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By  Malavika |  Date  :  08-june-2023

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diploma courses in kerala

The Diploma courses in Kerala offers a solid foundation for those who wish to follow a path to enhance their abilities and gain experience.The range of flows and technologies has expanded and a number of new courses are integrated into the diploma. Candidates can discuss all aspects of theoretical and practical education. At the end of the period, students can practice a profession or continue their training in the bachelor of engineering program to increase their career prospects to prepare for the next stage of education.


This is the best blog where you get numerous  Diploma courses in kerala listed, and that is best suitable for you to get deeper into subjects from various branches. The list of the diploma courses in Kerala is not only based on further education but also the approval for the job entry. The course fee for diploma courses depends upon their subject and course duration; eligibility for the minimum admissions to Diploma courses in Kerala is 10th or equivalent from a recognized board. What are the best diploma courses in kerala?

1. Digital Marketing

One of the most effective methods of learning about digital marketing is by following an online digital marketing diploma courses in kerala. A quality course can aid you in developing the knowledge required to be an effective digital marketer quickly and help you advance your career. It is intended to assist students in developing the necessary skills to become effective digital marketers. Divided into six focus-focused sections, which comprise 25 essential digital marketing modules, The course is taught online to assist students in learning how to develop and test their personal strategies. Digital marketing modules which includes,

SEO (Search  Engine Optimization)

SEO is the method of using organic strategies to get your site ranked high in search results. It is a method of directing visitors to your site from a search engine result page. It’s not just about sending traffic to your site. However, it also has an important part to play in turning those leads into high-quality leads. SEO is typically classified into three categories, as shown below:

a. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is nothing more than optimizing the content of a website page to focus on a specific keyword and make it appear at the top of search engines. This can be achieved through a number of activities, such as search engine optimization, content creation, and keyword optimization.

b. Off-Page SEO

It’s done to increase the popularity of a site by linking it to other high-quality websites. In this way, you allow search engines to trust the content of your website. This increases the popularity and reliability of your website on search engines.


How to get backlinks to your site?

The process of creating backlinks by linking your web page’s content to other websites of high quality is known as link building.

c. Technical SEO

It is typically carried out to ensure a positive user experience. The process is usually carried out by paying attention to your website’s speed, accessibility, mobile-friendliness, crawlability, website structure, and indexation. A lot of people have come to the perception that SEO is no longer effective within the B2B market. However, the truth is that over 70 percent of B2-B purchases start their purchasing process by using a search engine. So that your SEO strategy should be focused on How to create high-quality content and creating quality backlinks that can increase your reach to a larger audience and also rank highly on search engines. Even though SEO is becoming more difficult every day, it’s one of the most effective methods for B2B.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM is a paid strategy to attract a brand by appearing at the top of the search engine results page. This is also known as pay-per-click marketing (PPC) or paid search. This involves many activities, including setting up ads, optimizing ads, setting budgets, and placing ads. Although SEM can be done on many search engines, it is primarily done on Google. Google Ads supports paid advertising through its search engine and other partners.SEM is the best marketing strategy for B2B. SEM allows you to target your audience by defining their interests and filtering them by age, location, and habits.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social media marketing is the act of attracting attention and traffic to social media sites by posting relevant content that is relevant to your target audience. Popular social media platforms which includes Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Pinterest. Social media marketing is gaining popularity. LinkedIn is being used by B2-B companies to promote their products and services.

Email marketing

The use of email in your marketing strategies to advertise your company’s products and services and also to encourage the loyalty of customers. Email marketing is one type of marketing that makes those on your email list aware of the latest product discounts, new products, and other offerings. It could also be an easier sell to inform your clients about the benefits of your company’s brand or keep them interested throughout the purchase.

It could be anything but.

How create and send email campaign MailChimp?

Mailchimp will help you create the structure, design, and improve your marketing via email to ensure the most ROI from your marketing plan. Digital marketing is the one of the best diploma courses in Kerala , most of the people selected this course because of course duration and it’s salary scale.

The importance of digital marketing 

1. Cost-effective
2. Brand recognition
3. Increase in ROI
4. Safety at work
5. High income
6. Skill development

2. Diploma in Business Administration

The course mainly focused on subjects relevant to administratio, coordination and Management, as well as Consultation. The future risks and profit expectations. It aids in the maintenance of the business’s operations and also helps understand management concepts as well. The qualification for the course is that applicants must have a total score of 50%-60 percent in the 12th grade from an accredited Board in any subject or stream. There are some institutions that accept students by the 12th grade. The course is offered at the end of 10, +2, students can enroll in this course either after the UG or PG course as an added course. The fee in Kerala for this course ranges from INR 15,000 to INR 1.5 lakhs per annum.

The rest depends on the kind of institution that offers the course. After the course has been completed after which one is able to continue for further studies such as masters, graduation, and Ph.D. or opt for different jobs such as Administrative Assistant, Office Coordinator or Departmental Store Supervisor, etc or turn to a job. The average starting salary for the job description ranges from INR 2-5 lakhs or more, depending on the organization as well as the candidate’s experience and experience. Candidates may also choose Masters or PhD programs in the related area.

 3. Computer Application & Business Management

This diploma courses in kerala is intended to provide insights into the theories and practical aspects of business management and the applications of computers in business. Students designing and implementing the Diploma Curriculum in Computer Applications and Business Management. Candidates learn how to manage IT processes for different types of business industries, acquire office work skills, which is essential for managing business and also get to know about the other aspects of business such as marketing, sales, branding, customer service and so on.

Candidates must pass at least the 12th standard at an accredited institution to be qualified to take this course. The length of the course varies from 2 to 3 years, and differs between different institutes depending on various factors such as the prior qualification of the applicant, the institution, type of course, etc.

