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What are the biggest landing page mistakes

BY Harsha |  DEC  14.

biggest landing page mistakes

Do you need help in solving your biggest landing page mistakes?

I think you are waiting for this blog.

As you know, Landing  pages are  among  your most  essential tools for generating leads.


However,  the majority of the examples that you’ll find are uninspiring at best.  A  landing  page sometimes  called  a  lead  or  lead  page  is  the  web  page  that  appears  when  a  person  clicks on a  paid  advertisement  or  search  result.


The purpose of a landing page is to convert site visitors to leads or sales.


Despite  all  the  guidelines  for  design and  best practices in place today, We’ve seen numerous brands commit the same landing page mistakes over and overtime again with the landing page they have created.


The volume of traffic to your website around the world won’t make any difference if site visitors don’t follow the steps you ask them to.


This could be a purchase, registering at an event signing up to your content, or asking for more details regarding a service or product. If your landing page is poorly constructed or written it can cost your sales.


Today,  I’ll make it clear Don’t make these blunders when you create your landing page designs, as you’ll be wasting your time and money getting low-quality outcomes. Avoid these deadly biggest landing mistakes  that  kill  your  conversions.

Biggest landing page mistakes

landing page optimization mistakes


No sufficient landing pages

In 2020, studies showed how that the higher number of landing pages companies had the higher results they could expect. Why?


Because  these  companies  are  designing  landing pages  that  are  tailored  to specific  requirements  of  their  customers  rather  than  trying  to  reach out  to  all  buyers  using  the  same  pages.


If  you  try  to  do  more  than  one  landing  page  puts  you  at  risk  for  failure  before  you’ve  begun.


So, Create landing pages examples that are distinct with different conversion goals Buyer personas, different conversion goals, every step of the customer journey – not only  your  services  or  products.


Slow page loading speed

The efforts you invest into creating landing pages that are successful will mean it’s not worth it if people leave before they’ve finished the loading.


As the internet grows, the expectations of users about loading times are  increasing  and  numerous  companies  are  falling  in  the  way.


Websites  that require longer than a few seconds to load are losing more than half of the users which makes up the majority of websites with landing page  optimization  mistakes.


Don’t allow your website to fall into this biggest landing page mistakes  category. So, Being conscious of load times must be the first priority for you.

Be sure to select a reliable web hosting service.

● Maintain your web code in order

● Minify your website files (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.)

● Join a Content distribution network (CDN)

● Utilize web caching

● Regular speed tests

● Minimize server requests

● Image optimization

● Minimize page redirects



Not optimized for mobile devices

It is almost painful to discuss mobile optimization in the year 2018. However, many landing pages fall short in delivering a good experience across all devices.


The loading times are an important element of this, obviously but there are also fundamental design flaws that pop up often.


In a time when all searches happen on mobile devices the inability to deliver the same experience across all different devices is a blunder.


Therefore, If you’re using the best landing-page builders, ensure the code is light and optimized for mobile speed. Use single-column layouts that have plenty of white space and full-width sections.


These are easy to design and make mobile-friendly while ensuring an identical user experience.



Ineffective calls to action

The primary purpose of page’s landing pages is to bring in leads and turn people into customers and that means the CTAs you use will determine this crucial time. 


Ineffective CTAs make your conversion chance cold dead. It’s important to catch the attention of people and make your offer difficult to decline – anything lesser and the landing pages are not performing.


Therefore, In the first place, your CTAs must be noticed, so make use of strong contrast in colors and strong elements to create visually stunning.


Then, they must get people to click. Make sure to emphasize the main value of your offer, and outline the actions customers should take by using the text of your button (e.g.: “Create my free account”, “Build your first landing page” etc. ).



Using low-quality images/ Not using images at all

Stock photos are among the worst. It’s also a part of landing page optimization mistakes Not only because they’re outrageously priced. But also because they aren’t working.


By using individuals in real photographs (instead of stock images) can  lead  to  a  35%  improvement in conversion.


A well-placed image on your landing page will quickly provide a milieu and  bring  your  message  to the site  visitors.


To get the best results, the images on each page must:

➥ Present your service or product through usage (or when it is in context)

➥ Provide them with an example of the kind of information they can expect to receive

➥ Display the prior and post-transformation

➥ Then, highlight that “after” result, so that people can visualize themself in the scene



Making distractions

If  your  goal  is  to  convey  an  easy-to-read message one thing you don’t would like to do is distract your visitors with distracting elements  that are not  needed.


This  is  a  crucial  aspect  of  delivering  your  message  quickly ( as stated above)  However, it applies to the rest on your page as well.


Diversifications  distract  users  from  the  primary benefit  that  the  offer  offers. They also can confuse users regarding the right action to take and decision fatigue is always an issue if you offer numerous options, none of which are good for conversions.


You can eliminate any part of the biggest landing page mistakes that don’t enhance the message of your campaign.


Remove  the  navigation  in  the  header  to  reduce confusion and keep your users focussed on what they need to do and make it  obvious  what  actions  they  must  take.


