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By  Vinayak|  Date  :  02-December-2022

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best computer course after 12th

The IT industry is one of the most generally desired fields across the world. 

The demand for computers in the new era has led to various computer-based courses worldwide, creating more employment opportunities.

 Since every industry is digitized, the demand for people who possess knowledge of computers and their applications both in IT industries and other companies is high.

Students can take a variety of Computer courses after the 12th in any field, i.e., Arts and Commerce, Science, or.

Students studying Accounting and Finance, Data Entry and Web Development and Graphic Designing, VFX and Animation programming, and Computer Applications and Networking may learn computer courses.

Are you looking for the best Computer courses after the 12th science or Commerce and Arts stream?

The choice, of course, is your choice.

There are some things to think about in light of the interest you’re interested in.

The right decision to make is a crucial factor.

It could affect your career, so choosing the best career path is essential.

Considering this, we have listed the top computer courses after the 12th that one can consider. Here we discuss the best computer courses after 12th.



Computer training involves employing various types of software on the computer to learn how to master the specific course.
These classes provide essential advanced computer skills to students.

It is a short-term course, typically ranging from one year to three years, offered by institutes that train students in the use of computers, which includes certificates or diploma courses, as well as degree courses.

They are more focused on the practical aspects of computer skills, not theoretical knowledge, so students improve their skills and become more comfortable working with computers.


The sector of computer science and Information technology is expanding rapidly. This field has resulted in a large number of job openings appearing. 

This area provides a wide scope and offers a good introduction to the business world. Due to this, the computer science profession is among the most generally desired, promising a bright future.

A variety of career opportunities across industries by pursuing IT or computer science courses provides you with a platform to not only gain deep knowledge in this field but also know how can further develop technology for the benefit of general society. 



To take a computer-related course, you don’t need a computer subject as an option in 12th grade, but you need some computer skills to take these courses.

Basic computer skills are the foundation for more advanced skills.

Here are some of the fundamental computer topics about which you should have some knowledge before you begin your journey of computer courses :

1.Basic knowledge of operating systems,  Internet Web applications and computer hardware.

2.Basic knowledge of MS Word and MS PowerPoint.

3.The fundamentals of database programs like MS Access.

4.The basics of spreadsheet programs like MS Excel spreadsheet.

 If you’re comfortable with a basic understanding of computers, the next step will be to select the right course for your needs.

 To do this, you should first identify your passions and the field you want to continue.

 In addition to this, it is also important to consider three points below:

1.First, research the course you are going to choose and see if it interests you, and also check that you have the necessary knowledge about that course.

2.Find out the future scope of the course and what are the job roles for employees and also find out the job opportunities 

3.Also, research the institute or platform where you will complete the course. Find out if the diploma or certificate you are offered is legal or valid. Check what other facilities are offered by the institute. It is important to compare and choose the perfect one that suits you.



Top Professional Course After 12th 

1.Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is an emerging sector of study that provides many career possibilities for you to master various fields. Every company aims to establish an online presence and a solid relationship with its audience in this digital era. When you take Digital Marketing courses, you will be able to learn the variety of tools, programs and methods employed in this field to increase the visibility of an organization’s brand and improve its presence on the internet.

The most important topics covered within the Digital Marketing course include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), eMarketing, Lead Generation, Brand Management, and Web Analytics, among others.The average digital marketing salary in Kerala for freshers  will be 12– 15k.


Duration-The duration of the course is six months. This duration might vary and can go up to even one year, depending on where you are learning the system, as the curriculum might differ slightly. 

Mode of Learning– You can learn this course offline and online.

Fee Structure– The fee for this certification course is in the range of INR 25,000 to 40,000. 

Skills Acquired:

1.Affiliate Marketing

2.SEM/SEO Manager

3.Social Media Manager

4.Marketing & Automation Manager



Here are the best computer courses after the 12th Commerce:

1.Tally ERP 

Tally ERP 9 is the accounting software used by various companies to record their financial transactions and events.

The program can operate in different ways, including Inventory Management, payroll Preparation, Cost Centre Management, Multiple Go-Downs Management, etc.

A course of instruction to learn the working of this software is one of the most generally desired computer-related courses after 12th Commerce. This is the best short term computer after 12th.

Duration- The course duration is three months.

Fee Structure– The average fee for this course is INR 3,000 to 7000 only. 

Both online and offline modes are available.

Skills Learned-Book Tally, Tally Audit, Data Security, Inventory Management, Debit and Credit Notes.