4. Diploma in Interior Design & Space Management

The Interior Design and The Space Management diploma courses in kerala is full of energy and is designed to guide students through an exciting journey through space design. It covers topics that range from fundamental visual and design drafts to interior design professionals, components of interior space including furnishing and furniture, construction materials and construction, as well as interior services, and more; the program is intense and focuses on.

Here are some possibilities to work with established architects or interior design firms, working as

1. Designers of the interior and spatial
2. Interior designer and planner
3. Space planner
4. Consultant for decorating
5. 3D visualizer
6. Furniture designer
7. Turnkey designer
8. Academician
9. Exhibition designer

5. Diploma In Aviation Course

The diploma in Aviation course is a full-time course that covers the administration of airports and aviation. The length of the practice ranges from 6 months to a year. This aviation training course has been designed so that students are prepared with all the information and professionalism needed from the aerospace industry at the moment. Skills like IT and problem-solving are developed in students to prepare them for the workplace.

The minimum requirement for pursuing an education program includes 10+2 and equivalent qualifications from an accredited university. Admission for the class is made upon the basis of the marks of 10+2 and a personal interview. Aviation and hospitality both are components of travel and tourism. Since they are two elements of one tree, both are connected. Each department in aviation dealing with customers demands hospitality.

6. Professional Diploma In Communication Design

The primary components of the course place emphasis on originality and conceptualization. Students are exposed to traditional print media and contemporary digital media, learning the fundamental skills required to compete in the current market. This program explores different techniques employed by professionals to tell compelling stories and ideas using the production and post-production process.

Students will learn to create an analysis, analyze, and assess digital services, products, and tools. The skills that this program seeks to build in students combine technical knowledge with research methods to provide an innovative conceptual approach to solving problems.

7. Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

This one-year program will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to start and be successful in your career in tourism and hospitality. It is focused on the latest developments in the field of hospitality.

Program Outcomes

1. Develop hotel-specific competencies including efficient communication skills, excellent customer service abilities as well as leadership and teamwork in order to offer top-quality service

2. Work with a supervisory team to gain experience directly linked to your educational and career objectives.

3. Learn to be immediately efficient in the tourism and hospitality industries by learning the basic principles and processes for a variety of hospitality-related functions, including housekeeping, front desk operations and production of food and beverages

8.Diploma in Animation & Visual Effects

 Duration: 2 Years

In this cutting-edge diploma courses in kerala, you’ll learn the design and technical abilities required to create digital content that is computer-generated animation or visual effect sequences that are used for entertainment, education or even for marketing goals. Learn how to create games and animations digitally employing industry-standard software and 3D graphics software and modeling and compositing software, as well as explore new applications like virtual reality and mixed reality.

9. Diploma in Graphic & Web Designing

A Diploma in Graphic Design is a one-year-long, full-time diploma program that covers multimedia, game development and animation in the use of graphics. The polytechnic program or diploma is increasing in popularity due to its blend of technological innovation and creativity. Graphic design can be described as a program that teaches students the expertise about multimedia and its fundamentals and applications.

Candidates who have completed their 12th grade with at least 50 % marks are eligible for this program. After completing the Diploma of Graphic, Design Candidates can be found many opportunities to work in the fields of books, magazines ads, websites and magazines. In addition, they can take a further level in graphic design or another related area.

10. Diploma in Architectural Design

In our life, partnerships are valued with a great deal of respect. The facility gives you the opportunity to interact with many people from different backgrounds and get their perspective on the world. Buildings and their design need input from a variety of people. This is the reason why getting an architecture degree can be beneficial. No one has been able to make huge gains during their first few hours of learning.

Once you’ve completed your degree, you’ll be qualified to apply for architect jobs or could start your own business, which is more sought-after in this area. Architectural professionals earn a living wage, and once they have climbed the ladder of professional success, there’s no limitation to what you can attain, and that’s the great thing about this field.


6 months diploma courses in Kerala after 12th Many students think that when they graduate from high school, their life will end abruptly. They think they’ll receive the standard choice of subjects to select from, and everyone follows. There’s lots of confusion which could be entering the minds of the kids in this situation. To address the issue, we’ll look at the different diploma programs that are offered after the 12th grade.

These 6 months diploma courses in Kerala offer the benefit of having knowledge in a specific area and getting secured highly salary job

1. Foreign Language
2. Graphic designing
3. Photography
4. Web development


Online Diploma Courses In Kerala, Chennai and Bangalore. Online Diploma courses are well-known and have been in the spotlight since the pandemic. This is why education officials switched all systems to online. Online Diploma Courses in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, and Tamil Nadu have all been introduced on a large scale, which has allowed students to take courses from home. Nurses such as Electrical & Chemical Engineering and IT, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Computer Science Engineering are well-researched and taught to students via Online Mode. Students also looking Online diploma job oriented courses now a days.

Key Points About Online Diploma Course:-

1. Simple Pattern states that students don’t care about the long-term program process and prefer to learn on their own time.
2. Attending lectures is not a requirement.
3. Online courses are an excellent option for working professionals. They can learn new courses and improve their skills.
4. The University provides study material for Educational Assistance.


This blog clearly says that diploma courses in Kerala and their wide opportunities. There are a lot of students who are searching for secure jobs in their intrested field but lack practical and extra knowledge they can’t get any job. Some diploma courses in kerala are long term, but no one can wait for these large periods of time. The above passage lists some long term courses and some short term courses.

Digital marketing is one of the short term course, and we can complete this diploma courses in kerala within 3 months, but depending on the complete module, it may extend up to 6 months to one year. To search for the best job oriented digital marketing course  in kerala, we have to see Nexxa digital academy.