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Social Media Marketing Certification Program

Accelerate your digital marketing skills with essential social media marketing skills. Learn to build the perfect social media strategy for any customer and acquire clients with attractive certification.

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Succeed in One of the Fastest Growing Professions with the Best Social Media Marketing Certification Program

The Social Media Marketing certification program is designed to respond to rising market needs for social media specialists by practising various techniques to drive growth and value to businesses or brands using social media channels and content strategies. 

Social media is continuously transforming the ways users interact with each other. These changes constitute a fundamental shift in the marketplace, making it crucial to learn to navigate social contexts locally and globally by exploring various social media platforms. 

The best social media marketing certification program will help you improve brand awareness on any social media platform. And during the course, you will be guided by social media experts and trainers, and you will get hands-on working with live projects.

Learn Through an Engaging & Dynamic Curriculum

Our curriculum is developed in line with the Academy’s long-standing experience in social media marketing and digital marketing using the various cutting edge of technology to provide the best social media marketing course in Kerala, if not in India.

With this training, you will learn up-to-date best practices for using social platforms to market effectively and achieve better results for your brand, clients, or personal goals in your career.

You will benefit tremoundusly from this interactive social media marketing online course that present the knowledge and practical skills you will need to become a successful social media marketing professional. 

Additionally, learners will understand how to promote a company’s products or services and measure learning effectiveness. By taking advantage of this unique program, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of social media marketing from the best social media marketing company in Kerala.

Access the Social Media Marketing certification program 

By the time you finish this social media marketing certification course, you should have acquired the following knowledge and skills that you’ll be able to add to your resume or make use of right away in your work 

  • Overview of Social Media Marketing Channels
  • Exploring Social Media Platforms 
  • Analysing and creating effective strategies 
  • Creating quality content for social media platforms
  • Managing content to engage with the right audiences
  • Creating synergies through collaboration 
  • Structuring social media platforms 
  • Social media advertisements 
  • Creating conversion and ROI using reachable goals
  • Advanced social media marketing
  • How to write facebook ad copy, and more
  • Social media marketing tools used by professionals 
  • And much more!

This hands-on social media course will teach you the secrets and scope of social media marketing.


What you will learn from our best social media marketing certification program

social media marketing certification course

What we teach in our Social Media Marketing Job-oriented Course

Social Media Content Development


The course will start by focusing on creating quality content for various social media platforms using text, video and visuals. You will learn how to communicate with the audience and develop a brand voice by choosing the right media to target the right audience. Between platforms, successful content may look very different depending upon the niche or business. 

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The course will help you develop powerful social media strategies by practising and observing various social media platforms. Learning how to approach your audience with quality content can only be achieved with the help of advanced social media marketing strategies and content strategies. And this will help you to structure and define the social media content efforts to create ROI benchmarks. 

Social Media Data Analytics

In this course, you will learn how to measure success by understanding and interpreting data to evaluate each social media performance. Some of which include audience segmentation, identifying context and conversion attributes, etc., to reach the audience better. You will also learn social media marketing benefits to uncover critical insights by building personas and understanding the customer journey. 

Social Media Advertising

During this course, you will learn to apply the social media skills, and knowledge learned to develop successful social media campaigns. By leveraging the power of paid media on various social media platforms, you will create ROI by targeting and capturing the right audience. You will also learn to analyse advertisements and apply different concepts and tactics to create powerful ad campaigns on social media platforms. 


Navigate the Social Media World with the right skills & confidence

Create a strong social media portfolio with the help of learning and applying various strategies, insights, tools and tactics from our revolutionary, best social media marketing certification program.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is this course for?<br />

Whether you are brand new at digital marketing with no entrepreneurship experience or an entrepreneur or a marketing manager with clients, this course is for you. We teach you everything you need to know about social media platforms and set up your business the right way. We teach you the most in-depth curriculum available to make sure you learn everything you need to start a successful career and acquire social media marketing jobs.  

Why should I join your course?

We prioritize the importance of learning through practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. So we have created a simple, step-by-step results-based teaching process that is easy, simple, and effective to follow for you. We have digital marketing expert  and social media specialists working hard to make sure this course is 100% fruitful to start a successful career in social media marketing. 

Why should I maintain a social media presence?

The reasons to maintain social media presence are endless. In today’s world, when someone wants more information on a business or brand, they check on social media to know what the company is about. They look for reviews and research the mission and values of the brand. Websites can only convey so much. Social Media is where you win people over and help people choose your product or service over the rest. This is one of the main reasons why brands hire a social media marketing freelancer to grow their brand.