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Familiarize yourself with the best Digital Marketing Certificate Program

BY  ASWIN  |  JUNE  29.

best Digital Marketing Certificate Programs

Most of us who intend to learn some new skill or course reckon to learn those skills on the one hand gradually, and the other hand gets valuable certifications for those courses.

So here we are. In this article, we will give you a clear image of the best Digital Marketing Certificate Programs.

As we all know, the digital marketing course has seen a significant surge in these recent years.

As the pandemic almost engulfed us, forcing most of us to adapt to the new normal.

“The new normal being the work-from-home setup, and most of us are still thriving for such a kind of workspace.”

Still, we have not yet recovered totally from this so-called global pandemic. Therefore, most of us are in search of new opportunities to keep up with this fast-moving world.

Several people have opted to do a Digital marketing course online thinking about how to become a self made digital marketing expert as it is a more convenient and doable thing right now.

So, as we are discussing digital marketing. Many of you would have a question in mind,

What is a Digital Marketing Certification?

There are many online marketing courses with certificates, which can be achieved by attending one such online class and undergoing the required exams.

Once you have successfully completed these online exams or instead completed the course, you are provided with these valuable Digital Marketing Certifications.

Having a valuable certification helps you to be a step ahead in the game of job opportunities.

A certified marketing specialist or a certified digital marketing strategist are some well-marked skill titles that are the most attractive factors for some top companies to hire them without further doubt.

Now, let’s have a look at the Best Digital Marketing Certificate programs and the top digital marketing certifications

1. Google ads certification

Google Ads Certification

Primary money generation and rapid boosting of business happen when there is the involvement of paid Ads.

Google is one of the leading and most vastly used search engine platforms in today’s world.

Hence several big and small companies depend on Google to draw more traffic to their business and make more sales and profit.

Getting a google ads certificate can get you to top positions in the world of paid if you are an outperformer.

All you have to do is create a Google analytics academy account and start off with this free course.

There will be several assessments within the course. Once you have successfully completed those, you will be awarded google accredited certification.

2. Google analytics certification

Google Analytics Certification

This is a highly recommended digital marketing beginners course.

Composing a final assessment of 70 questions, Google analytics certification is one of the most exemplary certifications that you can showcase for future job opportunities.

Getting the hang of google analytical tools is advantageous if you are focusing on being a digital marketer.

Ever heard of KPI?

KPI or key performance Indicators are the metrics of your social media pages or web pages that can project the performance.

KPIs let you determine the different strategies you should follow or make changes regarding your websites or social media pages.

These are done within Google analytics. As we have mentioned earlier, this is a highly recommended online marketing certificate.


3. Google digital garage: fundamentals of digital marketing certificate

Google digital garage: Fundamentals of digital marketing certificate

As the name itself suggests, this is an introductory course which is absolutely free of cost.

Google digital garage covers most of the hot topics in digital marketing that you can possibly name.

The certificate which you will receive after the completion of the course is primarily valued by several companies.

This is one of the Best Digital Marketing Certificate programs that attracts mostly beginners who are looking to land their first steps to the digital marketing world.


4. Hubspot content marketing certification

Hubspot content marketing certification

We professional digital marketers always value content, as we often say, “Content is the king.”

A website page, blog, or articles with unparalleled and cunning content s needs nothing more to attract a potential lot of users online.

Hence the Hubspot content marketing certification is a more professional course attended by newbie content writers, copywriters, or any content marketing enthusiast.

What if we say that this attractive course is for free!!

Yes, you don’t have to pay a penny out of your pockets for these certifications.

5. Hubspot inbound marketing certification

HubSpot inbound marketing certification

Basics of inbound marketing, analyzing buyer’s perspective, creating a buyer persona, all included in seven elaborate modules.

What else can you ask for?

This is one of the top digital marketing certifications to take if you aim to become an inbound marketing professional.

6. Hubspot email marketing certification

Hub Spot Email marketing certification

Challenge and learn new skills with the course that has it all.

Several modules with more than 20 videos and finally analyze your understanding with a set of a quiz.

Once you are done with this course, you will be confident in creating cutting-edge marketing emails for sure.

7. Hootsuite social media marketing certification

Hootsuite social media marketing certification

This practical course will cost you around $199 for the beginner’s course, $249 for the advanced social advertising course, and $999 for advanced social media strategy.

Little pricey, but it’s worth it. Hootsuite Academy is one of the Best Digital Marketing Certificate programs, most reliable to get trained on social media marketing.

8. Hootsuite social selling certification

Hootsuite social selling certification

Learn how to be engaging, tactical, and achieve in the business you do via social media platforms.

Costing you $299 for the course, social selling certification is an asset for your job portfolio.

9. Content marketing institute online certification ( Content Vidhya )

Learn content writing, copywriting, and other writing skills from one of the best academies in the market.

Content Vidhya is the first name that pops up when you seek content writing training.

