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How to start content writing for beginners | a complete guide


how to start content writing for beginners

“Is content writing a good career ?”- The most asked question ever.

Even though you are a university student or maybe you love to write in your spare times, or you could have some marketing backgrounds or simply fall in love with writing by accident, whatever your experience is, the first thing as a starter in this field, you likely want to know is “How to start content writing for beginners?”.

And next thing you might be thinking

“Is content writing worth for my career?”

Depending on the outcome you are looking for it, it absolutely can be.

But as a beginner, it can be a little daunting that you will find the content writing guide for beginners is a bit different because you are writing for every medium as well as for your audience.

So let’s take a closer look at how to start content writing for beginners and I’m also sharing some content writing tips for beginners, which help you get started.

Before starting, let’s look at :

What is content writing?

What is content writing

Content writing is the art of expressing an idea, thoughts, or convey a message through words so that it reaches the maximum number of people making them aware of something or impacting them to make a move.

Content writer is the most demandable job title in this present world and is one of the most important professional skills anyone can have to be successful in their life.

Well, believe it or not, Content developers is ranked as the 7 most popular Job opportunities in digital marketing career 2023.

Interesting? Right.

However most people like to switch their careers and look for freelance jobs, and a daunting question in front of them was how to get started as a freelance writer?

So by reading this blog entirely, you will get complete answers to all your queries.

Coming to our point, Let’s look deep into it.

How to start content writing for beginners?

1. Read as much as you can

If you want to learn content writing, the first and foremost thing you have to do is read. The point is straightforward as you have to read the works of other people. Then you get a clear idea of how to write different contents like a blog, technical writings, web page, and so on.

You also get to know about how they form sentences, what kind of languages they are using, and so on. Don’t skip any tiny details in it. Then you will get a deep idea about how to be a good writer for beginners which is really helpful for a content writing career.

So make it a habit to read as much as you are possible.Through this habit, you can able to create more and more ideas for your content. The more you read, the more you know, and the more you can write.

2. Research

Well, it is possible to be a successful content writer without training and certification, but it requires one thing: Experience, and most of them lack the same.

So in order to be well experienced, you have to research about your interesting field and keep on writing in it. The main job of a content writer is to do research and a deep understanding of it.

Whenever you find a piece of content that is interesting, read it carefully and dive deeper into it, and research more related content.

The more you research, the better you can understand your audience, so that you can create better content for them. By researching, which helps to also enhance your knowledge base and generate good content. And this is how to start content writing for beginners.

3. Write Everyday

Writing every day is a better way to get used to it and to generate quality content. The more you do it, the better you are going to be deep in it. Start writing every day about your favorite niches.

So try to write up to 300-500 words every day and you can gradually increase up to 1000 and more as days move. It helps to enhance your knowledge and also to improve your vocabulary.

4. Keep your own Swipe file

A swipe file is a folder where you can keep good content or cool pieces of copy in it. If you find interesting contents of others, you can keep it in your swipe file.

A swipe file can be digital or physical. Keep a swipe file on your desktop or mobile, so any time when you see cool content, you can keep it in your folder and can use it later. It can be used as a reference if you run out of ideas and it is really helpful for you later.

Types of content writing?

 different types of contents

Now I hope you get some idea about how to start content writing for beginners. So as a content writing beginners, you have to know about different types of content and how they are different from each other. So let’s have a look

1. Blogging


Creating blog posts is an important part of content writing. These blog posts help you to boost your website SEO ranking, and search engine rewards those websites that are constantly putting out new contents.

Well optimized and well-written blog posts are a great way to get found on google.

All you need to do is identify the different and relevant keywords and include them in your blog posts so that , when people search for them, your blog pops up first. So all you need is deep research and understanding the language of your customers.

Blogging can include a wide range of topics and can utilize a variety of writing styles, depending on the topic and business goals. It is always interesting when you use the conversational mode of styles, and the aim of blog posts is to educate, inform and entertain, making it one of the best topics for beginners if you know how to start content writing for beginners.

2. Social media posts

Social media posts

We all know the fact that about 60 % of the world population is on Social media. Right?

So there is a huge audience out there on social media and most of the businesses are now making an online presence in most of the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

So writing for social media means creating relevant, informative, and most social media posts that have wide reach make use of moment marketing in it.

So in order to write well for social media, you need to understand the quirks of each online space, for example, a white paper about your products and services probably doesn’t go well on Facebook. But could be relevant in LinkedIn.So write accordingly finding the in-touch contents for social media.

3. Technical Writing

Technical Writing

Technical writing seems to be something terrific, but if you understand it well and keep practicing it, it seems to be the easiest type of content to be produced.

