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complete 101 on white hat seo techniques in 2022

white hat SEO techniques in 2022

White hat SEO sounds familiar right, but do you still see something tangled up inside there? yes. of course, you do. That’s why you are here. but don’t worry we got your back.

In this article, we can look deep into the major white hat SEO techniques in 2022. Along with that, we can also check how is white hat SEO techniques are different from Black hat SEO? why should we consider white hat SEO above all? and last but not least some of the major white hat SEO strategies.

Before moving on to our topic let me tell you one thing that no matter how difficult your website is to handle the current situation or how steep down it has fallen, you should never consider Black hat SEO over white hat SEO.

The reason behind why I am asking you to do this is because once you consider Black hat SEO there can be chances where you can find your expecting results within the short term but once the search engine found out what happened behind your sides, then there are chances for you to completely be kicked out from the search engine result page forever and you may never be able to you come back no matter how hard you try, so keep this in mind.

And even if you are in such a situation where you can get out of your own, you can even consider consulting the best SEO expert in India who will help you to achieve your goals within a short while with profound strategic and approved methods of SEO.

What are these white hat SEO tactics

white hat SEO tactics

To keep it simple we can say that white hat SEO tactics are those which include only the approved tactics or strategies that are used to rank a website higher in the search engine results page alongside by abiding by the guidelines provided by Google or any other search engines.

This can be considered as a simple answer to the question “explain white hat SEO?”. But this won’t be enough as an explanation so let’s take a deeper look.

There are some guidelines or algorithms,to-say set up by Google which every webmaster should follow if what they want is to be ranked higher or even first in the search engine results page.

Now, for instance, consider you search something on Google and you have the search engine results page in front of you which looks something like this;


white hat SEO techniques

Here you can see results both which are organic and which are not. indeed that has paid Google to be on the first is shown at the top and the very next websites to be seen in the search engine result page are those who have achieved their position with white hat SEO techniques.

The point that I’m trying to make here is, the search engine result page shows an average of 10 to 15 results; and within that results, there are several that has paid Google and has achieved their position on the first which is unchangeable for a short period of time and you can only have the rest of the space to show your credibility to the customers so it is a bit of tough competition to grab the position.

And only those who play the game of SEO by the rules can stay there for a long period of time.

Some of the major white hat SEO tactics include the topmost prioritized things that Google has revealed for a website to be on the top of SERP, which is link building, content, etc. And if you consider these things above all, you can achieve the first position with minimal effort.

And before moving into the measure white hat SEO techniques in 2022 let’s also take a peek into the difference between white hat SEO and Black hat SEO.

Difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO

white hat SEO

As I mentioned before, white hat SEO tactics are the safest and longest-running process-driven tactics that can be used to rank a website on top of a SERP.

Like someone said if there is a good then there is a bad to just like that if there is white hat SEO then there is Black hat SEO too.

Instead of dragging this all the way let me just point out the major white hat SEO tactics and the contradictory black hat SEO tactics too. That can give you more of a clear picture.

If you are trying to rank your website through the white hat SEO strategies, then the major tactics you consider will be:

▸Keeping up the quality of the content and providing accurate and                     authentic content for human readers
▸ Conducting perfectly analyzed keyword research to bring more quality
▸ Linking to relevant sites which have authenticity and connection to the          topic provided
▸Considering the quality of lipids and constant rechecking and rewriting of      meta tags
▸Considering human experience or user experience above the bots or               crawlers

Now to the contrary, there is black hat SEO, which some webmasters use to deceive the search engine. Through these tactics, one can find ways to rank in the SERP faster. But. yes but. There is a big but in here, which tells us that even if you manage to reach the top of the SERP with these black hat spammy methods, you won’t last there longer, and someday or another google is gonna kick you out. They’ll penalize you.

And some of the black hat SEO tactics are:

✦ Link farming or link trading 

This is a technique where either a group of websites or a service will link to each other’s websites to increase the number of backlinks. As a result, they will end up with a high number of backlinks that may not be relevant and authentic.



white hat link building strategy

✦ Keyword stuffing

For keyword stuffing, I can provide you with a great example that is noted by google.

You might think more keywords mean more chances of ranking. But let me stop you there. More keywords will never help you. Remember your first priority must be users then comes the search engine itself. Don’t worry, considering users above search engines is something they like. That’s why one of the major ranking factors is user experience.

