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6 smart strategies on how to write facebook ad copy that converts with high ROI

BY  Gayathri Pushpan  |  JUNE  29.

How To Write Facebook Ad Copy

Are you tired of writing unsuccessful Facebook ad copy?

Are you looking for that perfect and satisfying answer to question; How to write a Facebook ad copy.

There are several wrong ways and a right way to write an effective Facebook ad copy.

If done the right way, you can see consistent profit just by running Facebook ads.

I am sure you have come across people saying Facebook ads will not work anymore after the iOS 14 update Facebook.

And they are not entirely wrong.

If you are not targeting the right audience with an appealing ad copy that stands out and talks to people, then Facebook ads will not favor you.

And if you have not yet started running ads on Facebook, you are missing out on a huge potential and an opportunity to grow your brand.

Facebook is a great platform that can help you generate leads, brand awareness, sales, and get more customers on your email list.

Don’t we all want that?

There are various ways to generate traffic to your website – organic traffic with the help of SEO (not just any but that which includes the components of seo), word of mouth, referral, etc.

But paid traffic is one of the best ways to increase the traffic on your website.

Thanks to platforms like Facebook, we can use Facebook to run our paid ads to increase the traffic for our business benefits.

The real challenge here is to write a Facebook ad copy that CONVERTS, that can instantly grab reader’s attention and make them interested in your product or service.

How to write facebook ad copy that converts?

how to write facebook ad copy that converts

The readers are constantly exposed to ads everywhere they go.

They are so used to ads that they don’t even remember or care what they see anymore.

Whenever readers scroll through their Facebook, they do not care about any ads most of the time.

They keep scrolling till they find something that they are genuinely interested in checking out.

Because they have already mastered the art of ignoring ads by scrolling down without giving them a second thought.

They are always looking out for posts & videos that are entertaining or something that can grab their attention.

This only happens if you know how Facebook ad copy stands out in some way or the other.

Only a small percentage of ads can instantly grab the attention of the readers.

With the power of Facebook ad copy, you can make the readers stop scrolling and take the time to read your ad.

Not just read your ad, but also make a profit for you.

A good ad copy is more than enough to make the reader care about your product or service.

What is facebook ad copy?

What is Facebook Ad Copy

If you are very new to this, you might be wondering, what exactly is a Facebook ad copy?

Let me break it down for you.

A Facebook ad copy is specific content designed in such a way that it will make the reader take action by reading the copy without saying NO.

A Facebook ad copy has the potential to make or break your Facebook ad.

If your copy is not good enough, people will not connect with you or your product.

And you will end up not generating any return on investment.

The key is to write an excellent Facebook ad copy that contains irresistible features and benefits that will intrigue the customer.

This will help your brand gain traffic, generate leads, and increase the return on investment.

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6 ways on how to write facebook ad copy that converts

You can write a Facebook ad copy that is powerful enough to do this wonder. Start by implementing these 6 smart strategies on how to write Facebook ad copy the next you write your ad copy.

● Target the right audience
● Make it striking
● Build a connection
● Address the problem & solution
● Always show social proof
● Single call-out action per ad

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Facebook retargeting ad copy examples

You cannot generate profit or sales if your Facebook ad is not seen by the right audience, no matter how perfect you write the Facebook ad copy.

Make sure you are targeting the right audience with the ad copy you write.

You can make the readers care by making the ad copy relevant for them.

Try to target the most interested or inner circle people instead of considering a broad range.

Also, make use of Facebook retargeting ad copy examples to improve your ad copy.

You can also uncover the highly targeted audiences that your competition is not aware of rather than going after the same audience as your competitor’s target.

You can also start by targeting your highest-converting audience by looking at the result of previous ad campaigns.

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Make Striking Facebook Ad Copy

When you think about how to write Facebook ad copy, the first thing you should ask yourself is how you can grab the reader’s attention in the first place.

To need that from the very beginning with a powerful hook followed by a colorful image.

Implement something that makes a long-lasting first impression when the end-user first glance at your Facebook ad.

I am not talking about the ad title here. I am specifically talking about the very first sentence of your ad copy.

Ensure you add points relevant to the reader by including the benefits that can potentially change their life.

