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How to find SEO jobs for freshers in Digital Marketing

BY  AYSHA  |  JULY 17.


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I’m fed up !
I was trying quite hard
But couldn’t make up any job
Yes! I’m looking seo jobs for freshers
I do several things
Sign up job portals , send resumes to different job vacancies.
Unfortunately, I was not selected .
What can I do ?
What are the major SEO career opportunities
How can I improve my experience as a SEO fresher ?
Are there any technical skills required for SEO ?
Is it your mental talk ?
Are you looking for SEO jobs for freshers?
Then, this blog will show you the right path .
If you are not aware of what SEO is , let me describe it .
SEO is the process of driving quality and quantity traffic to a website.It requires a long-term procedure. It is all about search engine visibility There are multiple job positions inside the mainstream SEO. The job profile of SEO is just like a ladder. You require unique skills to climb the ladder and reach at the top.
As a fresher, you are in the bottom line, but you can go up if you are ready to move on and willing to gather a set of skills, available with perseverance and determination.
By the way, what are the top 4 SEO jobs for beginners?

SEO jobs for freshers



Job1.SEO Trainee


SEO Trainee job is the lowest job in the hierarchy of SEO job profiles, whereas the seo trainee gets an opportunity to learn the basic functionalities of SEO.


Basic idea about SEO strategies (Keyword research ,link building, on-site optimisation)

● Understanding about google analytics, webmaster tools ,Bing webmaster tools.Content optimisation

● Able to find and fix dead links Improve metadataKnowledge about search factors and google algorithm updates Prepare Ranking report


Job2. Junior SEO Executive


Junior SEO Executive helps to improve websites and increase traffic to the website. Their job role includes competitor analysis, compiling reports and assisting to give content ideas .

functions of SEO executive jobs for freshers

● Conduct on site and offsite analysis of competitor

● Using google analytics to find the performance

● Assist with blog content

● Conduct optimisation of content


Job.3 Junior SEO Analyst


seo analyst come up with strategies that improve user experience in a website and an Seo analyst conduct keyword research, monitor traffic and improve overall experience in a website.

Job duties

● Conduct keyword research and generate new keyword

● Analyse website and recommendation for improvement

● Monitor website traffic and develop strategies

● Generate content ideas

● Update outdated keyword

● Build link building strategies

● Keep up to date with new trends and SEO practices


Job 4.Link builder


Link building is the activity of getting quality links to your website. The aim of link building is improve search engine rankings and increase brand awareness.

Link builder job descriptionIn SEO link builder job

Job obligations

● Work with SEO manager to research website

● Seek opportunities for guest posting

● Understanding about web-based tools for reporting

● Create high quality backlink with ethical SEO techniques

Check out the SEO job hierarchy below.

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How can you find different seo career opportunities for freshers?

How to do keyword research for SEO

All freshers complaining about job hunting.the tiresome process.

However , the entire process of job searching is full of lessons.

You have seen many job ads which welcome freshers wholeheartedly.

But when you appear for the interview, you feel that you have missed some important aspects regarding the subject .It is a common thing; you are not alone.

Similarly , In SEO jobs, you can find some out of syllabus questions during the interview.

Please note, the out of syllabus questions are just a job hunter’s phrase to denote tough interview questions.
Have you ever experienced such tough questions, let me tell you how to handle those difficult queries plainly.

Experience, the best teacher !

you might have heard about great lessons the elderly people had acquired from life lessons.

right ?

Likewise, a seo job hunter must be able to increase his/ her experience.
There are several ways to strengthen your experience.

Read it carefully and choose yours happily.

Practical-oriented SEO training

SEO course grow in number exponentially.That is mainly because of the scope of SEO service.Because, each and every business is looking to be online. That means, trying hard to find a place in the search engine result page.

However, Google is changing its algorithm frequently.

That is why an SEO aspirant must have hands-on experience on different tools, softwares and most importantly, the SEO strategies.

Before joining an SEO course , do some research

Few key points you must consider to opt a SEO course

● Try to get an insight about the method of training

●Don’t choose a training institute which provide theoretical knowledge only

● Try to choose a seo course under Seo company

● Check out the mode of training (whether they have offline & online batches )

● Study the portifolio of mentor(count thor years of experience )

● Look is there any support after course


SEO internship jobs

What do you mean by seo internship jobs?

An internship is a period of work experience given by an employer or an organization to give a company exposure and increase the experience of employees.
Are you confused to choose right digital marketing internship program, read now, how to choose an intership

Few pieces of information to choose best SEO internship

●Select a prominent digital marketing company who provides live works to strengthen your portfolio.

●Go & hunt a SEO specialist job under an experienced SEO consultant.

● Try to increase your professional experience as much as you can

● Don’t panic if you make any errors, try to learn from mistakes.

● Try to do SEO for different websites.it will enrich your experience.

●If you are looking for remote SEO internship, check out many prominent companies are provide SEO internship work from home.


Find SEO trainee job

SEO trainee job is the lowest position job in the hierarchy of SEO job profile.Digital marketing company often looking freshers for the position of SEO trainee.But don’t underestimate this profile .there is higher chance to reach at the top of the SEO job hierarchy.Utilize the opportunity and enhance your experience.

Some key points to consider

● A SEO trainee job is meant to do some basic activities in the SEO field.

●  It differs from organisation to organization

●The activities include brainstorming sessions, implementation of SEO activities like commenting, Quora posting, etc.

● Don’t feel bad, please note it is an opportunity to hold a position in the ever growing SEO scenario.


what is the scope of seo

Keyword Research tools

Scope of SEO in India and abroad is increasing rapidly.businesses had changed their mindset and embraced technology for growth and success. Having a website doesn’t help the business. It’s all about ranking. That means higher visibility.

Yes, every website is competing to drive more traffic through the SEO process.because, without SEO they don’t drive any customers.


So, every website must have a love affair with google. But Google doesn’t please everyone, it will change its algorithm more frequently.
An SEO specialist must monitor google, algorithm updates and website ranking position.

The SEO career opportunities are quite high due to the growing digital spectrum.

undoubtedly, the scope of Seo will increase because every organization is looking for strong web presence and struggling to divert attention in the organic reach.As a Seo job aspirant, you must inculcate your skills and potency

☛ Critical thinking
Critical thinking is hard to measure on metrics.but it enables us to think out of the box and it helps to watch a problem from multiple dimensions.

☛ Speaking and writing skills
A SEO specialist is responsible to conduct keyword research and author the content.so it is essential to improve speaking and writing skills.

☛ Analytical skills
Analytical is another significant skill that a SEO fresher must try to posse.It helps them to pull out data and have a deep insight .

☛ Research skills
Research is the first foremost skill a SEO fresher must gather.Because, the SEO starts right from research.research about a business, analysing its competitor etc. so have a hold of research skills

Some must have certifications that help to attain SEO jobs for freshers
☐ Hubspot

☐ Click Mind

☐ Moz

☐ Google


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