Job Roles–Accounts Auditor, Junior Accountant, Tally operator.

2. Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll Diploma 

 Sage is one of the best accounting software companies across the world to manage various processes such as supplier information, financial reports, invoices, VAT records etc.

 Who can consider a diploma programme to learn the functioning of this software as one of the best computer courses after 12th Commerce? 

The minimum age to join this course is 17, and you can complete the online programme in 12 months.

Duration– Those can learn this course within 40 hours. This program is in the form of an online recorded class. It can be viewed by the learner anytime so they can learn at their own pace.   

Fee Structure– The average fee for this course is INR 2,000 to 4000. 

Mode of Learning-Both online and offline modes are available.

Skills Learned– Bank Reconciliation, Computerized Accounting, Computerized Payroll, Customer Receipt & Purchase Invoice, Customer Invoice, GST Norms and changes, Financial Reports Management.

Job Roles—Auditor, Office Accountant, Tax consultant etc.

 3.Certificate in Computerized Accounting  

 This program provides you with basic accounting skills with the help of advanced computer software.

 Computerized Accounting is very useful since it helps to reduce the risk of accounting errors, which makes work more effective.

It is considered one of the best computer courses after 12th grade for students with a background in Commerce.

Duration– The course duration is 3-6 months. However, it depends upon the institution.

Fee Structure– The average fee for this course is INR 5,000 to 20,000, depending upon the topics, skills, and tools taught. 

Mode of Learning- You can master this course offline and online.

Job Roles—Payroll Clerk, Insurance Agencies, Ledger Manager.

These are the best computer courses after 12th commerce for students.



Python is one of the best computer programs in India. An online course on Python will teach you the fundamentals and how to use it for basic programming. Python is a highly in-demand hard skill in the computer programming sector. Python is so popular because of its application across all areas, including web development, machine learning and data science. There’s no end to education because of the many different ways to learn to program online.

2.R and Software Development

The R language is a special language that can be very useful for data scientists. R Language helps you to manage complex data, create packages and personalize your visualizations of data. Most online programming classes on R will teach you about R language and how to use these tools.

R is a very useful language:

1.Everyone can use it.

2.It will analyze the data very effectively.

3.It is much easier and clearer to use tools.

4.Language can use in machine. learning, plot graphs, histograms, etc.

Knowing R opens many doors to more prestigious positions and is a better career option.These are the best courses after 12th computer science.


1.Diploma in 3D Animation

These are the best diploma courses in Kerala for students:

3D Animation has immense scope for the industry of entertainment. Animation is a course you must study from scratch since you did not learn it at school. It is a great choice for art students as they do not need specific knowledge about Computers.

Duration-This diploma course duration is 1year.

Mode of Learning– You can master this course offline and online.

Fee Structure– The fee for this diploma course is in the range of INR 20,000 to 2 lac.

Skills Acquired—3d modelling, Game engine, UV CAD, Rendering.


2.Diploma in Digital Film Making

If you are interested in making a career creative, imaginative and artistic, this course can be a great choice. The Digital Film industry will give the best exposure because it is growing and growing more than ever.

Duration-This diploma course duration is 1year.

Mode of Learning– You can learn this course offline and online.

Fee Structure– The fee for this diploma course is in the range of INR 50,000 to 3.5 lac.

 Skills Acquired— Digital video editor, Graphic designer, Sound editor.

Listed above are the best computer courses after 12th arts.



If you are looking for the job-oriented courses in Kerala after the 12th, then you are at the right place.

Picking one of the top computer programs after 12 the 12th is complicated because many options exist.

Planning and developing your career is an arduous process and requires expert advice. It is nearly impossible to accomplish at this early age.

We provide a wide range of computer courses after the 12th.

These courses are designed so that it is easy for the students to understand the concept easily and interestingly.

If you decide to take the short-term computer program after the 12 or the computer diploma, make sure you take it through a reputable and approved institution.

Profiting from the increasing popularity of the market, many of these institutions are currently doing business in the country; however, they are not all legitimate or recognized. Please be extremely cautious.

Make sure to inquire about related issues such as the status of recognition for the institute fees, tuition structure, topics covered, and the high-quality faculty and laboratories.

Accept that you are admitted only after verifying that the institute is on the board in all criteria mentioned above.

The last thing to do is make sure you check and check the record of its placement. If you are looking for a job, following the completion of the program is your primary goal.