Customers do not care about you or your product unless they see a benefit or use out of it.

Inform the user of the benefits that will create value in their life rather than just mentioning the features of your product itself.
Talk about the results and outcomes they will receive if they take action.

Let them know that if they take action, it will make their life easier.
Convince the reader that they should buy the product because it will change their life in some way.

You can use benefits-driven statements in your ad copy to make it more effective.

Including an eye-catching photo will create a huge difference in your Facebook ad result.

And also, check out the latest Facebook ad copy examples 2021 to find out the latest trends for inspiration.



It is necessary to build a connection with the readers by acknowledging and understanding what they want to hear from you.

Start by implementing a relevant question that makes the reader say YES as an answer.

If the answer is yes, then this ad is meant for them. If the answer is no, they can move forward without wasting their time and energy.

Show empathy and connection with the help of linking sentences that will make the readers curious.

Then they have no choice but to take action to find out more.

The whole point of this strategy is to make the readers who read the first line of the ad copy to read the second line, and so on.

Try to have a one on one conversation with the reader by addressing the reader as YOU.

Most of the time, people make decisions based on their own emotions, so make use of it.



You can also mention the problem by addressing it from a customer perspective.

Be very specific about what you say and focus on the problem rather than giving a broad picture to the readers.

Include what they would like to hear from you when they need a solution for something.

Some audiences are aware of the problem and are looking for a solution.

So after you address the problem, make sure you talk about your product or service as the solution.

But do not give all the information right away.

Provide a glimpse of everything and keep them curious so that they will take action to find out more.

And that’s the whole point of creating the ad in the first place.



Do not forget to add some social proof to your ad copy by providing a formal customer review.

You can use a written testimony or a video of your previous customer talking about your product or service by calling them out in your ads.

Showing social proof can influence the readers to take action.

When they get to know that other people have tried and are satisfied with the outcome, they will trust you and your product.

Show the readers how great your product or service is rather than just saying.

Mark it as a crucial point in your checklist for writing Facebook ad copy.

Also, try to include odd numbers in your context rather than even numbers to make it look authentic in your readers’ eyes when they read your ad copy.

You can also use various psychological triggers that can contribute to the customer’s action.


Do not add multiple calls out actions for your reader. Multiple call-out actions can overwhelm your readers.

Readers might get confused when there is a lot of information to process.

The key is to focus on a single action. Hence, it is crystal clear for the readers what to do next.

If you want your readers to take multiple actions, the best way is to create multiple ads for various call-out actions.

You can also do the same call-out action multiple times within the ad copy, once in the beginning, one in the middle, and once at the end.

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Facebook ad copy guidelines

Facebook Ad Copy Guidelines

When you write Facebook ad copy the converts, there are few Facebook ad copy rules and guidelines that you need to keep in mind to make your fb ad copy length precise and on point.

● Feed Image Resolution – 1080 x 1080 px
● File type – PNG or JPG
● Ratio – 1.91:1 to 1:1
● Primary text – 125 characters
●Headline text – 40 characters
● Description text – 30 characters
● Maximum file size – 30 MB
● Minimum width & height – 600 px

Best fb ad copy tips & hacks

fb ad copy tips

⇒ Ensure to use words that sell your product or service, words that are persuading or convincing to make someone buy your product.

⇒ Do not give all the information right away for the readers.
Make use of free resources and Facebook ad copy template.

⇒ Make use of psychological triggers on your fb ad copy to double the sale.

⇒ Deliver what you promise. When someone takes the action and reaches your landing page, it should be matching with the content of the ad.

⇒ Make things easier for your potential customer to navigate when they reach your landing page.

⇒ Make an offer containing low investment that your new customers do not mind spending initially.

⇒ With the help of a great Facebook ad copy will compel the readers to take action. With smart strategies, you can reduce the ad spend by attracting the right customers and triple the return of investment.



With the help of a great Facebook ad copy will compel the readers to take action. With smart strategies, you can reduce ad spend by attracting the right customers and triple the return on investment.

You can visibly see a growth in the realm of your facebook business, how the effective facebook ad copy gears up, when composed with considering all these factors.

Hope all this information comes in handy to you.

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