing testing, and many other ways. Python is an interactive interpretive object-oriented programming language.


Hypertext markup languages are not an actual programming language. Documents are created to be displayed using web browsers, and technology can help by using cascading style sheets, and script languages.

Importance of computer programming

1. For a guaranteed job

2. No need for a four-year degree

3. Work from home

4. Create anything you want to crate

5. High income

6. Understanding how of softwares

7. Technical and creative skill

8. Own business

9. Develop Creative skill.



Certificate in advanced embedded systems is the best courses for electronics and communication engineering students and the term embedded refers to a computer microprocessor that makes use of software to carry out a particular job. It could be an individual system or a an element of a larger system.

Advanced embedded systems certificate Students learn practical skills and techniques to create the, implement, integrate and test software for top-quality embedded systems.

The course gives students an in-depth explanation of the processes involved in the creation of multi-discipline integrated systems with multiple objectives.

Embedded Systems certificate program objectives

1.Create, debug and create digital circuits for ASICs, PGAs, and IP cores

2.Learn the basics of embedded software and hardware design.

3.Decode PCI Express, Ethernet, and Fiber Channel

4.Develop and implement prototypes using FPGA


Why is digital marketing important nowadays and How much digital marketing salary for fresher?

Digital marketing is the best jobs after B Tech and salary is also high, The study of digital marketing is simple; there is no age limit for studying.

The essential qualification of digital marketing is plus two, Even its job opportunities are very high in this field.

Do you know digital marketing means promoting brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication?



1. Digital marketing professionals with less than a year of experience can earn an annual salary of 1.8 3 lakhs to 1.8 lakhs

2. Digital marketing professionals with a minimum of three years of experience can earn annual earnings from 2.4 Lakhs up 4.2 lakhs

3. Digital Marketing Analyst/Lead, between 2 and 4 years of experience. Earn an annual income from 3 to 6 Lakhs

4. Digital marketing team lead/ strategist, 3 to 5 years experience get a yearly income of 3.6 lakhs to 7.2 lakh.

5. Digital marketing managers with 4 to 8 years of experience get an annual income of 8 lakhs to 30 lakhs

Digital advertising and marketing are the future of advertising, and each student wishes to be aware of the significance of digital advertising publications. The exceptional guides after Btech ECE Are here to Open doorways for your profession.

BTech ECE is the most desired degree in Engineering students may decide to move to a different field following graduation due to a reduction in core employment.

Earning a diploma in virtual advertising and marketing will let you paint a profession that is innovative and in demand.

In recent years, a lot of organizations are turning to digital advertising to reach clients through a few channels.

The digital marketing enterprise is expected to develop through $18 billion within five years.

It’s additionally a high-quality possibility for college kids who want to work from home after locating a task.

As an in-call for discipline, the income capacity of this industry provides unique opportunities for folks that take virtual advertising publications.

If you are bored with the habitual life and want to discover the world’s diverse possibilities, then you must pass digital advertising publication best courses after BTech ece.

It’ll open a new global of options for you.

Imagine an international in which you could find all the things you have ever wanted.

You could have masses and loads of fun with no limits. The digital international has so many things to offer to you that your thoughts may be blown away, and you’ll no longer accept as accurate what is happening in front of your eyes.

Why are we studying just to get some knowledge?

No, right then, why get a good job and salary, better life, etc., right.

Currently, we are struggling to get a job, and sometimes we cannot get an appointment for what we learned.

What are the best courses after Btech ece? You didn’t have any idea before; now you have it.


New opportunities for job seekers as well as for freelancers.

If anyone ask to you, what to do after btech ece for job,
Your best choice is “digital marketing”.

Digital marketing is best for your job. Today everyone is depending on purchasing products and services online.

It gives us better job opportunities.