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With countless searches on Google per day, you can use search ads to grab the attention of your targeted audience and compel them to take action.

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Looking for an effective learning course or training class for a PPC course in Kerala?

Best PPC training in Thrissur..

If you are new to PPC marketing, it is a good idea to consider taking an online course for PPC training.

PPC training is beneficial for people who want to pursue their career in PPC Management or Google Adwords.

However, the scope of the PPC Training course is not limited to career-oriented people.



PPC, also known as pay-per-click, is a form of advertising on Google where advertisers make sure to grab the attention of the potential customers and lead them to their website and promote their business. A successful PPC campaign can give a significant increase in the number of sales and conversions. Mastering PPC search ads, you will only pay when people click your ad to visit your website or take the action.

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PPC Training Course in Kerala is Ideal for You



Are you a student you wants to learn about SEM (Search Engine Marketing)


Are you a professional who wants to polish your skills

E-Commerce Stores

Are you an ecommerce store owner who wants to increase sales


Are you an entrepreneur who wants to grow your business and company

Digital Marketers

Are you a digital marketer who wants to provide PPC services to your clients

Business Owners

Are you a business owner who wants to increase sales through your online presence

Marketing Managers

Are you a marketing manager who wants to satisfy your clients with better PPC results


Are you a graduate who wants to start a successful career in PPC marketing 

You do not need any previous experience to learn a pay-per-click course. Basic knowledge about computers, the internet, and a will to learn is more than enough.

What You’ll Achieve in this Course


Successfully completing the PPC Course in Kerala, you will be fully capable and confident to organize and implement PPC campaigns without spending a huge amount of money on ads that can be done efficiently by the PPC Company in Kerala. Through the PPC training course, you will master PPC, Google ads, conversion optimization, web analytics, and much more. You will gain in-depth knowledge about various bidding methods, performance measurement, lead generation improvement, ranking algorithm, and search engine marketing for campaigns that will increase the ROI.

Added advantages of Learning PPC Course


You will be able to:


➤ Organize keyword research

➤ Prepare PPC reports

➤ Monitor the campaign performance

➤ Optimize the champaign

➤ In-depth understanding of PPC concepts

➤ Create low maintenance PPC campaign using automation

➤ And more …

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Learn From the Experts


During the SEO PPC training course, you will be taught by the experts on how to leverage the search engine and bid management tools to target the right audience. You will learn the right way to use keyword research tools, Google Adwords, Campaigns and become a successful PPC Marketer when you complete the PPC Course in Kerala.

You will learn different tools and techniques for better search marketing solutions along the way. With the help of a specialized course that covers SEO, PPC class, Google Ads, Bing Ads training, you will learn digital marketing strategies and various techniques to speak to billions of people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click marketing is a successful method where you pay a fee per click that leads a person to your website. The most popular platforms for Pay Per Click are search engines. Even social media platforms are used to generate leads.

Do you provide live projects to work on during the PPC Course?

Initially, you will learn all the aspects of Pay Per Click Marketing and during the course, you would have to create a website on which you get to spend money to gain live hands-on learning. After completing the course successfully, we provide an internship program for our students where you will get the opportunity to work on live projects.

How much does it cost to learn a PPC Course?

The cost of the ppc course we provide depends upon which course, in particular, are you planning to enroll for. Depending upon the course you choose, and the mode of learning, the fees vary. To know the exact cost of the course you are interested in, please get in touch with us and our team with be happy to assist you.

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