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By  Malavika    |  Date  :  08-JUNE-2023

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Because of the pandemic, getting employment has been a challenge for many, and the epidemic has made us feel hungover.

Industry executives are predicting a significant financial crisis, resulting in the loss of jobs and salary reductions.

The situation for job seekers in India is not great. In 2022, which is one of the most challenging years in the market for jobs, unemployment is one of the highest rates in the past 45 years.

According to studies, the rate of unemployment in India has been at an average of 9.21 per cent over the past two years. There is, however, some silver lining because there are a variety of job-related programs that are generally Short Term Courses.



The most Short Term courses are an excellent option to fill in any gaps you may have in your knowledge without the cost of a higher cost of the longer-term program, and online learning provides you with the option of choosing the best time, place and method to learn. You can also study at a speed that is suitable for you.



Are you a recent graduate?

Are you trying to change your job?

If that is the case, then a certification in one of the most job-oriented short term  courses after graduation could be a great idea. You have to be in the current evolution phase of the world if you want success.


Short term courses to get a job?

This article will provide you with valuable knowledge about Short term courses to get a job in emerging technology and skills that are in high demand



After graduation, Many students are not aware of their future options available; in this blog, you’ll learn more about the career options following BCA.

1. Java course 

Learning Java is never easier. It is possible to take self-paced introductory Java classes offered in addition to professional certificate programs that help you master advanced Java programming abilities and prepare you for employment.

Java is an advanced programming language and is among the top programming languages to develop core capabilities due to its object-oriented programming approach.

2. PHP and MySQL

Many students study web development after completing their related graduation. However, they are unsure of what programming language to select from the multitude of languages for programming, to begin with.

PHP is the simple programming language for learning web development. It’s awash with many frameworks, including Laravel and CodeIgniter, which allow web developers to be a breeze.

When you begin learning about web development, don’t make the mistake of learning any other language than PHP since the language is extensively used, and you’ll find a huge community willing to help you, as well as the simple programming syntax as well as the ability to scale up your websites.

3. Python

Python is a well-known high-level open-source programming language with a broad range of applications, including automation and big data, Data Science, Data Analytics creation of games and web-based applications.

It is a flexible and robust object-oriented language that can be interpreted. Python is thought of as one of the programming languages with the most significant number of jobs.

Researchers have called Python “the next big thing ” because it is popular with many young and experienced developers.


CCNA Short Term Courses provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to set up, configure, manage, and operate medium-sized networks.

After completing the course, you’ll receive an official certificate of completion which will confirm that you’ve learned the techniques necessary to become a CCNA and begin working in IT networking.

CCNA certification proves that you’ve got the skills to navigate the constantly changing landscape of IT.

CCNA test covers networking fundamentals, IP services, security basics, automation.

Its CCNA instruction course and the test will give you the knowledge and skills for your career to go wherever you want to go.

If you are certified by Cisco, you’re an example of the quality and reliability that companies recognize and believe in to meet and surpass the market’s expectations.

5. Web Designing Courses

Web designing is the best short term courses after bca.

With the rise in 3D and 4D films these days, the potential to utilize cutting-edge technology in the field that involves Web and Graphic Designing is expanding.

Web design is the layout of websites that are presented on the Web. It’s ideal if you know programming technology (HTML, CSS, Java), but you won’t dive into front-end development, and that’s not the primary focus aspect of designing a website.

The base for web designs is visual interaction.

6. Digital Marketing Course

Marketing via a digital medium is the most efficient and most popular way to market today.

It’s all about contacting customers through various mediums, such as search engines, social media, emails, etc.

Digital Marketing course material will help you become proficient at online marketing by reaching your target audiences in a more effective and precise manner through various digital channels.

This will help you attract and engage your audience to turn them into customers, and it will help you develop and manage marketing strategies for your business website.

What are the benefits of benefits of digital marketing career?

To take up any digital marketing certificate and course, you must have completed your graduation on the 10th, 12th, or equivalent from a recognized university/ educational institution.

We know that the digital marketing industry is growing day by day, which brings more opportunities to professionals in this industry.

The following opportunities are available for professionals.

To start a journey in digital marketing, you must have good soft skills and technical skills.

3.Google Ads
4. Email Marketing
5. Content Writing
6. Affiliate Marketing


SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Simply put, it’s the improvement of your website to improve its visibility when people search for goods or services associated with your business on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

The more visibility your website pages can achieve in search results, the more likely you will be to be pointed out and draw potential and current customers to your company.

Are you sure that is SEO a good career option?


SEO is a viable job option since it is one of the most sought-after jobs available in the Digital Marketing field.

Numerous organizations across the globe are hiring SEO experts to create higher quality content and consequently generate more leads for businesses.

Did you know?

A search engine is responsible for 93% of all online communication and interaction. This is why it’s so important to do excellent SEO for your online company.

SEO can also be seen as an advertising strategy.

If you’re looking for a short-term program after engineering, the Search Engine Optimize course is the right choice.

My personal experience shows that SEO is a highly sought-after skill, best short term courses and it’s also very job-oriented.


Social Media Marketing

SMM increases brand recognition, Utilizing social media is simple to use, fast, and economical, and is the most efficient method for businesses to get in touch with customers.

Additionally, SMM helps in engaging customers and also introducing your brand. Therefore, it is essential to create quality content for your customers.

