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Are you thinking about after which course is best for you? B.Com is a popular graduation course that students take after completing their school.

Nowadays, after, graduates must have some additional skills in the competitive, there are several courses available for students after completing their graduation in degree.

1. digital marketing

2. BAT

3. FRM

4.graphic design

5. Autocad

6.networking courses

7.web design


The eligibility of these courses is plus two more, and the duration of these courses is below one year or six months.

1. digital marketing

short term courses after bcom
The meaning of Marketing. It refers to the activities that companies engage in to help promote the purchase or sale of a service or product.

Marketing involves selling, advertising, and delivering products to businesses or consumers. Affiliates of an organization perform particular marketing.

Definition of digital marketing means advertising & selling products through online platforms, social media, etc.

Marketing is developed day by day, so its opportunities are also high so we can quickly get a job in different fields of digital marketing.

Are you thinking about after which course is best?Digital marketing is the best short term courses after bcom, there are many different types of courses available. Their names, job opportunities, vacancies, and annual salaries are below.

*SEO(search engine optimization)

short term courses after bcom


SEO is an essential part of digital marketing courses.

The primary function of this course is to rank our website to the most popular search engines, such as Google, AOL, Start page, dogpile, excite, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and numerous others.

SEO is the best 6 month courses after bcom you can choose it. Many tools are used to find the keyword difficulty, keywords search volume, etc.

name of these tools are semrush,ubersuggest, ahrefs, google keyword planner, etc. SEO is the best course after .

SEO course in kerala and its course details are fundamental of website creations, Keyword research, Keyword competition, Website speed, On-page, Off-page, Backlink, Advanced SEO.
Local SEO, Technical SEO, Google analytics, Rank Math checker.

Job responsibilities of SEO, salary, and vacancies are there to create optimization strategies to improve the visibility of the company’s search engine rankings.

Research SEO keywords to use in the company’s website and marketing materials. Create measurable goals to demonstrate the improvement of marketing efforts.

Track the performance of your business daily to assess the SEO strategy’s implementation.

Effectively communicate with other professionals in marketing to set goals and collaborate with other professionals within the marketing department to oversee SEO strategy.

The annual income of a seo trainer is 6,00,000 to 8,40,000. annual income SEO analyst gets 2,40,000 to 3,24,000 .

Annual income of SEO strategist gets 3,00,000 to 3,60,000.thousands of job vacancies are available in indeed ,linkedin etc.

Are you looking for the best short term courses after bcom graduation so you can do it . because seo is the best course after bcom graduates .study with an experienced mentor you will be an seo expert.

*SMM( social media marketing )

short term courses after bcom

Social media marketing is the best short term courses after bcom.The term Social Media Marketing is the way to drive traffic to your website through social media sites.

The main objective of social media marketing leads to maximum conversion extra through social media platforms.

Examples of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube,pinterest etc.

Components of SMM are: Creating an audience persona, Goal-setting, and objectives, Budgeting, Resourcing building, Research, Choosing your platforms, Producing Content, Integration with your other digital strategy, and finally, tracking analytics.

Are you looking for one year courses after bcom so this course is more suitable for you.

The minimum eligibility required for these courses is plus two or above. SMM is the best course after bcom graduates so you can also choose it this course.

Job responsibilities of SMM are Interacting with customers and responding to customer inquiries.

Making new strategies for social media and campaigns.

Controlling a budget to be used to promote social media posts and pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements.

Monitoring information and analyzing the effectiveness of social media advertising campaigns.

The monthly salary of social media marketing executives in India is 10,000 to 37,500.

A social media specialist gets a monthly wage in India of 20,000 to 72,000, and currently, five thousand more job vacancies are available in India.


short term courses after bcom

Google Ads are an essential part of Digital Marketing. Google Ads is a platform that allows businesses to run ads and get ready-to-buy customers.

There are various advertising formats available, such as videos, display Advertisements, Google Ads, and app ads, to be as comprehensive as they can.

There are three main elements in google ads: image, massage, and design.

