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what to do after bcom

 What to do after Bcom? After B com, you face this question. Now is the right time to change your career in digital marketing. Can you believe there are lakhs of opportunities in the world? First, do you understand what it is? What job opportunities are available?


In Today’s digital world, digital marketing is powerful and competitive. It is the best option for graduates after b com; it provides many career options.  The demand for marketers will increase because most businesses focus on online media.

Digital marketing means promoting and selling products or services through the networking  channels. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., are linked to form a business through digital marketing.


What to do after bcom

We list the most critical sectors you can join after your B com career. 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Finance sector
  • Travel 
  • IT 
  • Entertainment
  • Food


1. AI Integrated Digital Marketing Course

Nexxa Digital Academy is an advanced digital institute that trains students in career online marketing. Their curriculum includes online and offline coaching, social media marketing, free internships, and one hundred fifty hours of training. You can join various sectors after completing your digital marketing course. For example, digital marketing in the hospitality sector is used to identify the customer’s needs and treat them personally. The influence of marketing in the travel sector is promoting destinations and identifying travellers. 

what to do after bcom

2. MBA

After completing B com, you can get an option for the Master of Business Administration, and the course equips you with managing finances and marketing and operation levels.

3. Chartered Accountant

A chartered accountant is a highly professional job that involves the business mathematics, laws, the business environment, and preparing annual financial statements.

4. M com

Mcom is a master’s degree in commerce taken after B com. It contains core subjects in commerce, such as financial reporting of the corporations, accounting management, etc.

5. Certified Management Accountant

A Certified management accountant equip those completing the B com graduates with financial reporting, budgeting, profit analysis, and estimating the cost of management.

6. Chartered Financial Analyst

The Chartered Financial Analyst is a business course that covers the complete business facts, including a fiscal analysis, the various facts of the corporate finance control, finite methods and more.


The scope of b com honours is high in industrial demand and offers job security. Small companies and big startups need marketers to build a master plan for their business. Altering the strategies and decisions based on real-time results is a crucial point in the extent of marketing. Encompass uses multiple platforms and a holistic approach to create a comprehensive plan for business together with DM. Attracting the customers through content marketing will create a high impact. Digital marketers follow privacy laws and regulations and build ethical practices.

B com  Career Jobs Salary
Certified management accountant INR  3.5    LPA
Finance manager INR 10.5   LPA
SEO specialist INR    3.5   LPA
Web analytics INR   5.5    LPA
Business analyst INR 12.5   LPA
Graphic designer INR   3.5   LPA
Tax consultant INR   4.5   LPA


1. Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is the best career after bcom uses social media to reach and engage its audience for business growth. Creative and innovative skills make it ideal for those developing new strategies. Flexible work schedules are the main advantage of digital marketing. By knowing the basic fundamentals of digital marketing allows you to get a broader customer base. You can reach the customers regardless of time and location. First you understand your audience pain points and develop the business strategies.

Digital channels have lower costs than traditional marketing channels like TV, radio, etc. When you post an ad on Facebook or Instagram, it is cost-effective. Have you noticed whether you receive a message containing the healthcare tips after your regular follow-up in the hospital? It is a type of strategy promoted by hospitals. The retail sector is inbound to digital marketing to receive the target audience and follow the current trends.

2. Big Data

Advanced tools and technologies are used to collect data from various sources and effectively handle it. Hadoop and NoSQL databases help with the storage and the management of big data.


what to do after b com

The benefits of digital marketing courses are that you can use multiple strategies to build your career. Digital marketing courses will help you develop skills to fit current marketing trends. As a digital marketer, updating the latest technology is crucial. It will help you grow your career in the long term. Digital marketing provides a proper work-life balance. It allows you to work from anywhere. Bcom graduates and students can rapidly start their careers.

1. Global Reach

One of the main benefits of digital marketing career is its international reach. Even small business owners add their business locations to reach more customers. 

2. Brand Building And Awareness

 A brand uniquely identifies the product or service. If you are unaware of a brand, you can’t buy it. The main benefits of branding are building trust and customer loyalty and placing the product in the first thought.

3. Target Audience

Digital marketing provides clear ideas about your target audience graphics like age, location, etc. To get the target audience by conducting the market analysis and following the digital marketing trends

4. Audience Engagement

When a user shares a blog or post, analyze each blog to see which content is engaged to be with or shared by more people.

5. Measurable Result

You can track the organic search and conversion rate and measure the audience engagement metrics.

6. Content Types

Another benefit of digital marketing is promoting your brand in a different content type. Content can be found in blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, etc.


What to do after bcom? Finally, you have answer to this question; you can change your path to DM. Digital marketing offers vast career opportunities. Digital marketing is a good career option for B Com graduates and students. Digital marketing courses will help you improve your skills to fit current marketing trends. No prior experience is required to enter this field. Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are future technologies in digital marketing. Free AI tools for digital marketing will help you create content and collect personalized data. Digital marketing with augmented reality makes it easy to promote products and services.

Digital marketing is a lifelong learning field, which means it requires continuous education and skill development. Bcom graduates integrate the commerce and marketing to enhance their efficacy in marketing roles.

Knowing digital tools and platforms and updating with the latest technology is essential for proficiency. Programmatic advertising, proximity marketing, and gamification are the future technologies in digital marketing. An advanced attribution model tracks and understands the marketing channels and recognize the touchpoints using the multi-touch attribution method. What to do after bcom? Still, your passion in accounting, go and try the popular competative exams like SBI clerk, IPBS clerk, and more.


1. Is a digital marketing course a promising career for B com graduates?

Digital marketing is a good career option for B Com graduates and students. DM courses help you develop skills to fit the current marketing trends.

2. Is it possible to measure brand awareness?

Yes, To measure brand awareness by conduct the surveys, followers on social media, tracking tools, and impression sharing.

3. Is it worth taking digital marketing after B Com? What benefits do you have?

You can easily find a target audience, global reach and brand awareness.

4. What is the scope of a B com student in digital marketing?
  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Content Marketer
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Web analytics
  • Graphic designer
  • Copywriter
  • Creative director