Currently, there is an offer of INR 999 for a content writing course where the original price is INR 4999

10. Facebook blueprint certification

Facebook blueprint certification

Getting facebook blueprint certification is a plus for your future as a digital marketer.

This certification is valid only for one year. Costing you $150 for each of two exams, this one needs a lot of commitment and focus from your side.

The two different certifications offered are Facebook certified planning professional, and Facebook certified buying professional.

This is one of the Best Digital Marketing Certificate programs with a deep study and an advanced level of understanding of Facebook services.

11. Market motive digital marketing certification program

Market Motive digital marketing certification program

This is one of the best digital marketing certification course developed by silicon valley based industry experts.

They provide courses from essential digital marketing to advanced-level digital marketing specialist courses.

This course will cost you $ 1149 and gives out valid certifications.

12. Youtube certification

Youtube Certification

Youtube Certifications are only available for authorized Youtube and Google advertising partners.

Once you are qualified to do this course, you can complete the course with youtube certification.

Channel growth, content ownership, asset monetization are the three separate courses you can choose from. Which are absolutely free of cost.

13. Nexxa digital marketing institute certification

Nexxa Digital Marketing Institute Certification

Nexxa digital academy is one of Kerala’s most nuanced and leading online digital marketing institutes, providing the best refined advanced and introductory online marketing courses with certificates.

Lead by a well-experienced mentor and well-structured module, you can undoubtedly become the star within your peer groups by learning from the best digital marketing company in Kerala

Nexxa digital academy has catered several certification courses varying from a digital marketing beginners course to a professional digital marketing course.

Nexxa also provides the best digital marketing internship program. Attending these internships will get real-world experience of digital marketing job duties to perform.

Join the best digital marketing course in Kerala

14. Microsoft advertising certificate

Microsoft advertising certificate

This course is for marketing professionals to take a step ahead in the marketing domain.

Marketing advertising training is a free course that you can attend and get certified for.

You get unlimited time to finish with the course, and you also have to score above 80 percent in the exams conducted to be successful, making this one of the Best Digital Marketing Certificate programs of all time.

15. OMCP digital marketing certification

OMCP digital marketing certification

OMCP digital academy or Online marketing certified professional organization provides one of the top digital marketing certifications.

Consisting of two separate courses, one being OMCA Certification for digital marketers and another being OMCP Digital marketing Certification for beginners and advanced learning, respectively.

You have to undergo exams in either of the courses to receive the prestigious certification that you can showcase in your portfolio or use them to show off yourself among your colleagues in the company.

The cost of this professional certificate in marketing varies with the personalized training you undergo.

16. SEMrush SEO toolkit certification course

SEMrush SEO toolkit certification course

SEMrush is a leading and valuable digital marketing tool widely used by digital marketing professionals worldwide.

Attending this course gives you a hong of in and out the usage of this fantastic tool.

There are 14 video chapters in this free course that can mold you as an expert in using the SEMrush toolkit, and once you are successfully done with the exams, you are provided with high valued certification.

17. Twitter flight school certifications

Explore the possibilities of Twitter marketing by joining this gem of a course that is accessible free of cost.

The entire topic might just be completed in an hour, but the insights you can possibly gain are much more than you can imagine.

Twitter flight school certification provides insights on best practices that have to be adapted for getting the maximum use of the social media platform, making it one of the Best Digital Marketing Certificate programs.

You can easily access the course by logging into Twitter and attending the course at your own pace.

18. Quintly social media analytics course

Quintly Social media analytics course

Gain knowledge on social media analytics comprehensively for the best social media analytics course provided by Quintly academy.

This utterly free course has it all, analyzing your performance goals on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Youtube, etc.

Most beginners in the social media marketing field can choose this course to help in the long run.

19. Bing ads certifications

Bing ads certifications

Even though the Bing search engine cannot be compared anywhere near to Google’s Search engine, as Bing has acquired Yahoo, the search engine is not long lost.

Still, there are many business marketing happening in the Bing Search engine, which can be seen as an opportunity by many companies.

This is one of the Best Digital Marketing Certificate programs takes you through the basics to know it at all levels within the Bing search platform.

To complete the course and get the accredited professional certificate in marketing, you will have to score no less than 80 percent in the exams conducted.


20. The unbounce landing page course and certifications

Gain knowledge on landing pages from the Unbounce course developed by the Unbounce co-founder himself, Oli Gardener.

If you aim to increase the conversions on your page, this is definitely the course for you.

We recommend this course to entrepreneurs and mid-career digital marketers to take this course as this can surely enhance your skills in business conversions.



That’s it for our list of best digital marketing certificate programs.

Most of the mentions are free marketing certifications, which can be quickly attended with your time comfort.

Try to be a hundred percent when you attend these courses as these may become the turning point in your life, maybe to showcase your skills and become more of an unparalleled professional rather than a mediocre marketer.

Good Luck!!

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