Google Ads have different types of platforms available whose names are, Image ads, Apps ads, Display ads, Search ads, Text ads, Video ads, Call-only ads, Responsive ads, Product Shopping ads, Showcase Shopping ads, and App promotion ads.

Google Ads are the best short term courses after bcom & the minimum eligibility required to study this course is plus two or above.

It’s below one year courses after bcom so  we can  choose  this course .To Study Google Ads course in India with an experienced mentor, you will be an expert in google ads.
the job responsibility of google ads.

*Control every aspect related to Google Ad campaigns.

*Optimize and design ad campaigns as well as paid search landing pages.

*Optimize and analyze ad campaigns to boost ROI (ROI).

*Utilize Google Ads to power different online marketing campaigns.

*Optimize and analyze pay-per-click (PPC) strategies to improve the ROI.

*Optimize and manage display campaigns across different devices.

*Create PPC strategies to improve the visibility of your website.

*Join forces with a team that includes marketing professionals, Google Ads specialists, and engineers etc.

Google Ads managers get a monthly salary in India of 30,000 to 54,000. Google Ads specialists’ monthly wage in India is 30,000 to 75,000, and job opportunities in this field are very high. In google Ads, two thousand more vacancies are available.


short term courses after bcom

Content Writing is an essential part of SEO. Mainly, the content is written for websites, Blog posts, Social Media, Emails, etc.

There are different types of Content Writing tools available. When you write content for a blog, you must check plagiarism.

The content marketer needs promotion skills, editing skills, a deep understanding of research skills, etc.

There are many types of content marketing like a Blog, Video, E-books, Memes, etc. Content Marketing is the best 6 month courses after bcom.

The minimum eligibility required to study this course is plus two or this is also a best short term courses after bcom.

The job responsibility of a content writer is.

*Find out about industry-related topics.

*Draft well-structured and structured drafts using Content Management Systems.

*Edit blog posts prior to publication.

*Send work to the editor for approval of the topic.

The content manager gets an average monthly salary in India of 43,000, content specialists get an average monthly wage of 45,000, and 2000 more job vacancies are available in India.

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2.Business Accounting and Taxation

Are you still looking for after which Course is best?
Industry specialists create business Accounting and Taxation to prepare aspirants for accounting jobs. This is a short term courses after BCom.

This program is practical and hands-on, and it teaches you the most essential tools in the taxation and accounting industry.
The course learning modules include finalizing financial statements, direct taxation, financial reporting with ERP software, payroll components ESIC, Excel, and reporting on MIS.

BAT’s job responsibilities are keeping records, internal audit, taxation, management accounting, and cost accounting.
The duration of these courses is below one year,BAT is the best course after graduates and its job opportunities are also high.

There are different types of fields such as Accounting Assistant, Accounting Manager, Tax Manager, Auditing Assistant, etc.

The average salary in India gets 3L to more, and currently, three thousand job vacancies are available in India.

3.FRM(financial risk managers)

GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals) has certified Financial Risk Managers in banking and finance.

FRM is a short term courses after bcom, and it opens up many career opportunities in trading, risk management, and structuring.FRM is the best course after, and the duration of this course is below one year

The job responsibility of Financial Risk Managers(FRM) are
*Recommendations to reduce risk factors

*Collaborating with internal teams to determine the risk associated with specific transactions.

*Liaising with stakeholders.

*Forecasting and analyzing market trends.

*Studying and researching to determine the severity of the threat.

*To deal with possible dangers, develop models and contingency strategies.

*To evaluate risk, use financial and statistical software.

*Presenting the findings and results of the analysis and making any necessary recommendations for improvement.

A financial risk manager gets an annual income in Indian rupees of 10,00,000, and hundred more job vacancies are available in India.

4. graphic  design

short term courses after bcom

Graphic Design is the best short term courses after bcom and is a process that allows professionals to create visual Content to convey messages.

Artists employ pictures and typography to meet the users’ specific requirements through visual hierarchy and layout methods.

They also concentrate on the rationale behind displaying elements in interactive designs to enhance users’ experience.

There are eight types of fundamentals of graphic design, and their names are shown below.

