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Ranking & Google page experience algorithm update. . .

How do they relate?

Ranking at the top of the Google search engine result page is always our point of attraction.


Sometimes you have already ranked your website without knowing page experience.

Well, here we are discussing the Google page experience algorithm update launching in mid-June.

What is Google algorithm update?


Google algorithm update is a complicated system used to keep data from search indexes and straight away provide possible data.

The search engine is a rare combination of algorithms and several other ranking factors to deliver web pages.

In earlier years, Google has made many algorithm updates which makes immense or rare changes in the SERP pages.

Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Rank brain, Medic, Bert are some of them and each has a different purpose.

For example, the objective of Penguin is to downrank sites whose backlink is unnatural.

Whereas Panda gives a so-called quality score to the website and it is used for ranking.

It shows that each update has come up with new changes which affect ranking.

Let us jump into the Google page experience algorithm update launching in mid-June.

What is Google page experience algorithm update?


Page experience!

What does it mean?

It is a kind of experience you are going to accumulate from a website. 

Google is going to give importance to page experience.

That means customers are the first priority for google.

What a customer service!


Customers are the hero!

Google has already announced the update, and it is going to implement it in April- May.

How does google ensure and enhance page experience?

What are the features affecting the Google page experience 2023?

Let us go in detail!


Page experience is currently focused on three facets: 

Loading: As the name suggests, it shows the load speed.. which means the time taken to load the main page content.

Interactivity: it refers to how the user interacts with the page. the scroll, click, tap are some of the interactions between the user and the page. If the user loves the page, he starts to interact with it.

Visual stability refers to the prevention of unexpected movement in a webpage.

Please remember that Google has clubbed these elements along with others in order to give better experience and ranking in the Search Engine Result Page.

You might have another question now

Where should you focus more?

On content or page experience.

It doesn’t show that you can completely ignore the content.

Give importance to your content.

Along with that, you must focus on-page experience too.

Let me explain with an example: 

If Google sees two sites with equally relevant content and one has more user experience will rank higher rather than the page with low user experience. 

How will Google measure page experience?

Google Search console has produced a report which clearly states.

It has combined five signals and its performance on Google.

Mobile-friendliness: it is one of the factors which is given importance.

If you want to check the mobile-friendliness of your site.

Check Google search console which will give hints about specific issues on your site.

Safe Browsing, in order to check the security issues report under security & manual Actions in Google search console.


Have you ever noticed a locked emblem in your browser address bar?

It shows that your website is secured. 

Intrusive Interstitials 

Intrusive Interstitials/pop-ups cover major parts of your mobile.

It gives a terrible experience. Google wants to avoid it and provide a better experience for the user.

User experience is going to be the biggest priority in google.

It is better to give more user experience.

If you have provided more user experience, your website is going to rank.

Otherwise, it is going to go downward.

It would take time to implement a new update, but it is always better to be ahead of the race.

So, check your website for the problems and fix them soon.

What are the other ways to improve your website?