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Best Online Digital Marketing institutes in Kerala


online digital marketing institutes in kerala

Do you live in Kerala? Do you often think of thriving a blooming career of the present era and the changes Kerala has acquired accordingly ?

When you think of the present era you might as well think of the term Digital Marketing. And you might have searched for the Best Online Digital Marketing Institute in Kerala.

Kerala being one of the most progressive states of India is widely accepting the fast-growing phase of Digital Marketing.
Hence many reputed universities have included Digital marketing as a prominent course among their other courses.

Digital Marketing is a strong term that is existential but was underrated for a long time, but the pandemic changed the perspectives of the people, people now became aware of the never-ending possibilities of the digital era.

As the whole world is being adjusted to the new normal amid the pandemic, various industries all around the world are embracing digital marketing and its potentiality.

By pursuing Digital Marketing as a career, there are various options of work environment, you can choose to work from home or a remote location and you can also choose to freelance, by which this becomes a source of a second income.

Are you a genuine Enthusiast of Digital Marketing?an online digital marketing institute in Kerala is what you want

If the answer is YES!!
Then there are vast opportunities awaiting you, but for that, you need to carefully choose where you are going to get trained, and this is a bit of a task.
Digital Marketing is the progressive way of marketing that uses enhanced ways to reach more and more potential customers therefore the immense knowledge on the theory part is of no use if you have zero practical knowledge.

As we mentioned above, taking these short crash courses won’t get you anywhere in terms of your career. You need to have an overall knowledge on how every section of digital marketing works, for that you have to be alert of these fraudulent training.

There are many Online digital Marketing training institutes in Kerala providing training in many different ways. Academies that stand out from the rest with refined course structures and being guided by the immensely talented and experienced faculty are really rare and must be selected carefully.

Here we will be mentioning top three Best Digital Marketing Online Institutes in Kerala that offers you a refined coaching in digital marketing preferably online.


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Nexxa Digital Academy


Aviv Digital Marketing Institute


Digital Skill Master

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Nexxa Digital Academy is one of the best Digital Marketing institutions in Kerala which offers both offline and online classes along with real-time internships. Our way of training is to keep it real. We provide genuine client work to our interns so that they can get the live experience of a real job.

Located at the heart of the festival city, Thrissur, Nexxa Digital Academy offers both basic and advanced courses that any fresher who has limited to no knowledge on DM as well as a working professional who requires advanced learning can choose.

We also provide lifetime access to our online classes and free give away of our class recordings for future references. Once joined and completed the course, we won’t forget you, we will always be there for any future help.

Guided by one of the most talented and well experienced Trainer Mr.Sreeresh K, you will get live work experience by creating your own website and by working on it. Do not trust us yet!! Take our Free Demo Class and get to feel the difference.

The Courses that we offer are:-

❖. Advanced digital marketing course
❖. Social Media marketing course
❖. Seo Course
❖. Professional Blogging Course
❖. Integrated Digital Marketing Course
❖. Customized Digital Marketing

Let’s dig deeper into these internships that we ( Nexxa Digital Academy) provide, this blog is for your understanding of how our academy trains each one of our students and also how we are the best online digital marketing institutes in kerala.

We also provide our students an opportunity to work in the best digital marketing company in Kerala so that they will be more and more experienced in real life work situations.

Let’s start with the details of the course that we have mentioned earlier.


Advanced Digital Marketing Course

With more than 150+ hours and 2 months of class duration,as the name suggests this advanced course is focused on professional marketers who are planning to specialise their skill set.

If you are a beginner and setting forth in advanced digital marketing course, don’t get tensed, anyone who wish to be skilled in digital marketing can take up, advanced digital marketing course.

Integrated Digital Marketing Course

Covers all aspects of Digital Marketing providing a fresher with a clear cut image of how Digital Marketing works. This programme duration is of 2.5 months and contains more than 100+ hours of class.

As the name implies, integrated digital marketing integrates different digital marketing aspects into one.subsequently, it is beneficial for those who are keen to learn digital marketing basics as a whole.
After learning integrated digital marketing, it helps students to go ahead with single specialisation.


Social Media Marketing Course

A prominent course that is required in this current time, this course teaches the strategies that have to be taken care of while making ads on social Media and its many other tactics. This is a one month course with 75+ hours duration.

Blogging Course

This is an interesting course , where one can always create a personal blog and also generate a way of making money by affiliate marketing, paid ads and many other ways. One month of course contains classes of more than 80 hours.

I suggest a blogging course for those who read more, and those who want to kickstart a career in content writing.

Are you confused about the importance of content writing in digital marketing, please consider this blog. I am sure it will help you more.

Search Engine Optimization Course

A website the best salesman who works for you 24* 7 .
Need him some kind of attention. Yes your attention + your audience’s attention.
So, I need to unmask him or make him visible.

Seo training teaches the magic of ranking websites in the first page of the search engine result page.

Are you thinking about the importance of SEO for business? I am sure , the everlasting benefits will amaze you much.

How about ranking your site organically in the first place?
It will feel good right?
Well you can do it, one you have understood the tools and strategies to make it possible.
This course also covers topics such as On page SEO and Off page SEO in 1 month duration and over 80 hours of class.


❖ Customized Digital Marketing Course

You can choose how your course topics/structure should be, more apt words to use would be “PERSONALIZED”.
Isn’t that amazing?. WEll you can always get in touch with us for more details.

Aviv Digital Marketing Institute

Aviv Digital Marketing Institute, a leading Digital Marketing Institute in Kerala, which is located at Calicut and Cochin, offers you several Courses including Advanced Course in Digital Marketing in both Offline and Online programmes. They also offer internships and various other Google approved certifications.

Courses offered are:-
Aviv Digital Marketing Institute, a leading Digital Marketing Institute in Kerala, which is located at Calicut and Cochin, offers you several Courses including Advanced Course in Digital Marketing in both Offline and Online programmes. They also offer internships and various other Google approved certifications.

Courses offered are:-
❖ SEO Courses
❖ Social Media Marketing Courses
Email Marketing
❖ Inbound Marketing
❖ Advanced Course in Online Entrepreneurship

And thus you can also tag them as one of the best online digital marketing institutes in kerala.

Digital Skill Master

Digital Skill Master in Cochin is one of the top academies offering you a wide variety of courses and also has leading client partners. Courses that are offered vary from basics to advanced, and claims to have one of the best faculties. Courses offered are:-
❖ Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing
❖ Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
❖ Google AdWords Training
Social Media Marketing
❖ Digital Marketing Crash Course

Digital Marketing institutions in Kerala

If you want to know more online digital marketing training institutes in kerala, checkout this filtered oyt list where we have gather some of the top online digital marketing institutes in kerala, where you can choose yours among a lot of options

Practise makes the master

Practice, Practice, Practice!!! This is the only way you are going to master whatever you do. Digital marketing is one of those courses that is simple yet a little complicated in different ways, but the will power to learn and utter dedication and consistency will surely make a fresher become an expert in no time.
Now that you have read the blog, it’s your time to decide what or where you should be learning from. There are many online digital marketing institutes in Kerala that offer you the whole course for a very cheap rate or a 1-day crash course and make a fool out of you
Whatever the choices are, your willpower and confidence should be held tight because what you are going to learn is really interesting and needs a lot of consistency to keep up with.

Along with this we also offer Corporate trainings for our students
We also offer Google Accredited certifications that will help you in your future endeavours.


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