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Digital Marketing Internship For Freshers, Which One Get You Best Career Growth In 2024

This is the era where the use of social media is increasing a lot. So, digital marketing is an excellent option for you who want career growth. Many courses, including Advanced Digital Marketing, are available today for those who want to learn digital marketing.

Explore the exciting world of Digital Marketing internships, where beginners can express their creativity while honing the art of crafting engaging content, mastering social media platforms, and conquering online advertising. It isn’t simply a job but an adventure in learning new skills! Join me as we uncover all that digital Marketing internship for freshers offer while making learning enjoyable & paving the way for exciting careers.

Digital marketing internship for freshers

Why You Must Do a Digital Marketing Internship for Freshers?

After completing the Advanced Digital Marketing course, it is essential to do an internship before entering a job. This statement’s rationale lies in distinguishing between practical application and theoretical learning. Only you can learn about the tools and their uses during the course. But you need practical knowledge to use those tools creatively. That skill is acquired only through internships. 

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How Internships Benefit Freshers

How Digital Marketing Intern Jobs Benefits Freshers

  • Skill Development
  • Industry insight
  • Boost in Confidence  
  • Connection with Professionals

Identify Suitable Digital Marketing Intern Jobs

Identifying and selecting the best Digital marketing intern jobs based on your skills and passion is very important. Before that, you must know each sector’s scope and nature of work. 

Below, you can find the best Digital marketing internship programme, their scope, role, nature of work, etc.

Digital marketing intern jobs

1. SEO Intern (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO internship is one of the best Digital Marketing Intern Jobs. This internship helps to learn about optimising websites and other web content to increase their result from search engines. SEO internship offers the chance to work with SEO experts in Kerala.

What Can You Learn as an SEO Intern?

  • Keyword Research :

Keyword research identifies and analyses particular words or phrases used by search engine users with less competition.

  • Analytical Structure :

Analytical structure is a framework or arrangement of our research and analysis.

  • Content Writing :

Analytical structure is a framework or arrangement of our research and analysis.

  • Website Designing :

Web design involves the creation of attractive and practical web layouts that incorporate elements like navigation graphics and user interface designs to create an enjoyable and user-friendly digital experience for users.

  • On-page, Off-page and Technical SEO

On-page SEO focuses on optimising specific websites to increase search engine rankings. It involves meta tags, content enhancement and optimisation of keywords. Off-page SEO builds website trust using external factors like links and other social indicators. Technical SEO is the method that improves website structure as well as its performance by looking at elements such as website speed and mobile friendliness. It also considers crawlability and mobile-friendliness to increase ranking on search engines.

  • Competitive research

Competitive analysis in SEO involves analysing and evaluating competitors’ strategies and tactics, including keywords, backlinks and other content, to find potential opportunities and benchmarks.

  • SEO tools

SEO tools used during internships provide hands-on experience using various platforms and software, aiding in the research of keywords, website analysis, performance tracking and optimisation. They allow interns to implement data-based methods and gain knowledge for effective SEO practices.

2. SMM Intern (Social Media Marketing)

Social Media Internship is another Digital Marketing Intern Jobs.The SMM (Social Media Marketing) intern helps create and manage posts for various Social Media platforms. He is educated about audience engagement and analytics and assists in developing strategies to improve the visibility of brands and increase engagement on various social media platforms.

What can you learn as an SMM Intern?

  • Management of platforms

An SMM internship helps manage social media platforms effectively by offering hands-on experience in content creation, analytics utilisation, and community engagement. Interns develop practical skills such as running campaigns, understanding algorithms, and staying informed of trends to enhance successful platform management on social media.

  • Trend Awareness

SMM internships foster trend awareness by exposing individuals to real-world social media dynamics. Interns learn to identify and capitalise on current trends, adapt strategies to platform changes, and stay updated on evolving social media behaviours. This hands-on experience equips them to effectively utilise trends for enhanced brand visibility and engagement.

  • Social Media Advertising

Find better ways to utilise social media to promote the business. It also covers budget management, audience targeting and campaign optimisation.

  • Analytics and Insights

Using analytics tools available through social media sites, you can interpret data, monitor a platform’s performance, and gain insights that help optimize strategy and content.

  • Ad Copywriting

As part of an SMM internship, you can develop valuable ad copywriting skills and tailor engaging messages for specific social media platforms. Furthermore, you’ll gain insights into effective language use among audiences of varying sizes, boosting your ability to create exciting content.

3. SEM Intern (Search Engine Marketing)

As a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) intern, you’ll study the many aspects of advertising via search engines, which includes Google Ads. SEM internships teach you how to optimizing a search engine marketing campaign.

