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Big things have a simple beginning !

You have created an Instagram- business profile for building your brand, selling commodities or building communities and being an influencer or just going beyond.

Created an eye catchy profile, interesting-bio, eye popping images, funny videos and many other things.

All those are your humble beginning in Instalife. 

Doing whatever you can…Sometimes posting randomly or overcrowding your audience.

Nothing works better !!

You need to go farther not in the terms of content but in the level of captivating strategies to win the heart of your audience.

Still, Instagram is a goldmine for small businesses.

But you need to involve deep processing to add an extra glow to your profile.

Here, sharing some valuable tips to grow your business via Instagram.

1. Define your Instagram marketing goal

Instagram marketing goals might seem silly. However, you need to answer what is the intention behind your Instagram profile.

Building a community or selling products or brand awareness or generating leads..

These goals determine your content strategy and other vital elements to outshine your profile.

Imagine you are running a retail store, so you are posting interesting images of your products and induce your audience to buy it.

A restaurant owner has a different story. They try to loop customers with mouth-watering food images, build customer relations, and do promotions to attract more audience.

B2B businesses often use Instagram to show their behind scenes.

Use creative freedom as much as you can, interact with digital marketing experts to get an insight about content strategy suitable for your business type.

2. How often should I post 

When to post and how often is another crucial element of Instagram.Posting content is significant to keep your relationship with the audience stronger, whereas it doesn’t mean to bombard them with content.

To figure out what time and interval is best for you, we advise you to check and do it. Once you found your best time, using a social media calendar to keep you on track.

Instagram content strategy tips for small business

3. Use of branded hashtags

Why hashtags are most important on Instagram. There people search by hashtags not by keywords. Hashtag increases brand awareness and visibility. Use industry relevant hashtag. 

Hashtagify is one of the advanced twitter and Instagram hashtag tracking tool that helps to reach your audience and give suggestions.

4. Instagram Ads 

It is proven that use of social media ads improve your business, increase brand awareness and more traffic. You can check your campaign’s success and build an organic connection with your audience.

5. Stories, captions & themes.

250 million Instagram story users globally , business and individual profiles can make use of it to grab attention of the audience. How does captivating captions stay in your mind?

Likewise, create a caption that will throng in the mind of your audience.

How about your Instagram themes ?

Is it important to follow certain themes in it ?

Different themes will attract new audiences. Include contests and stories to fascinate unfamiliar audiences of your brand. It is the best way to attract the attention of your new  audience, and they follow you for more updates.

Instagram content strategy helps to stand out from the crowd, is it ?

Use your creativity as much as you can. Content strategy will minimise pitfalls and assist you to be unique and exceptional in the Instagram voyage.