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how to use pinterest to drive traffic to your website | step-by-step guide



If you are wondering how you can increase traffic to your website and get people to see your content, then you are at the right place!

Getting people to land on your website can be challenging.

But driving traffic to your website is important if you want to sell your product or services to your audience.

“You can lead traffic to your website almost immediately using Pinterest!”

Yes! You heard that right.

You can become successful on Pinterest if you figure out how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.


How to Drive Traffic with Pinterest

Pinterest is a free traffic generating social media platform where you can share images that can be viewed by people.

And these people can become your audience by buying your product or service, or by subscribing to your email list.

I am not sure if you have used Pinterest before or if you’re very new to Pinterest, most people use Pinterest for inspiration, ideas, and tutorials.

And all of this is available on Pinterest in the form of PINS that are extremely attractive and pleasing to the eye.

You can do this too if you learn how to drive traffic to your website with Pinterest.

These pins, that we talked about earlier, are nothing but images and visuals shared by millions of people on Pinterest makes it a HUGE visual search engine.

And people use Pinterest to search for something but still have not decided what exactly they want to buy.

Think about it! People come there with open minds willing to explore.

And unlike Facebook, where you need to write facebook ad copy, here on Pinterest you need attractive images.

If you are successful on Pinterest, you can also drive traffic to your website using Pinterest.

Once they are on your site, you can win them by impressing them with your articles, products, or services.

This is a great opportunity to generate leads, convert, and sell affiliate products.

You will get results sooner from Pinterest compared to any other Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. And that is the power of Pinterest.

And the best thing about Pinterest is that it can generate traffic exactly like Google.

Perhaps better than Google!


Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank on Google can be quite challenging to master and often needs assistance from a SEO company in Kerala to get started.

It can take months to rank on Google! And that is a LOT of time!

You can make use of SEO experts to speed up the process to make your website rank.

Without ranking, it is close to impossible for people to find your website.

Instead, you can learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.

All it takes is a good Pinterest traffic strategy in place.

This is exactly how to get blog traffic to the website

Free consistent traffic is one of the main reasons why bloggers love using Pinterest.

It is so effective that even business states use Pinterest to lead customers on to their website.

Isn’t that amazing?

Pinterest can help businesses by attracting the ideal customers from Pinterest to your website free of cost.

You do not necessarily have to be a blogger to make use of this Pinterest strategy of bloggers.

But you should create relevant content and of high quality to attract the right people of high quantity.

This free content can attract the right people on Pinterest to your website.

And if you are providing a solution for the problem your audience has, you can earn the trust of your ideal customer before you sell your product or service to them.

If you provide a solution to their problems, they will click on the pin and land on your website to find out.

Now, let’s take a look at How to Drive Traffic To Your Website With Pinterest.


How to Drive Traffic To Your Website With Pinterest

☛ Step 1: Create a Business Account on Pinterest


You can start by creating a business account on Pinterest.

If you already have an account, you have an option to switch it to a business account.

And it is completely FREE!

If you have a business account, you get a few additional options on your Pinterest account that will help you understand your audience and track your process.

This is a great Pinterest traffic strategy and will not take more than 5 minutes to set up.

Once you create your Pinterest account,

Go to account settings -> Convert to a Business account -> Convert Account.


☛ Step 2: Create your Boards

Once the account is set up, start by creating Pinterest Broads.

Boards can help you organize your pins and make them look presentable.

When you name the boards, make sure to use keywords and add a description for each board you create.

Boards save all your pins and organize making it easier for your audience to explore and find things easily without any hassle.

You can create as many boards as you want but make sure you have at least 5 boards on your profile that are relevant to your niche when you start.

Like I mentioned before, a genius Pinterest traffic strategy.

You can also create a Secret board to store irrelevant pins.

These secret boards are accessible only to the creator – that is YOU!

You can verify if a board is a secret board or not by looking for a lock symbol beside the board name.


☛ Step 3: Follow people with related Niche


Start following some people who post pins on your same niche.

You can do this by searching for a relevant keyword that matches your niche on the Pinterest search bar.

Find the Pins you like the most and see who uploaded them and follow them on Pinterest.

This will help you get an idea of how they create their pins so you can come up with better pins to upload.

Following people on your Niche is one of the best ways on how to use pinterest to drive traffic to your website.

☛ Step 4: Create Amazing Pins

The design of your Pin is very crucial on Pinterest.

The better the Pin looks, the more popular it becomes. After all, Pinterest is a VISUAL search engine.

The design you use on Pinterest can make or break your Pinterest result.

Do not forget to add stunning images that are relevant to your content.

And make sure to add text on the pins you create to make it stand out.

The text you include should be easy to read and understand for your audience.

Ensure it is big enough for the readers to read even if they are using mobile phones.

Moreover, when you switch to a business account, you will unlock some helpful features along with it, one of which is Rich pins.

Rich Pins show metadata right on the Pin, giving the viewers a richer experience and better engagement.

Information in a Rich Pin ensures that important information is always tied to the Pin.

There are four types of Rich Pins: app, article, recipe, and product pins.

You can choose the type depending upon your niche or what is relevant to your business.

This is a great Pinterest strategy for bloggers.

Now the fun part, designing the Pins.

You can use Adobe Photoshop to design the Pins if you are familiar with that tool.

Or else you can use Canva, which is a free graphic design platform.

You can make use of hundreds of free templates available on Canva to create Pins effortlessly.

Here are few examples :


☛ Step 5: Manually upload pins to Pinterest


After creating the pin, manually upload the pins to Pinterest.

Make sure to add a short description for each Pins. You can write three to four sentences describing the pin.

But make sure you include relevant keywords and hashtags.

Keywords can be added in various ways. Some of which are;

  • Pin description
  • Pin image ALT text
  • Profile description
  • Profile names
  • Board names
  • Board description

description, profile names, Board names, and Board description.

This way, you can optimize your pins to make them viral on Pinterest.

Creating as many viral pins as possible is how to get more impressions on Pinterest fast!

Optimizing your pins will ensure that they will appear at the top of the search page when someone types in the keyword on the Pinterest search bar.


☛ Step 6: Be consistent on Pinterest


Pinterest does observe how long you spend time on Pinterest.

You can use online automation tools to be consistent on Pinterest.

Automation tools will upload your pins without your presence.

One of the automation tools accepted by Pinterest is Tailwind.


You can upload pins to Tawilwind and set a time for uploads.

The tool will seamlessly upload the pins to your Pinterest.

And also, keep track of your audience to find out what they like and what they do not.



There are many things you can do with the help of Pinterest. You even observe the status of your pins and how well they are doing by checking the Pinterest Analytics ( only available to Pinterest business accounts).

By doing this, you will get an insight into what pins you should create next that your audience looks forward to. This is how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, increase Pinterest impressions and turn your pins viral on your Pinterest account.

Also keep in mind that if you can do all of these from just one platform and drive traffic, imagine what you can do from various social media platforms to grow your business. If you are not sure where you get started, you can always reach out to the best social media marketing company in Kerala to get the job done on your behalf. You can also learn a social media marketing course in Kerala to get ahead of the best and start growing your business today!

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