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By  Nithin Prakash |  Date  :  01-January -2023

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seo companies in calicut

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential aspect of online marketing. When it comes to ranking in Google, SEO is important.

Without SEO, your website won’t be able to rank high in searches. This is why search engine optimization (seo) companies are on the rise.

Researching and consulting with SEO companies in Calicut can be an effective way to avoid costly mistakes.

If you are looking for seo companies in Calicut, this blog will help you.


As you already know, SEO is a very useful tool for digital marketing.

SEO aids small business owners to build fast reliable, robust and user-friendly sites which rank higher on search engines such as Google.

This helps bring new customers to your website and boost conversion rates.

The importance of seo services in short points are: 

  1. Improve organic traffic
  2. Brand awareness
  3. Long term strategy
  4. Know your audience
  5. Avoid irrelevant marketing strategies
  6. Uniqueness from your competitors 
  7. Saving money
  8. Aim for the future 


best seo company in calicut

Selecting the perfect seo company for your business is a tough task. Beware of claims of top rankings within the next few weeks or days.

These companies could be scammers who will try to get you to believe them and take your money for absolutely nothing.

We can help you to choose the best seo services in Calicut.

Here are the tips to follow while choosing the right seo digital marketing company Calicut. 

  1. Check their past performances
  2. Meet them directly and ask some questions about their strategy.
  3. Make sure that what kind of goals you need.
  4. Ask about their client details.
  5. Avoid the companies who use black-hat seo
  6. Always check their reviews
  7. Demand complete transparency 


seo services in calicut

We have shortlisted some top-running seo services in Calicut. Here they are:


Sizcom Digital is one of the best seo company in Calicut. They provide promotional consultancy services for companies online and offline.

They offer online advertising strategies such as PPC(Google Ads), SEO (Search engine optimization), SMM (Social media marketing), SEM (Search engine marketing), Complete digital marketing, AdSense, Website Design and Development Domain Registration, E-Commerce Solutions, Content Management System, Web hosting,  and other IT-related projects.

Sizcom digital also provides digital marketing courses from experts and job training. The courses they offer are: 

  • Diploma in digital marketing
  • Training in SEO
  • Training in SMM
  • Training in PPC

Contact details: 

    Sizcom Digital-Cyber Park

    SDB 1,UL Cyberpark,ULCCS Ltd,

    SEZ 2nd Floor

    Building Number:28/1758,


    Pin 673016

    Ph: +91 9072884433




WEBSTRIO Digital is one of the best seo company in Calicut providing a variety of digital marketing solutions.

They offer SEO-related services that in Calicut will aid you in reaching your business objectives. They offer the most effective SEO marketing solutions, SMM digital branding, SEO-friendly website development with the best SEO tools, PPC management, and more.

They are a group of experienced digital marketers who work for their clients around the world.

They have a professional SEO team that is well-versed in the most current SEO methods to improve the ranking of your website.

Digital marketing is cost-effective and extremely effective.

They utilize a performance-based marketing method to give the best results for their clients.

As an online marketing firm located in Calicut they are able to handle every aspect of online marketing for your business, whether it’s SEO or social media marketing campaigns, or anything else in between.

Their team of highly skilled marketing experts works tirelessly to reach the people you want to reach and produce results that boost the visibility of your brand and bring new customers.

They are eager to expand along with you as your company expands.

WEBSTRIO Digital provides the best seo services in calicut. Their services are: 

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google ads (PPC)
  • Branding & Logo design
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Email marketing
  • Youtube SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Software development
  • Video content creation

Contact details: 

      2nd floor, 

      Evergreen Tower, 

      CDA Colony Road, 



      Ph: +91 9188051255


Orexis digital marketing company is one of the successfully running seo companies in Calicut, Kerala.

They deliver complete digital marketing solutions like SEO, SMM, Branding, Google ads, etc.

They have an amazing track record in brand building.

Their services are the result of many experiments and lots of discussions with customers.

They are committed to achieving customer satisfaction as their primary goal.

They guarantee all of their products are top in terms of performance and efficiency.

At Orexis the best digital marketing agency in Calicut, Kerala, there is no term “compromise” in the high quality and performance of the services they provide.

They deliver 24/7 online and offline support for their clients.