Organic vs paid social media Marketing

Every social media activity that is not accompanied by paid advertising is referred to as “organic social.” It connects and builds an online audience by using accessible technology for social media.

Any social media content that is influenced by the revenue from advertising is known as paid social.

Content Writing

If you love to write, content marketing is good for you.

You need skilled people to make it perfect. Digital marketing is now a highly competitive field.

Many companies require online presentations of their products or services. Skilled writers are needed to understand the need for content writers.

By providing customers with quality content, content marketing can be used to draw them in.


Content marketing is the use of marketing content to increase brand awareness.

Content marketing is one of the fastest-growing careers in advertising and marketing. This includes keyword research, keyword analysis, competitor content audit, and the creation of attractive titles.

Google Ads

If you’re thinking of spending any amount on advertisements that reach your targeted group, make sure you’re spending on the proper location.

That’s right; there are more than 259 million unique visitors and 4.8 billion daily interactions.

Google Ads was first launched two years after the launch of what has now become the most visited website worldwide: Google.com.

Is Google ads actually hard to learn?

Google Ads is straightforward but not easy. It takes time to master, and most companies lose money because they’re not patient enough to get results from pay-per-click advertising.


Email Marketing  

Companies can use email marketing to reach customers anywhere.

Increase your newsletter signups, create compelling newsletter content, and convert customers into subscribers as a digital marketing professional.

An email has to be one of the most efficient online tools for lead generation.

It’s also essential to become familiar with other email marketing tools such as MailChimp.

These examples are just a small selection of digital marketing’s many areas. As a digital marketer, you need to be proficient in them.

In this Email Marketing Short term Courses, You will learn everything from the various types of emails you could send out to tools and to design your campaigns, track them, and assess the effectiveness of the movements.


Short term courses are often called “revamp courses” in this constantly changing world of technology.

They help to focus our existing skills. A certificate or diploma course in a particular area of study after Btech can provide the necessary knowledge and industry exposure.

You have a wide range of short term courses that can be taken after BTech.

There are two types of courses after engineering graduation.

A)Short term professional courses after graduation 



B).Short term courses after graduation

1.Machine learning
2.Networking and it’s Fundamentals Courses
3.Cyber Security
4.AWS Certification
5.Artificial Intelligence

1.Machine learning

Machine learning has many job opportunities in India and overseas. Gartner predicts that there will be 2.3 million jobs in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence between 2020 and 2022.

This is a lucrative field with a minimum of 1-year experience, and the average machine learning salary is 5 Lakh per annum in India.

Machine learning is a short term courses that is highly rewarding and is, therefore, one of the most desirable engineering careers.

2. Networking and it’s

Fundamentals Courses

IT networking is an attractive job choice for Indian students due to the high demand and shortage of qualified professionals.

If you are interested in pursuing a certification as an IT Networking professional, the IT Networking Fundamentals Course will be great.

3. Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the ability to protect computer networks, data, and operating systems from cyber-attacks.

Did you know?

India will have approximately 1.5 million cybersecurity job vacancies by 2025. So cyber security in India is a demanding course.

A cyber security engineer can earn more than INR 6 lakh per year in India. Cyber security is a short term courses in engineering that has excellent potential.

4. AWS Certification

Amazon web service is one of the short term courses after engineering graduates.

It’s certifications validate cloud expertise and help professionals to highlight high-demand skills.

Many certification exams can be taken, each with a different specialty and role. These certifications will help you and your team achieve your unique goals.

This certification will give you a credential that is an industry and opens up many job opportunities.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is currently being adopted in India. India’s economy is affected by Artificial Intelligence, including agriculture, banking, and healthcare, and AI is being used to solve its problems.

This shows the need for AI specialists in the country. The demand for AI specialists is not only in the technology sector; it covers all major industries.



After completing B.COM, students may be confused about which short term courses will select for a better job and high salary scale.

They mainly focused on,

Financial Modeling

BCom graduates are focused on financial modeling. It is the creation of abstract representations based on real-world economic scenarios.

Financial modeling is the study of fundamental principles and analysis to create future predictions.

Students learn how to use their future prediction skills. It is a short term courses that can be taken after a BCom.

The financial modeler salary  in India is between 6-15 lakhs.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the best short term courses to learn if you’re looking for a creative job. This course will teach you the intricacies of digital business.

The digital marketing course can take anywhere from three to eleven months. This job is available to both native and multinational companies.

Digital marketing is one of the most popular fields in digital marketing right now.


Do you find it challenging to find work after having children?

Are there gaps in your career history, or do you lack the skills necessary to find a job?

It will be more difficult for women to manage their careers and family life after marriage, and women will sometimes sacrifice their professional careers to care for their families.

When the time is right for women to return to work, finding a job that suits their needs can be challenging.

Homemakers have many career-oriented short term courses they can take to explore different career options.

Best short term courses for ladies

1.Digital Marketing Courses
2.Computer Courses
3.Interior Designing Courses
4.Fashion Designing Courses
5.Video Editing Courses
6.Graphic Design Courses






If short term studies are done at the right institute, these courses add value.

We have to see that digital marketing is only a standard short term courses for all graduates. The simple and best relevant way to start your career and opportunity in digital marketing is to find a job and choose best digital marketing course in Kerala.

To choose digital marketing, we have many different specializations, so you will have a wide variety of options to start your digital marketing career.