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After M com which course is best for getting a 100% jobs in 2023

By  RAHUL  |  Date  :  03-June-2023


after m com which course is best

After m com which course is best?

M com is a familiar postgraduate degree after b com. This post-graduation is offered by several recognized universities in India like Calicut University, IGNOU, Bharathiar University, Annamalai University, etc.

Typically, students opt for an MCom qualification to delve deeper into the professional spheres of accounting, marketing, banking, and finance.Choosing a career path among many options can be challenging without guidance.

If you are a recent graduate looking for a job after MCom, this article is perfect for you.

As a commerce student, you are exposed to a myriad of management and business-related subjects.

Thus, you’ve gained the knowledge base on which you can begin an exciting career.

We’ve put together the list of potential career paths below, which you could explore when you have earned your MCom degree.

5 Best short TERM courses after m com 

There are a variety of certificates, diplomas and short-term courses after mcom that you can look into.What to do after m com to get a good job. Below, we have put together the top five best courses after mcom.

1.Digital marketing

2.Web design



5.Business analytics

1.Digital marketing

after m com which course is best

Digital Marketing is also called Online Marketing. Is an act of selling products or services through Social Media,SEO,Email Marketing and more.

Basically, Digital Marketing is done on Social Media platforms .Digital marketing is different from Internet Marketing, which is exclusively done on websites.

The scope of Digital Marketing is wide so job opportunities in this field are also high. The main objective of Digital Marketing is to increase sales of products or services through social media.

Best Digital Marketing  course after m com. In digital marketing there are different types of courses available like Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing ,Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more. Its details are shown in below

*Search engine optimization

after m com which course is best

After M com graduates can do Search Engine Optimization .

In simple terms, it is the process of enhancing your site’s visibility when people search for services or products associated with your business Google, Bing, and other search engines.

The higher visibility your website pages can achieve in search results, the more likely you will be to be noticed and draw potential and current customers to your company.

Key elements of SEO are shown in below

1.Audiance & industry
2.User intent
3.Key word research
4.Content writing
5.Rankmath checker

In Search Engine Optimization there are a lot of tools used. Its names are Semrush,Acherf ,etc. Acherf is also a best tool for keyword research ,auditing and back link .

After Content Writing check the grammar and plagiarism of the content using grammarly and duplichecker.

After Mcom graduates can choose SEO because it is the best courses after m com . Study SEO course in kerala  with an experienced mentor you will be a SEO expert.

After M com job opportunities are also high in this field ,The monthly income of a SEO trainer is 50,000 to 70,000 . The monthly income of a SEO manager in India is 25,000 to 1,00,000.


after m com which course is best

Marketing via Social Media(Facebook,Instagram etc.) is one type of marketing digitally that utilizes the potential of the most popular Social Media Networks to meet your branding and marketing goals.

However, it’s not all about setting up business accounts and posting whenever you feel like it.

Marketing on social media requires an ever-changing strategy that has measurable objectives and includes:

*We are maintaining and improving the performance of your profile.
*Upload photos or videos, stories, and live videos that reflect your brand and draw a relevant audience.
*Respond to feedback, share, and likes, and keep track of your reputation.
*Engaging with customers, followers, and influencers to create an online community for your brand.

Social Media Marketing can also include pay-per-click advertisements that allow you to pay for large amounts to see your business of targeted users.

The components of Social Media Marketing are creating an audience persona, setting goals and objectives, budgeting and resourcing, conducting research and deciding on your platform and producing content, integrating with other digital strategies and lastly tracking your results.

The duration of this course is below 6 month & minimum eligibility required for study this course is degree or above.

To study Social media marketing courses in kerala,with experienced mentor you will be  an expert in SMM.After M com job opportunities are also high in this field and get an attractive salary.

In Social Media Marketing there are different types of fields available like Social Media Manager, Social Media Specialist,Social Media Executive etc.

Social Media Manager gets an annual salary in india 1,00,000 to 10,00,000 and Social Media Executive gets an annual salary in india the range between 1,00,000 to 4,00,000.


after m com which course is best
Email Marketing is a highly effective marketing channel, a kind of direct and digital marketing that uses emails for advertising your company’s products or services.

It is a great way to keep your customers informed of the latest products or services you offer by using it in your marketing automation processes.

It also plays an essential part in your marketing strategies through lead eneration branding, Building brand awareness and relationships, or Keeping customers interested during their purchases with various types of Email Marketing.