Neglecting customer concerns

People  will  doubt  whether  your  offer  is  good  or not.


It  can  be difficult  for  people  to  trust  a  faceless brand,  especially  when  they  are  seeing  your  landing  pages/ brand  for  the first time.


This  is  why  it’s  important  to address  these  buyer  concerns.


Trust factors,  such  as  testimonials  and  customer  reviews,  or  industry  awards,  are  the  most  effective  way  to  solve  this  problem.


Other  options  include  providing  guarantees  that common  concerns  will  be  addressed.



Landing page design mistakes

Landing page design mistakes


Thank you page is an opportunity missed

What  are  the most  frequent  mistakes  made by designers of landing pages?


Making  poor  use  of an effective thank-you page. While it’s known as”a “thank you” page, you must make sure to do more than thank them for signing up for your special offer.


If not,  your  thank-you  page  will  be  a  wasted  opportunity.


Make  sure  you avoid this biggest  landing page mistakes  design  blunder  by  strategically  using your  thank-you  page.


Link visitors to a blog post that is relevant or ask users to forward your landing pages with their friends or make them aware of an additional offer.


You  have the attention of your visitors and atte ntion, so why not use it to further engage them?


contains irrelevant visuals

A  visual  element in your landing pages is the ideal method to make it more interesting and create a more engaging experience.


However,  don’t believe that you can simply add any type of visuals on your landing pages.


If the visuals you’ve chosen aren’t appropriate to your product it could confuse the visitors.


Beware of this design blunder by using professional, high-quality images.


Hard to read

A  landing  page doesn’t  need  to  be  cluttered  to be difficult to read.  A long text could decrease conversions, too.


There  are  many people on the go, and the last thing they do not have to do is to sift through long paragraphs that are difficult to comprehend.


It is possible to avoid this flaw in the design of your landing page by making it easier for visitors to  understand  your  landing  page.


Design a copy that is easy to scan. Select a legible font, and enhance the contrast of colors between the text and the background.


It requires more than it needs

You may be providing a popular product or resource on your page. If your opt-in form is longer than  an  entire  novel,  you could make your readers think about your offer.


Keep in mind that the majority of users who visit your landing page aren’t aware of your company. They may have come across your site when searching for information or an answer to a concern they’re experiencing.


Therefore they aren’t likely to divulge their number address, address, or blood type with you. Make sure you avoid this landing page error by incorporating only the fields you require for those opt-in pages.



Here are a few tips to create a successful landing page :


➥ Create a Goal for Your Homepage

● Pages for landing,  just like every other aspect that you incorporate into the  digital  marketing  strategies  have objectives.

● Without specific, concrete objectives, it’s impossible to develop a successful landing page.

● The purpose of your page should be clearly defined before you begin creating your website.


A clear call to action is essential

● If you’ve decided on the purpose of the page, you will need to develop an effective call to action.

● This could be the most crucial element of every landing page.

● Your message must be tied to your objective and be backed by the rest of the content on your site including headlines and body copy, to images and design.


➥  Keep Clean and Clear Copy

Your writing should be easy and concise.

It should be persuasive as well.

Page templates for landing pages aren’t the best platform to show off your creativity unless it is clear, concise, and convincing.


Do not bother with clever twists and turns of phrases you’ll find that you might have on your site.

➥ Use minimal images and fonts that are larger

The landing page you create should contain just one or at the most two images.


The larger size font size is also a great option to ensure that the eyes of visitors are focused on the important things and to reduce eye strain.


The best line width for reading a copy is 39 characters.
Therefore, you should make sure you size your font (and the width of your column) in line with this.


➥ Still lacking your confidence!

We are here to help you…
As you know, Landing pages are clear and precise, which is a great combination for the hectic world we live in and people are reacting.


If you’re not sure how to create an effective landing page, you could take part in the most effective digital marketing class, where you will learn the necessary tricks and best landing page builder techniques to design better landing pages.


We will help you to advance your professional career in the field of digital marketing.


If you are planning to learn digital marketing from a company, to create and begin with the landing page. You’ll be grateful that you made the effort not online for your landing page but also to enhance your whole business with a single internship program.


I hope the list below of common landing page mistakes can help you refine your process to perfection faster and help you avoid times of losing revenue and potential conversion rates.


Every  mistake that we’ve  seen  in  the past  can  be prevented by taking three aspects seriously such as  audience research,  relevance,  and  the user’s experience.


If you still feel difficult to solve the mistakes of your landing page, We’ll let Our team Digital marketing to assist you in setting up an extremely-converting web page that delivers results!


They  are  one  of  the  top  landing page builders  in Kerala.


Our experts will assist you in quickly understanding what this powerful tool could help your business.


When you’ve identified the needs of each of your prospective customers want, you’ll be capable of creating highly targeted messages that connect with their wants.


When you solve the biggest landing page mistake, your message sounds more convincing and the benefits of your offering become evident and your calls to action become more compelling to the reader.


The only thing left to do is make it an experience that is user-friendly and removes any barriers to conversion and ensures that your entire collection of landing pages is generating real business benefits.

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