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Most valuable digital marketing skills 2023


 digital marketing strategist skills


It’s 2023 and digital marketing is not the same. All those regular norms and myths about digital marketing are as good as gone now.


If you want to survive in the field of digital marketing you need to have some serious game of digital marketing strategist skills that will blow the mind of your opponent.


And this article might be the life saver you’ve been looking for. Here I’m gonna share with you some of the most required and high demand digital marketing skills that you require in 2022 to excel the future.


Let me remind you that, in this article you might find things or most in demand digital marketing skills (2022) that you might have never thought a digital marketer would ever need to survive in the field, but spoiler alert. There are some here.


Just before I started to write this blog, I ran a quick scan or you can say a blogger-research on the topic and indeed I got disappointed.

I think some people are stuck with the myths of digital marketing that were articulated in the early periods of internet marketing.

It’s 2022 and everyone knows that digital marketing is not just about SEO or Backlinks or large Contents.


But if ‘you’ do a quick run on the internet about the skills you require as a digital marketer, you’ll still see these SEO, backlink things hanging in there.


I mean, move on guys, even covid 19 is stepping aside. I’m not saying that as a digital marketer you don’t have to learn SEO or Backlinks. In fact you must learn them, you can’t survive without them in internet marketing. But that’s not all you want.


We can’t even spell digital marketing without marketing right, then how come no one has ever introduced the importance of marketing in digital marketing.


But don’t worry, we are starting the essential digital marketing skills 2022 with the most important and later mentioned skill; the marketing.


Skills needed for digital marketing

digital marketing strategist


When talking about skills there are both soft skills and hard skills that you require. And once you start to combine these both skills together in the right places or the right situations you can sweep the field clean.


Now let’s start with some of the soft skills that are highly essential to cope up with the ever growing market. 

Soft skills for digital marketing


 Before detailing them in-depth, see what’s coming.

▪ Market research skills

▪ Storytelling skills

▪ Consumer psychology skills

▪ Listening skills

▪ Creative thinking

▪ Quick learning

These are some of the essential soft skills that you need to survive in the digital marketing field in 2023. Yes, the digital marketing skills 2023.

Let’s start from the first;

1. Market Research Skills



As mentioned before we cannot spell digital marketing without marketing and as I said and starting our skills with that itself.


The market never remains the same. not even a single particle or atom of the market has never remained the same. There is no such history.


That means the market is always developing and restructuring oneself which cannot be grabbed by no one. So a regular check or regular research is-a-must if you are trying to survive in any field.

Everything requires research and once you are starting to deploy in the market, you too have to do some research before getting deep into it.


Digital marketing is such a field where the trends can never catch the eye, because it changes in a blink so a little bit of pre-thinking and deep research is an unavoidable aspect.


Why is market research skill so important in digital marketing? Actually this question is the only one that makes sense when we are talking about this topic, but is it necessary to answer that question? well anyway.


Digital marketing is such a field where you have to channelize the work or articulate the data you collect into various streams and have to make sure they give the right outcome to your pursuit.


But the main problem here is no matter how much effort we put in to get that perfect outcome everything is dependent upon the current status of the customers.


And if you want the outcome to be perfect or to be worth the effort you take, you must run a detailed research on the customers you are preparing. your target customers.


But now unlike the traditional methods you have plenty of ways by you can conduct a research on your customers or market, which goes like:


▪ Interactive sections through social media
▪ Surveys
▪ Interviews
▪ Email campaign

And much more.

And once you acquire the skill to master the market or observe the market thoroughly, you can now focus on your storytelling skills.


2. Storytelling skills.


Now you might think about what a storytelling skill can do in digital marketing? Well, a lot.


If you want to know the importance of storytelling you can just check the latest module of blogs or content writing and copywriting that everyone is pursuing in their websites.


Even search engines encourage blogs that communicate with the person in more of a one-to-one talk. It is because that’s what the users want, they don’t want a thesis paper or a research paper they just want information and if your piece of information is engaging to keep a person in front of the screen then you won the game.


Since we are talking about the digital marketing skills that you require in 2025, you should consider storytelling as a crucial lead because as you can see all the established brands have already spoken about their stories.


People don’t want facts, all they now want is just to hear the true stories and if you can deliver the true stories with a beautiful storytelling skill then you are halfway past clear.



Even on social media, you can see clever black brands establishing their account as a form of their story where the customers can see the true self of that brand, through their small stories that are happening in real life.


Nowadays you can see a trend where the blogs of a particular pursuit are like a story. through a blog, they will say how they achieved the heights or a particular thing that you are searching for just like a story that attracts 27% more conversions than the regular blogs.


Now that you have acquired the storytelling skills that you can use to entice the customers, you must focus on the consumer psychology skills which you have to use on the customers.