Services that they provide are: 

  • Web Development
  • Online Marketing
  • Branding
  • Social media marketing

Contact details: 

Armishas apartments,

U.K.S. Road,

Near Jafferkhan Colony,

Kozhikode, Kerala, India

Ph: +919562898339



Decodedigits are the Best web development company in Calicut, Kerala.

They design web development, web applications, and other programs that create a beautiful web page that is responsive to your goals in your mind.

They also provide websites that are responsive and designed for any device.

Their web development company is dedicated to offering web development solutions and support that is high-quality and creative.

They provide a variety of solutions including Web application design, cybersecurity maintenance and support for e-commerce, android creation, graphics design marketing, design, and SEO to development and design of hosting and marketing.

They deliver strong professional, user-friendly and visually appealing websites for every type of business.

Their team utilizes modern technologies of web development to make something completely new for customers. 

Provisions they provide are:

  • SEO
  • Website designing & development
  • Software and web applications
  • E-commerce development 
  • Digital marketing Advertising & branding

Contact details: 

Decodedigits IT Crew

Vyapara Bhavan

Calicut – 04

Ph: +91 9141700500


Trinix digital is the best seo company in Calicut. 

They are of the most trusted digital marketing companies in Kerala that offers complete digital marketing services to its clients to improve their site traffic.

They have a great team of experts that contributes to the business and guarantee the best results for their customers.

They provide services that are industry-specific and adapt them to the customers’ needs and current market conditions.

Services that Trinix digital provides are:

  • SEO
  • Google Adwords
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing 
  • Web development 
  • Graphic Designing
  • Artificial Intelligence Course

Contact details: 

Trinix digital

C.M Mathew brothers arcade

2nd floor, Kannur road

West nadakkavu, kozhikkodu


Ph: +91 9746844673


Influocial Technologies is the one of best Social Media & SEO companies in Calicut.

They offer all kinds of digital marketing services across Kerala.

Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Ad Campaigns, PPC Local SEO Web Designing, Social Media Campaigns, Software Services, Mobile Apps, E-commerce Marketing and more are the main services of influocial technologies.

In the past few decades, marketers have been required to keep up with the latest technological advances.

To stay ahead of these developments, marketing professionals are making use of digital technology.

Industries in which they offer services are:

  • Corporate marketing
  • Food and Beverage marketing
  • Healthcare marketing services
  • Technology marketing services
  • Finance digital marketing
  • Educational digital marketing
  • Solar digital marketing
  • Energy digital marketing 
  • Hotel digital marketing

Contact details: 

       Influocial Technologies

       Mobile 10X  Building

       28/1650D Govt.

       Cyberpark, Nellikkode

       Kozhikode, Kerala.


Ph: +91 9072481365


The best seo company in Kerala located in Thrissur must be able to offer business-focused techniques, with a shrewd and subtle approach capable of achieving business objectives and increasing revenues.

The majority of digital marketing firms in Kerala claim to be the top in providing various online marketing solutions.

The challenges arise from strategizing and translating dreams into reality.

A large business begins modestly, but it’s expanding unevenly.

What’s important about a business is that you don’t construct a company it’s the people you build and individuals build businesses.

It is crucial to create plans of action that will result in growth, results and eventually success.

Marketing via digital Kerala is growing rapidly and is making it difficult to decide which is the top digital marketing expert in Kerala.

Nexxa corporates are willing to work across Kerala including Calicut. They also provide the best digital marketing courses trained by the best digital marketing trainer.

Services offered by nexxa are:

  1. Branding
  2. SEO
  3. Social media
  4. PPC
  5. Content marketing
  6. Web and app
  7. Content marketing
  8. Artificial Intelligence Course

Digital Marketing Courses that nexxa offers are :

  1. Digital marketing course
  2. Seo course
  3. Social media marketing course
  4. Professional blogging course
  5. Integrated digital marketing course
  6. Customised digital marketing course

Contact details:

    Nexxa corporates

    3rd floor, Suharsha tower

    Shornur road, thrissur


    Ph: +918129000533

seo companies in calicut


You’ll find a lot of useful information on the internet, but you can’t always trust the information you find.

In our blog post, we’ve brought together the top 7 seo companies in Calicut according to our research. 

This list includes some of the most reputable companies in the industry, so if your company is looking for seo, you’ll want to make sure these are on your list of companies to call.

You can also find the best digital marketing institutes in Calicut here. 

If you would like to learn more about seo or digital marketing topics, please visit our blogs page.