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Why Clubhouse is talk of the town?

‘Clubhouse invite code free’ or ‘clubhouse app invite code’ are some terms you might come across while searching for something. Do you think it has something worth buying or deserve to have, didn’t you ??

Here, we are trying to answer some relevant questions asked by our readers.

What is the difference between clubhouse apps from other social media?

What is exciting about the clubhouse?

What is the clubhouse app ?

Clubhouse is an audio based social network app created in March 2020 by Paul Davidson and Rehan South. However, it captured wide attention when Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently appeared.

Clubhouse generate ‘rooms’ to chat, greet, listen or host. When the user enters the app, he/she is presented with a list of rooms and it shows who is in each room. You can eavesdrop(LOL), join a chatroom or start a conversation creating a room of your own and invite others. Each room comprises listeners, moderators who manage chat rooms and speakers.

If you need to speak kindly, ‘raise your hand’ and the moderator will let you substantiate your ideas.

Not permit everyone?

Unlike Facebook, Instagram or other social media, It is evident that the clubhouse will not allow everyone to flaunt inside. You need to get an invitation from another user for a marvellous entry. However, Clubhouse social app is available for iPhone users and hopefully will wait for clubhouse social app android users.

Another significant feature of clubhouse is it doesn’t matter what you wear or is there a messy home behind. You cannot expose your surroundings or yourself. No camera or video, only voice whereas no recordings available.so you need not worry about viral voice clips.

clubhouse social media app

Why clubhouse social media app is popular 

Clubhouse is evolved in the middle of a pandemic where everyone was keeping physical distance and craving for some intense attachment, whereas emotional insecurities or physiological uncertainties were dominating.

Clubhouse unlocked human conversation and some popular names, including Mark Zuckerberg, Reddit founder Alex Ohanian, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey actor Terry Crews were the attracted names in Clubhouse. 

How to join ?

Clubhouse open to a limited number of audience yet, if you are fortunate enough to have a friend or colleague in the clubhouse, you can enter the clubhouse with their invitation.

You can still register for an account and set up a basic profile, even if you don’t know anyone in the clubhouse, and wait until you get an invitation.

If you get an invitation, it is another story !! listen

If you receive an invitation from someone, ensure to register using phone number 

When you finish registration, add email- id, photo, password.

After providing basic information, the application will ask to customise your feed based on your interest, passion and likeness.

Next ,clubhouse will ask to access your contact or choose people based on preferred interest.

Finally, complete your profile by linking with Instagram and Facebook.

It’s the time to explore

Join a club, share your experience or listen to others …

How can clubhouse for marketing?

We can use clubhouse rooms for marketing your service or products. Initially, you require to be active in the area of your service. More precisely, find out your niche by searching the term. When joined several groups you are finding people with similar interest and it paves for gathering audience.

Using word-of-mouth strategy it is a better way to improve branding. speaking several times in a room attracts more audience and those audiences will entice and engage in your conversation.

Another strategy is fear-of-missing-out highly applies to the clubhouse, as long as it does not record the conversations. Your audience will listen to the offers, promotions, and sales you announce through the clubhouse.

Yes!! they listen with all ears, because they are afraid of missing an unique opportunity.

Rules & talks

You are open to start any conversation right there. Film discussion, debates, child rearing, atheism or whatever of your interest or you can join any room based on your likeness.

Clubhouse strongly discourage aggressiveness and discrimination.

The big question about clubhouse is when it is out of beta version and ready for android users, optimistically soon and thankfully waiting for duo.

Hope you enjoy reading !!

Are you there in the clubhouse or Still waiting for a membership?

What are your views about clubhouse?

Share your thoughts, experience and comments 

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