1. Visual Identity Graphic Design

2. Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design

3. User Interface Graphic Design

4. Publication of Graphic Design

5. Packaging Graphic Design

6. Motion Graphic Design

7. Environmental Graphic Design

8. Art and illustration for Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a one year courses after bcom graduates. It deals with multimedia and game building.

This polytechnic or diploma program is gaining popularity because it blends technology and creativity.

Job opportunities in Graphic Design are high. it’s  also a short term courses after bcom graduates and others.minimum eligibility required to study this course is plus two or above.

The job responsibilities of Graphic Designers are

* Examine design briefs to determine the requirements.

*Schedule projects and establish budgetary constraints.

*Conceptualise and design visuals Based on the requirements.

*Create rough drafts and then present concepts

The average salary scale of graphic designers in India ranges from 0.7L to 6.6L, with an average wage of 3L. Thousands of Job vacancies are available for graphic designers on Indeed and other platforms.


Autocad can be described as using computers to assist in the design or modification and the optimization of designs. It can make 2D and 3D drawings for manufacturing and construction.

It is used most often to design and edit 2D and 3D designs for professional drafting, with precise measurement data about the concept of design and layout of the product.

Autocad is available in 14 languages, and it is based on the geographical location of the user.

Users can customize the Autocad program using additional applications according to the project’s requirements.

A user-specific tool setting can be used to see and design the product in both wireframe and surface models.

Autocad is commonly used in fields like Telecom, Mechanical, Civil, and Architectural Engineering. It is in high demand by industries and students because of its needs.

The Autocad is the best short term courses after bcom graduates and anyone to choose from, the minimum eligibility plus two, and there is no age limit for studying this course.

If you are looking for below one year courses after bcom, you can choose them. By studying these courses, you get the best job in these fields.

You want to get a job after, and salary scales, job vacancies, and job responsibilities are shown below.

Responsibility for Autocad jobs are

*Use computer-aided design (CAD) programs to make plans and drawings.

*Work with engineers and architects on projects

*Choose the correct dimensions and materials for the product

*Add information on architectural designs

An Autocad designer gets an annual salary in India between 30,000 to 6,00,000 per annum and an average yearly wage of 2,40,000.
Job vacancies for Autocad designers are thousands of vacancies in India.

6.networking courses

If you know Networking Courses, there are various types of Networking Courses available like Cisco CCNA 200-301, Cisco CCNP Enterprise-ENARSI, Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (300-415 ENSDWI), CCNP Security, etc.

Networking Courses are available for plus two or others can be studied. Networking courses are the best course after graduates. duration of these courses below 6 month courses after bcom.

Job responsibilities of Networking Courses are

Establish the network environment by defining system configuration, directing installation, and setting the system’s standards.

They also design and implement innovative solutions that increase the current system’s reliability.

Optimize the performance of your network via monitoring network performance, identifying problems with network and outages or upgrades, and working with network engineers on optimizing network performance.

A network engineer gets an average income in India up to 3,40,000, and more than thousands of vacancies are available.

7.web design


A Web Designing course is related to the discipline of Computer Science and IT. It allows students to master various methods, tools, and programming languages to develop and maintain websites.

There are many classes in this field, including Diploma and certificate courses, to UG, PG, and PGDM courses, and they can be short term courses after bcom.

Job responsibilities of web designers are: Write clean code that is testable and efficient using the most effective practices for software development.

Design a website or user interface layout employing the standard HTML/CSS techniques.

Data from multiple back-end databases and services. Gather and revise the specifications, requirements, and guidelines based on the technical needs.

Develop and maintain documentation for software. Responsible for supporting our site’s functionality, growth, and expansion website.

Web design is the best course after and duration of web design is below one year courses after bcom so we can choose it.

In India, a web developer gets an approximate minimum salary of 1,25,000. An experienced web developer has a minimum wage of 8,90,000, and job vacancies for web developers in India are thousands or more.


The above list shows the best one year courses after bcom for graduates. This blog will help to choose the best courses after These courses are also available for plus two students.

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