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Facebook is one of the most popular platforms in social media. Since it is a platform where we get a large audience, Facebook ads target its audience based on demographics, location and profile information.

Since Facebook advertising is the best in advertisements, learn the Facebook Ads course in Kerala from the best digital marketing institute.

Nexxa Digital Academy offers you the best of several in-depth facebook ads course in Kerala. The course provided by us will establish you as an expert in Facebook advertising service.

We offer high-quality pro classes for Facebook Ads courses as our classes are by experienced professional experts who will teach you from basic to advanced.

We offer you the best Facebook ad courses in Kerala

We, Nexxa Digital Academy, ensure you give the best Facebook Ads course in Kerala. We always keep our promises like most of our students are now professionals in Facebook Ads. Our Facebook Ads course 2021 will enhance your skills in Facebook advertising.

We have highly professional digital marketers who are experts in Facebook advertising. We have years of familiarity and experience in digital marketing. Since Nexxa is part of a leading digital marketing company, we provide intensive training and internships.

Get to know more about what is Facebook advertising

Since Facebook is one of the most popular platforms, most companies rely on Facebook for advertising. Facebook ads appear in your news feed on desktop or mobile in the right column of Facebook. Facebook is concerned about the social activities that you or your friends have taken.

Facebook advertising is the most straightforward way to get your message simply to your audience. The difference between Google ads and Facebook ads is their intent as google ads specifically show something while Facebook ads show up on audiences’ interests.

Please take a look at our Facebook Advertising course

  • Introduction to Facebook – how to get started on your Facebook Ad marketing Campaign
  • Facebook research
  • How to create Facebook Ad and campaign
  • Facebook link
  • Facebook social plugins
  • Facebook automation
  • Facebook measurement
  • Facebook open graph
  • Facebook pages and ads


Our curriculum is suitable for both beginners and working professionals.

Our Advanced Facebook Ads Training

As the leading and best facebook advertising company and digital marketing company, we know how to give you the basics you need to know before creating your first Facebook Ad campaign through advanced Facebook Ads training and internship. We will provide you with the advanced Facebook Ads course in Kerala.

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Anyone interested in Facebook Ads can join us.



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  • Quality learning
  • Flexible batches
  • Supporting faculties
  • Updated curriculum
  • Advanced Facebook Ads training
  • Expert trainers
  • Internship
  • 100% job assurance
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