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How to choose best email marketing course in Kerala



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“Ever thought of doing an email marketing course?”

Email marketing? Why on earth should I do that course?”

“Is that even worth it?” – you might be thinking like this, right?”

“Do you know that email marketing is important in digital marketing as it generates the most Return On Investment?”


Since most companies are still unsure how to take advantage of email marketing to grow their business, they are constantly searching for experts in email marketing.

“Yep, Now you are interested.”

But since there are a lot of email marketing courses out there, you might be confused about how to choose best email marketing course in Kerala.

Don’t get confused

Leave it to me.

I’ll help you with how to choose best email marketing course in Kerala.

But before that, you should get to know about email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the most effective and popular way of digital marketing.

Email marketing is the process of sending commercial messages in the broadest sense to the people who are using emails. Email marketing involves the process of sending emails for advertising, donations, etc.

Despite other digital marketing niches, email marketing has many benefits. Let’s have a look at it:




Benefits of email marketing

  •  email marketing is low cost
  • It can reach an already engaged broad audience
  • It can deliver targeted messages easily
  • Email marketing is easy to deal with
  • Through email marketing, the business can reach a global audience
  • Email marketing generates the most ROI

Most marketers depend on emails as email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for every business size.

Now let’s look at what are the required skills for email marketing.

Required skills for email marketing

  • Interactive content writing skills
  • Artificial intelligence

These are the critical, required skills for email marketing.

Now you have an idea about email marketing, its benefits and email marketing skills. Let’s find out how to choose best email marketing course in Kerala.

Let’s begin



Let’s look deeper into how to choose best email marketing course in Kerala. When you search for the best email marketing courses on Google, you will come across many results. Furthermore, there is much chance of you getting selected the wrong one in the end.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best email marketing course in Kerala.

1) Learning from a digital marketing company 

Learning email marketing from a prestigious digital marketing company will help you know every aspect of email marketing and its strategies.

The best advantages of learning email marketing from a digital marketing company is that they will provide you certified email marketing training in Kerala and email marketing practices.

Digital marketing companies provide you with more benefits that you can also learn other digital marketing strategies and apply them in email marketing.

And also after their quality intensive training, you can acquire email specialist certification.

2)Medium of learning

Since there are a lot of online classes, recorded classes and offline classes offered by email marketing specialists and institutes, try to attend an adequate one. 

Try to attend the interactive classes Recorded classes or videos available on the internet are not always authentic.

I would suggest you take offline classes as offline classes are always better than online classes. It can provide you with more extra information from the faculties compared to online classes that online classes are limited in time.

3) Instructor

Even if you are going to attend online or offline classes, be sure that your instructor is a certified email marketing trainer or an email marketing specialist.

An instructor who has years of experience can develop your career by providing in-depth knowledge. An instructor should be an inspiration for your career.

Learn more about a qualified instructor.

4)  Practical knowledge

Any information without practical knowledge is a waste of time.

Think about our degree life. All they provided us with was theoretical knowledge. Right? Probably yes. Because most of our examinations are theoretical so we just learn the theory part of things. 

After the degree, there would have been many situations where we realized we have nothing to do with those theoretical information rather than passing the examinations.

Theoretical knowledge without practical knowledge is like having a burger without a patty in it. How pathetic, right?!

So join the class where you will get practical knowledge, not a class that will give you the definition and theory of email marketing.


As I mentioned earlier, there are several institutes, and trainers always check their credibility.

If possible, try to attend their demo classes or workshops. Check the quality of their course, the information they provide etc.

These tips will help you, how to choose the best email marketing course in Kerala. 

Let me introduce you to the different types of emails.

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Different types of best email marketing services by an email marketing specialist

How to do keyword research for SEO

If you join an email marketing company after your course, knowing the different types of emails marketers send will help you in your course and career.

  • Constant Contact

Constant Contact is simple to use, and you get ongoing support from the company. You can use its templates to create newsletters and emails. If you have trouble with designing your custom look, you even have a dedicated consultant to help you. 

  • MailChimp

MailChimp helps you to design what you want with a campaign builder. Mailchimp supplies all the tools that you need to make your ideal campaign succeed. 

  • iContact

iContact focuses on the modernization of email marketing. They give you all the tools you need, from drag and drop customization, behavioral targeting to social media integration. They make sure that whatever you are doing will be easy to use and work for your business. 

  • Campaigner

Campaigner allows you to have the creative freedom you want in a campaign creator and also leaves all the technical details to their team, so you don’t have to figure them out. They provide the tools to show you what is working and how much your audience is engaged and offer email workflows. 

  • Mailerlite

MailerLite provides you with an email builder, landing page builder, pop-up customizer, rich text editor, built-in photo editor, etc to help you to create stunning emails. Mailjet enables you to create responsive email marketing campaigns using intuitive tools. It also lets you create personalized email messages with dynamic content.

Types of emails you should know

  • Welcome emails 
  • Promotional mails
  • Newsletters mails
  • Dedicated mails
  • Lead nurturing emails
  • Sponsorship mails
  • Transactional mails
  • Brand story
  • Re-engaged mails
  • Value mail
  • Survey mail
  • We’re hiring mail
  • Request mail
  • Free gift mail

Welcome mail

Welcome emails are the emails that show better open and click-through rates and introduce your organization without slathering on the sales pitch.

Email newsletter

Email newsletters are used mainly by industrial businesses as the foundation of their email marketing program. They are great tools for educating customers about your business and showing employee profiles, company passion projects, etc.

Dedicated emails

Dedicated emails are the emails that contain information about only one offer. You can notify your target audience about the new product you have released, or you can invite them to attend an industry event that you are hosting through dedicated emails.

Transactional emails

Transactional emails are the emails triggered by a specific action your contacts have taken and enable them to complete that action. Transactional emails also include the messages you receive from eCommerce sites that confirm your order and give you shipping information and other details about your recent purchase.

The wrap-up

Since email marketing has a wider scope it is always a best option to do an email marketing course. I hope this guide has been helpful to you on how to choose best email marketing course in Kerala and know about the basics of email marketing. Stay connected with us to learn more.

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