3. Consumer psychology skills


Everything you do on a daily basis is purely based on your psychological status and the current situation is and when you are a consumer when you are making a purchase, this applies the same.


And this is why you need to gather consumer psychology skills.


When a person buys a product there can be tons and tons of reasons that person buys the product.


It can be purely emotional or it can be a necessity sometimes it can be any other reason and knowing these reasons of the consumers can make a huge impact on your business.


When speaking about consumer psychology e there is a lot.

Even the cover or the packing of a product makes a major impact on the consumer’s brain and sometimes the decision can be purely based upon that impact because shopping never occurs purely on the basic needs.


Sometimes people can buy things just because they feel like buying things even though they don’t need to.


And that’s why Consumer psychology skills include every single detail like color psychology too. And just so you know, psychology is something fun to learn.

Some of the common consumer psychological tactics that work on everyone are:

▪ Give them attention and ask for their attention

▪ Make them feel that they are important, not their money

▪ Give something in common for the customers to relate to you

▪Before pursuing them to make the purchase, make them understand what  is best for them not in terms of money but in terms of their needs.

▪ Share your personal experience to build the foundation of trust in the very first place.

▪ Make your interaction more fun with quizzes, games, and puzzles.

And no matter why the consumer wants your product or service or why they are making the purchase, these tactics always work.

and once you understand the psychology of the consumers or once they make a purchase or once they interact with you, they start to tell you things, they start to tell you what they want and that’s where you need the next skill which is ‘listening’.



4. Listening skills


digital marketing skills


Now how can someone listen especially when we are talking about digital marketing skills?


When I say listening skills, it doesn’t mean that you have to listen to your customers orally. I just want to establish an idea of listening to the reviews and feedback of the customer, or some industry conversation that you have to keep keen attention to.


Once you start to develop the skill and establish that in your career you can see drastic changes in what you do. If you want to provide something, you have got to know what you should provide and for that, you should listen to your prospects and that’s what we do with listening skills.


When you listen to your prospects and give them exactly what they are asking for then the demand for your services increases naturally and such digital marketing strategist skills are highly required in the coming generation of digital marketing skills.


And the next skill coming up is somewhat required in almost all of the industries in the current arena which is creative thinking.



5. Creative thinking



When talking about digital marketing, somehow, the first image that everyone perceives is of creating a website and stuff like that. And here, the creative thinking is boxed into only creating websites and other tangles related to it.


But the creativity I’m trying to mention here is completely different. It’s not enough that you have the creativity skill to design or build a website. Especially when you can build tons and tons of creative and different websites with a few clicks of your fingers.


Yes, now you can avail yourself of pre-designed website templates that go both ways. Free and paid.


So indeed the creative skills you use on creating websites and other things like that are the least you need in the coming era. I’m not saying that those skills are useless. Indeed they are of great help for designing.


But the skills I want you to acquire is an overall creative thinking skill. Imagine a situation where you are having a work of digital marketing and your client is asking are necessary but the real one is the star now.


The real creative thinking which includes creative solution development, creative problem-solving skills, creating a collection of data and analyzing them, and so on.

No one requires the regular method of the regular ways how things are done. Everyone is looking for something creative and new.


Just imagine a situation where you are doing work for your client, if the work isn’t creative enough to please your client, there is a  huge chance for you to lose a major milestone of your career which is, trust in your prospects.


So creative thinking is a crucial skill to develop while entering into the digital marketing field. Now let’s take a look at the last digital marketing skill, which is quick learning.


6. Quick learning


Quick learning is also somewhat a skill that is required in almost every industry. The markets are changing rapidly and we have to be as quick as possible to learn the differences within the snap of your fingers.

Especially digital marketing. To be honest you can never find a field that is more changing and developing like digital marketing.

The trend you see today won’t be the same as tomorrow. Maybe it won’t wait until tomorrow if you find something new today morning. There are chances for you to find something rather new in the afternoon. That is the pace of change in digital marketing.

And when Starting to accumulate skill sets suited for digital marketing, never set aside the quick learning one.

With that, we can conclude the major digital marketing skills that are necessary to sweep the field in 2023.

Now before concluding the whole topic, I would like to make you acquainted with some of the technical skills for digital marketing.

 Technical skill for digital marketing

technical skill for digital marketing



As I mentioned before, you can excel in the digital marketing skills altogether at once if you combine both the soft and technical skills together, which we have already come across the soft skills and I want to show you some of the major technical digital marketing skills which go like:


▪ Designing skills

▪ Video marketing skills

▪ Copywriting skills

▪ Audio marketing skills

▪ Content strategy skills


And the list doesn’t end here. And if you want to know more about any of the information given in here you can check out the best digital marketing company in Kerala or even the best digital marketing academy in Kerala to learn these skills by applying them during the learning process.

Hope all this information comes in handy for you.


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