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Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Books Every Digital Marketer Must Read

BY  Hela Roshna |  August 07.

5 Best Digital Marketing Books

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Want to be a successful digital marketer?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a practising digital marketer.

If your answer for my question is yes, this post is for you.

You might be wondering how this post, 5 best digital marketing books, is going to help you.


As you know marketing is a constantly evolving lucrative field, for making a career in digital marketing you need a higher level of dedication and passion for it.

Since digital marketing is so volatile, as an aspirant or a beginner, you need to be more aware and updated about the latest trends in technology and industry.

You have to be aware of changes in customer behaviour and the approach of your competitors too.

But how?

The answer is simple Read.

Since books have been a strong weapon of information for years,you should read constantly to stay up to date with the latest developments in digital marketing.

Since there are many authors claiming their books are the best.

There is a chance that you end up reading the wrong ones.

But don’t worry. I have made you the list of 5 best digital marketing books that will help you to be a successful digital marketer.

These 5 best digital marketing books are the ones that have proven success.

5 best digital marketing books of all time

best books on digital marketing for beginners

Books save your time and efforts by providing in depth knowledge. We have handpicked the best books on digital marketing for beginners.

These 5 best digital marketing books will help you to acquire knowledge and success consequently.

The 5 best digital marketing books in the list are:

1. Epic Content Marketing

2. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

3. Digital Marketing For



6.The Art of SEO

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                                 Epic Content Marketing

Epic Content Marketing

Author: Joe Pulizzi

Publication: McGraw Hill Education

Amazon- 4.6/5

Googlereads- 5/5

Epic content marketing is a 350+-page content marketing book that lists every tool to make appropriate content by giving an online on the core techniques, targets, and standards in an easy-to-understand manner.

This book discusses the systematic approach to creating stories that inform and entertain customers without actually telling them how to improve your marketing strategies.

This book will help you understand the importance of valuable content that buyers love to read and share.

This book guides you through the steps of creating stories that entertain, inform, and motivate customers in an indirect way.

The whole book tells about how to truly capture the customers mind by distributing to the right person at the right time.


Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Jab Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

Author: Gary Vaynerchuk

Publication: Harper Business

Amazon- 4.5/5

Google Reads- 4.1/5

Jab,Jab,Jab,Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk is a social media marketing book, focused on the art of winning clients’ hearts by mastering social media marketing. This book provides the right mix of hooks and punches to trigger an emotional response.

It also emphasizes the impact of social media marketing and how winning customers’ hearts is crucial for the businesses. This book will help you find the perfect combination of hooks and jabs to trigger an emotional response that will allow you to convert the followers into brand loyalists.

Gary Vaynerchuk, the author of this book is one of the New York Times bestsellers, is someone who has real and significant industry experience. Hence Jab Jab Jab Right Hook is one of the best books on social media marketing.

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Digital Marketing For Dummies

Digital Marketing For Dummies

Author: Ryan Deiss & Russ Henneberry

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,                       

Amazon- 4.2/5

Google Reads- 4/5

My #1 recommendation for you. This book is best for beginners as it is very readable and covers everything you need to know about customer journeys, marketing planning, blogging, SEO, SEM, social, paid, landing pages, data and analytics. This book contains a complete list of all the technology categories in the marketing stack. It also teaches you how to use digital marketing for your business.

This book is written with the marketer aspect and interest in mind. It teaches you how to use digital marketing strategy and tactics that can help expand your brand reach.

This book will help you make out the most of your Digital Marketing efforts. It covers everything from current SEO and SEM best practices to how to use influencer marketing and Content marketing effectively. This book also includes everything you need to know about creating and implementing your digital marketing strategy.

This book discusses the importance of a well-executed digital marketing Plan and why it has been proven to be a key component to business success. This book will help you plan your business operations. If you are in search of a complete book that will help you as a beginner in digital marketing, This book is your go.




Author: Jay Baer

Publisher:  Gildan Media, LLC

Amazon: 5/5

Google Reads: ⅘

Youtility is a hugely valuable book that builds trust and kinship between loyal customers and your company. This book challenges the old mindset of hype marketing.

This book also demonstrates how businesses can adapt to the constantly evolving Digital Marketing environment by building connections with information. This book is a great resource on digital marketing. It also shows you the genuine approach to helping clients rather than creating fall hype.

Youtility, with real corporate examples, showcases the experiences of more than 700 brands who are trying to improve their marketing strategies. This book offers a revolutionary plan to use information and helpfulness in order to transform the relationship between customers and companies.

The whole book revolves around smart advertising, with the goal of turning the one time customers into long term ones.


The Art of SEO

The Art of SEO

Author: Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Jessie Stricchiola

Latest Edition: 3rd Edition

Publication: O’Reilly Media Inc,

Amazon- 4/5

Google Reads- 4.1/5

The Art of SEO explains how digital marketers can use a refreshed rundown list of SEO tools and website optimization techniques.

This 1000+ page guide was written by three renowned experts who had studied the workings of search engines in depth. These experts also share valuable tips and innovative methods that will help you in planning and executing a comprehensive SEO strategy. The Art of SEO can definitely be considered one of the most important books in SEO Marketing.

Talking about the authors, Stephen, Eric Enge, and Jessie are leaders in Digital Marketing, specifically SEO Marketing. They also have their own business venture.

The book contains a wide range of strategies, from the basic to the more advanced, and is well worth reading. By understanding the effects of algorithmic updates and instruments for tracking results and new developments in mobile and vertical SEO, the perusers can get a glimpse into the future of search and the SEO industry. Read more about the Google algorithm updates in June-July 2021.


Reading alone won’t make you a specialist. Make a move. The above listed are the handpicked 5 best digital marketing books of all time. They will help you acquire in-depth knowledge and enable you to succeed in digital marketing. These books give you a chance to gain from specialists’ experiences of training and devotion.

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