Technical writings take high-level details and explain them clearly and precisely to the audience.

Technical writing is the most valuable skill and it is crucial for anyone working in the tech-related field, sharing their knowledge deeply with those who want to know about it.

A technical writer communicates in a way that presents technical information so that the reader can use the information for an intended purpose.

Remember, any employee who can convey technical information at work is really a treasure to a company. Skill in technical writing is really an asset and helps your career boost.

4. Infographics


Infographics are another example of content types, which is one of the most effective ways where you can share lots of information in a format that is easy to consume and understand.

If you know how to start content writing for beginners, then this can be done quite easily as this type of content uses simple graphics to explain a process and concept related to your business.

Infographics are easy to understand when conveying complex information and these types of contents can attract an audience with simple graphics that show your products and services.

The thing that helps infographics stand out from others types of content is that this format can use written words and visual elements to convey big ideas.

5. Video contents

Video contents

Video content is a great way to connect with people because videos help to share maximum complex information through online platforms and can easily grab their attention.

People love to watch videos because video content is easily consumed and can easily connect with your audience on a deeper level than traditional text-based content.

Short and attention-grabbing informational videos can help you engage consumers easily and spread awareness.

6. White paper

White paper writing

White papers are research papers and in-depth reports that help your customers solve a problem. They cover specific topics in great detail.

This type of content helps to educate your customer about a specific problem and provides step-by-step instructions in order to address that problem.

White papers are a powerful content type that you can use to target customers with a specific purpose and thereby generate more leads and increase sales.

7. Article writing.

Article writing.

An article is potentially the most efficient means for disseminating information to the audience. From video games to healthcare to finance….every industry needs article writers. As the web grows, the importance of consistent, original, and quality content also grows.

Good articles can grab the audience’s attention easily and spread awareness in the most effective way. Here are some article writing tips for beginners which I hope are helpful.

Find a topic of your interest-

In order to write articles, you can likely choose a topic from your area of expertise and interest. Publishers always look for articles with interesting topics. So make sure your topic is interesting and engaging



Even though you know about the topic you choose, doing more research will be more beneficial for you. This will surely help you to get more information regarding the same. So that you can make your article more informative and more valuable to the eyes of the audience.


●Create a writing style and structure –

Next step is to create a structure and style that you can follow writing any articles. This must contain the ideas that you are going to discuss in your introduction, body, and conclusion too


Write your article-

Use your creative idea and start writing your articles. Always aware that your readers are reading the article not just to get information, but also to be entertained as well


Check out your writing and analyze-

I will always recommend you read all the articles that you have written in order to find mistakes, changes and thereby you can improve more in your content.

Now I believe that you can understand the meaning of a content writer, so let’s look at some content writing tips for beginners that you have to follow while writing in order to generate better content.

Content writing tips for beginners

 1. Headline

Headlines or titles are very important factors in content. It is a fact that most people read headlines first, then only focus on the body. So your headlines should be catchy, and interesting.

If your headlines aren’t good, nobody is even going to read the rest of the copy. So don’t miss out on the headlines in the content and make sure it is attractive and catchy.


2. Always follow a structure

Make sure your copy has a defined structure and style where there is a headline, body, and conclusion.

3. Put your most important information first

Try to frame your first sentences in a most compelling and interesting way. The fact is that most people have a lot of stuff to do in their life and they don’t necessarily have time to read the entire content. To provide relevant information first.


4. Add subheadings

The reason why subheadings are added is mostly because people don’t have time to read the entire thing, so what they do is skim-read the article in order if the headlines are interesting.

So these subheadings help readers to read the entire thing if it was catchy and attractive and can give a brief idea of the topic written below the subheadings.


5. Ignore long paragraphs

The articles need to be easy on the reader’s eyes so that they only read them. If it was too long and congested they just ignored it and felt bored. So make it precise so that it looks meaningful and attractive. Always write to the point and relevant content.


6. A better conclusion

Your conclusion should summon up everything you write in the beginning in a short and meaningful way.


Content writing is a field with lots of opportunities, prestige, and money. If you have a strong passion for writing, you can definitely be a good content writer.

If you can’t learn it by yourself, there are plenty of courses and institutions in Kerala that offer content writing courses where you can learn actual skills. All you have to do is learn it from the best content writing course in Kerala so that you get a vast idea about it.

In order to be a good content writer, you have to start writing every day and develop the habit of reading.

I hope this simple guide to how to start content writing for beginners will be helpful for you.

Don’t forget to check out our latest blog, A hand guide for the evolution of Influencer marketing, and comment your valuable feedback.

Happy reading!

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