✦ Hidden texts 

Hidden texts are something tricky among these. What they do is really simple. They will hide the text from the eyes of the users. Sometimes this can be a form of coding or simply this can be the text written in the same color as the background too.

The major purpose of doing this is to

✦ Blog comment spamming 

Blog spamming or comment spamming or any other spamming is mainly an act where the links of your website are posted on platforms where it is not relevant to decreed the reputation. This can be even done by the competition.

And these are some of the major black hat SEO techniques. Even though considering white hat link building strategy could take more time than the fraud one, you can assure that, if you are following the right way to the goal, you can achieve it for sure.

Even if you can’t make it your own, you can even consider approaching services like on-page and off-page SEO services in Kerala. Now let’s move on to the major white hat SEO techniques in 2022.


              Top white hat SEO techniques in 2022                                       

Since we have acquainted with white hat SEO more than enough, now let’s move on to some major white hat SEO techniques in 2022.

Starting with one of the most noted and important factors that Google has announced, which is the content.

☛ Quality content and content marketing strategy


When talking about the white hat SEO strategies you cannot move on without having quality content that can draw users towards you. Just because you have good content that doesn’t meet the customers will come running to you. You should also have great marketing strategies for that content in order to give that benefit to you.

Just imagine that you have created wonderful content that has the precise information that your audience is looking for but you do not have the marketing strategy to make that visible or to draw customers with that; then the whole point in making this is just nothing.

Solve this make sure to prioritize your content and alongside design the marketing strategy for that content in order to get that full potential customer.


☛ Accuracy in Google my business profile


Considering Google my business profile is something that every webmaster pushes to the back. but you should never make that mistake because Google, my business profile, has a clear hold on SEO.

Since that profile provides accurate information about the pursuit to the audience. Google considers that as a ranking factor. so make sure to keep up your profile every now and then. conduct regular checking and regular updation to the profile so that you don’t miss a thing.

The data provided in Google my business profile should be accurate. This means if your website or your blog post provides a kind of address or information and then checking your Google business profile if they find that both of these are not matching or accurate, that can cause a lot of harm to you. So make sure to keep up the profile.


☛  Keyword research

I personally don’t think that we can ever consider keyword research at last anytime soon because cure research has such great power over SEO. If you have seen any content that is ranked on the top of the search engine page then you must know that they have done a pretty good job in their keyword research which resulted in such great content.

To insert the right keywords with the right entries of content you must have great keyword research.

Just inserting some related keywords on content that has similarities to the primary topic won’t help at all. perfectly analyzed and strategically designed keyword research can only help you in this category.


☛ Mobile-friendliness

The next thing that comes under the measure of white hat SEO techniques of 2022 is mobile-friendliness.

Mobile-friendliness includes a lot of factors like loading speed, design, size, ads, etc.

Since it is clear that most of the search queries are occurring on their mobile phones compared to the desktops, webmasters should consider the user experience on the mobile before anything else. conducting A/B tests is also a major necessity to make sure which one stays long with an impact.


☛ Link building


Next comes link building which is noted as the topmost prioritized ranking factor by Google link building is the procedure that will give you credibility from other websites.

Keeping it simple, we can say that these are backlinks and when other websites link to your website this link game shows Google that you are something that can be recommended or can be trusted and this signal will help you in a great way.

You can also create a sophisticated and strategic method for link building which should be manual and approved and doing that at the right time with the right entries will help you in the category of link building.


☛ User experience


Last but not the least, here comes the user experience. As I mentioned before, considering or prioritizing the users above all other factors of SEO is difficult, but that is the only way in which you can achieve the long-lasting results you are yearning for.

When you design a website or when you write a blog or a page, the first and foremost thing you should consider is “how the users will like it”

Knowing the user’s intent and providing the services they need in a way that they expect is the key or can be also called the answer to the question of what is user experience.

Wrap up

If you ever consider doing your own SEO part from assigning that to a white hat SEO agency or a company, you should always choose white hat SEO, ‘cause that’s the only approved way and the other can cause you a lot of trouble too.

I think if you had made it all the way here, you might’ve understood what white hat SEO is, why you should consider them, why you should never consider black hat SEO and some of the major white hat SEO techniques in 2022.

Hope all this information comes in handy for you, and do read our blog where you can find the on-page SEO checklist 2022. 

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