What can you learn as an SEM Intern?

  • Google Ads Campaign Setup

The SEM internship allows you to learn the Complications of setting up effective Google Ads campaigns, from selecting target audiences and writing engaging ad copy to optimising for specific keywords. Gaining hands-on experience provides insight into campaign structure, budget management, and analytics tools used for measuring campaign performance. Budget management techniques are used to optimise these efforts.

  • Bid Management and Budgeting

Understanding what it takes to efficiently manage budgets to maximise Return On Investment (ROI).

  • Ad Extensions

Analysing which Google Ads offers to increase visibility and provide additional details to users about ads.

  • Optimising Quality Score:

Gaining insight into what factors affect Quality Score can significantly affect an ad’s rank and cost per click (CPC) costs.

  • Remarketing Strategies

Implement remarketing techniques to boost conversion rates. Retarget customers who have previously visited your website and increase conversions using this retargeting strategy.

Digital marketing opportunities and challenges


  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) provides various opportunities for professionals to produce engaging content, create and manage communities, launch paid ads, study data, and create an online presence for their brand that serves various audiences and industries in the current digital world.

  • Content Marketing
Content Marketing allows professionals to think and create engaging content and use storytelling to engage and engage with audiences across various channels. They want to boost awareness of brands, cultivate leads, and build relationships with customers on the web.
  • Search Engine Optimisation

SEO provides businesses with increased online visibility, cost-effective traffic growth, and improved credibility. It offers a global reach, enhances user experience, and adapts strategies to ever-changing market dynamics, providing a measurable competitive advantage in the digital landscape. Additionally, local SEO allows businesses to target local customers and enhance visibility within specific geographic areas.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing provides businesses an efficient and cost-effective way to reach their target audience. It encourages brand loyalty and drives sales through targeted and personal messages sent directly to the user’s inboxes. It is the best platform to establish relationships, advertise products, and increase the retention of customers. So, the scope of email marketing as a career is very high.

  • PPC Advertising

PPC advertising allows businesses to efficiently analyse and track the performance of their campaigns in real-time while using the latest strategies to enhance relevance, maintain an efficient cost structure, and ensure a measurable online presence.


  • Increased competition

Growing competition in digital marketing increases advertising costs and requires strategic thinking to engage customers and keep them ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape. Adapting, reducing costs, and understanding the audience is essential to succeeding in the competitive market.

  • Algorithm Changes:

The algorithmic changes in digital marketing affect the reach of advertisements and content and require marketers to keep up-to-date and modify strategies to maintain the most effective online presence. Adapting to algorithmic shifts is vital to sustaining organic reach and optimising paid-for campaigns in the constantly changing digital world.

  • Changing trends

Digital marketing is evolving and changing. Need continuous adapting to changing trends in the market, consumer behaviours, and the dynamics of platforms. Marketers must be innovative to utilise new opportunities and overcome challenges such as growing competition and shrinking attention spans.

Tips for Success

Tips for Success

  • Stay updated with industry trends
  • Continuous learning
  • Build a Solid online presence 
  • Flexibility

Best 3 Digital Marketing Internship Providers in Kerala (Online & Offline)

1.Nexxa Corporates

Nexxa Corporates is one of the top digital marketing company in Kerala. You can get free advanced digital marketing courses (online and offline), workshops, and the best internships with the experts from there. Nexxa Corporates also provides placement assistance for students and interns.

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Address: 3rd Floor, Suharsha Towers, Shoranur Rd, beside Thrissur Cooperative Hospital, Thrissur, Kerala 680001

2. Leniko Solutions

Leniko Solutions is a digital marketing company in Kerala. They also provide internship facilities for freshers.

Contact No:9072218888

Address: 1st Floor, Esquire, beside COA Kerala, 4th Cross Rd, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi, Kerala 682036

3. Blitz Academy

Blitz Academy is A Digital Marketing Academy in Kerala, and they provide Digital Marketing Courses and internships for beginners.

Contact No: 9061106007

Address: 204, Xavier Arakkal Rd, opposite North Railway Station, Ernakulam North, Kacheripady, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala 682018


Digital marketing is one of the top-demanding jobs available in India right now. So, you have an amazing career in digital marketing. Digital Marketing professionals can earn five lacs annually; all it requires is knowledge and experience in this area.

This blog discussed various digital marketing internships, opportunities, Challenges, tips for success, and the best internships providing companies in Kerala. 

I hope this blog post will inform you of the most effective Digital marketing intern jobs for new graduates.

If you want to pursue digital marketing as a career, you can contact the Nexxa Digital Academy. Nexxa offers Digital Marketing Course online and offline and also provides hybrid internships.