In Email Marketing Automation tools name is Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Drip, Sendinblue etc .

Email marketing is the best course after m com and the duration of this course is below 6 month.

The eligibility required for study of this course is degree or above. There is no age limit for studying this course.After mcom job opportunities this field is also high .

In India Email marketing specialists get an annual salary in the range between 2L to 14L, Email Marketing Executives get an annual salary in the range between 2L to 5 L A and Campaign Specialists get an annual salary in india the range between 2L to 9L.


after m com which course is best

Content Writing is a process of writing ,editing and publishing a content in digital format .It includes blog posts ,podcast scripts, e-books, landing pages and more .

Content creation is an essential component of many businesses’ marketing strategies. In fact, 80% now actively invest in Content Marketing and build their own content marketing strategies.

This makes Content Writers more in demand than ever.Some Best tips for improving your content are , Attractive heading , Introduction, Writing for audience, and more.

Content Writing is the best courses after M com & the duration of this course is below six month.The minimum qualification required to study this course is degree or above.

Study content writing course in kerala with experienced mentor you wil be an expert in content writing. After M com job opportunities in this field are high.A content writer monthly salary is 10,000 to 85,000.


after m com which course is best

A Web Designing class belongs to the area of Computer Science and IT. Students are able to master different techniques, tools and programming languages to design and manage websites.

There are a variety of classes in this field that range from Diploma and Certificate courses to UG,PG and PGDM courses.Web Designs are categorised in two, that is sketching and design fundamentals.

Information system design,LAB HTML & VB script and Web Designing using html codes , these are the sketching topics.

Whereas the fundamentals study topics are Script Language, Internet programming with ASP,User interface graphics and introduction to user experience design.

These are the study topics of the Web Designing Course.Courses after Mcom you are able to study this course.

The duration of this course is one year and the minimum eligibility required to study this course is degree or above .In India a web designer gets a monthly salary up to 30,000 or above.

3.post graduates diploma in financial management

after m com which course is best

PGDFM (Post Graduates Diploma In Financial Management) is one year short term courses after Mcom.This course helps to train students to manage companies accounts.

The course will cover the investigation of the theoretical and practical methods used in the wealth management of individuals and companies.

Students will be taught a variety of topics like Accounting, Economics, Financial Analysis and Banking System, etc.

The program prepares students to work in the field of financial services, and makes them qualified to join various banks or financial institutions .

PGDFM is the best course after M com. The duration of this course is one year .The minimum eligibility required for study degree or above.

After PGDFM ,there are different types of job positions available like Financial Manager ,Accountant, Treasury Manager, Bank Officer, Portfolio Manager etc.monthly salary of PGDFM is 38,000.


after m com which course is best

Are you thinking about after Mcom which course is best?
After Mcom, you are able to opt for CPA( Certified Public Accountant ) is the top level of proficiency for professionals in Accounting around the world.

The CPA exam is conducted through the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants that is the world’s most renowned accounting organization.

If you’re thinking about the field of accounting and are looking for a distinguished career following a M com , CPA Course is the ideal choice for you.

CPAs are recognized worldwide as the top accountants and are employed in all industries around the world.

CPA includes Auditing and Attestation, Financial Accounting and  Reporting,  Regulation,  Business environment concepts.

The duration of this course is one year and the eligibility required for study this course is degree or above .

After completing a CPA course they have a lot of opportunities looking for you in different fields like Research firms, Investment Banks, Auditing and Accounting Firms and get an annual wage of around 6 lakhs .


after m com which course is best

After Mcom you can choose Business analytics course. These courses are provided by a lot of universities in India.
There are many diploma courses available for business analytics professionals. After MCOM ,MBA,andBBA graduates can choose a business analytics course.

The duration of this course is a minimum of two years .Eligibility criteria required to study this course is graduate in any discipline and you must pass the entrance exam for admission.

After completing business analytics course successfully you got a lot of job opportunities in different fields like Operations Manager, Area Sales Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst ,etc. Business analytics get an annual income in India of 8,50,000


It is possible to decide on your interests depending on your career path you’d like to pursue following your graduation.

For those who are thinking about what to do following M.Com You must examine the duration and the level of difficulty and the cost of the course before making a decision on the best courses after M com.

The above recommended courses following M.Com will surely land you a job that is great to allow you to start your career in the world of work.

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