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TOP 5 Certified  Marketing Executive Jobs in Bangalore -2023

By  Farsana |  Date  :  01-November-2022

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Marketing Executive Jobs in Bangalore

Marketing executives, also referred to as marketing officers, or marketing coordinators, play a role in creating marketing strategies to advertise a service, product or event.

The work that a marketer does differs according to the nature and scale of organization and industry, their responsibilities generally involves planning, coordinating events, sponsorship public relations, and research.

The primary focus could be selling a product or service or raising awareness about something that impacts the general public.


What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing can be described as a type of marketing that focuses on advertising and selling products or services via the Internet.

This is the practice of using various marketing channels on the internet like social media networks and email to connect with your intended customers.

Through online marketing, you are able to reach those who are interested in your product and interact with them and establish trust in your business.

Digital marketing comes in a variety of forms, but the most significant are: website marketing such as search engine optimizing (SEO) and the content market, PPC advertisements as well as social media marketing.

video marketing, email marketing as well as affiliate marketing.


What is Marketing exicutive job?

An executive in marketing is an individual who designs, creates, and supervises the entire marketing strategies and campaigns that market a company’s brand’s products, or services.

In addition to the implementation of marketing strategies of all kinds A marketing executive also does research, develops marketing materials, designs innovative ways to promote products, and evaluates the results reports, in addition to activities related to marketing.

They usually are employed in the department of marketing for a business and aid a business to achieve its goals and marketing initiatives.

Although most marketing executives work on a full-time basis, others also are freelancers or part-time employees.

The most common industries that employ marketing executives include technology, finance, media manufacturing, retail, and other fields.

Marketing Executive jobs in Bangalore are in high demand these days, with the demand for skilled, experienced professionals on the rise.

Marketing executives play a vital role in the success of any company, be it a start-up or a renowned multinational corporation. The role involves working on a variety of different projects and has a diverse set of responsibilities.

The Marketing Executive is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies, creating and implementing marketing campaigns, and executing strategies for the business.

The most common responsibilities for executives in the field of marketing include: providing ideas for advertising campaigns. conducting studies and analyzing data to identify and define the audience to be targeted. creating, and disseminating ideas, information, and information, as well as strategies.

Marketing Executive jobs in Bangalore are available for experienced candidates. You need to have a good command of English and Hindi language. You should also have good knowledge of different languages such as Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada.


Digital/ Online Marketing Executive Jobs in Bangalore For Freshers

BDigital/ Online Marketing  jobs in Bangalore for freshers are plentiful and can pay anywhere between Rs10,000 and Rs40,000 per month. These jobs can be found in a variety of fields, and some are even available for freshers.

Job seekers can apply for these positions through an app like Apna, which makes it easy to search for jobs and increase their chances of landing a good job.

Marketing jobs in Bangalore for freshers

Digital Marketing jobs in Bangalore responsibilities include:

nventing and creating efficient and well-thought-out marketing strategies

Analyzing and conducting research on the market that helps to analyze trends as well as brand awareness and competition ventures

 Job description

We are seeking an exceptional Marketing Manager to manage marketing initiatives to benefit our business.

You’ll be responsible for coordinating innovative promotions and campaigns which can be a major factor in the success of our company in line with trends and customer needs.

The ideal candidate is committed to marketing and the “art” of marketing and will be brimming with ideas to develop effective strategies.

They must be able to present an arsenal of strategies and strategies for promoting our services, products, and public image.

The objective is to expand our reach to the market and to increase customers’ interest in our products and services to improve our standing and encourage our ongoing expansion.


  • Develop and implement effective and logical marketing strategies
  • Do market research, analysis, and market research to assess trends, brand recognition, and ventures to compete
  • Conduct and monitor surveys to evaluate customer needs and commitment
  • Write copy for various marketing materials (brochures and press releases, website materials, etc.)
  • Maintain contact with publishers and media vendors to ensure cooperation on promotions
  • Track the progress of campaigns by using different metrics and report the performance
  • Work with managers to prepare budgets and oversee the expenditures

Qualifications and skills

  • Experientially proven experience as the marketing director or a similar position
  • A good knowledge of techniques for market research as well as data analysis and statistical techniques
  • A thorough understanding of the principles of strategic planning and marketing best practices
  • Expert proficient in MS Office and marketing software (e.g. CRM)
  • A good understanding of the social web and analytics.
  • Excellent communication skills and interpersonal abilities
  • A strong ability to manage time and organize
  • Commercial awareness and creativity
  • BA or BSc in business administration, or any other relevant disciplin

Marketing executives generate profit and help promote products and services with coordinated marketing campaigns

As a marketing executive, you’ll help develop and implement integrated marketing campaigns that promote an item, service, or idea. It’s a broad job that includes:

  • Planing
  • Advertising
  • public relations
  • Event organization
  • product development
  • distribution
  • sponsorship
  • research.

There are many companies with marketing departments which means that you are able to be employed in the public and private sectors across a range of areas from retail, finance, and media, as well as charities and voluntary organizations.

The specific scope of your work will depend upon the scale of the company and its sector, as well as whether your focus is on selling a service or product or raising awareness of an issue that is affecting the general public.

Marketing executives can also be called coordinators of marketing or marketing officers.


As a marketing manager As a marketing executive, you’ll have to:

  • increase awareness and build the image of the brand you’re marketing
  • reach out to target public and build and maintain customer relations
  • assistance with advertising plans, marketing direct marketing, and other campaigns
  • find advertising opportunities and put ads in the press as well as on the radio
  • collaborate with internal or with external creative agencies to create marketing materials, such as advertisements and brochures.
  • Write and proofread the marketing copy for print and online campaigns.
  • create original content, which includes blog posts and videos
  • run social media channels
  • organize and participate in the events, such as events like seminars, conferences, receptions, and exhibitions
  • Source and ensure source and secure
  • Coordinate with printers, and designers and coordinate photo shoots
  • ensure the efficient dissemination of materials for marketing
  • Maintain and update customer databases
  • Conduct market research, like using questionnaires for customers and focus groups.
  • establish connections with key stakeholders, both external and internal.

If you’re an experienced professional, you’ll need to be able to:

  • Develop and implement Marketing strategies (often in conjunction with a larger marketing and sales plan)
  • examine and analyze marketing and advertising campaigns and SEO to ensure that the appropriate mediums are employed and that the campaigns are efficient.
  • monitor the performance of marketing and the return on investment, and create monthly or weekly reports for the management
  • Assist external agencies, when appropriate, to efficiently manage press relations, events or editorial requests, presentation promotional materials, and online activities
  • monitor and control the budget for marketing.

What should you expect?

The majority of your time will be spent in the office however, you’ll also be attending meetings with partners, clients, organizations, and suppliers in addition to a range of exhibitions and events. It is possible that you will be required to meet with stakeholders as well as clients in order to build and strengthen relationships.

The option of self-employment or freelance work is an option for marketing professionals who are experienced.

Opportunities are available in the majority of large cities and towns however they are rarer in rural areas.

The job is usually difficult and fast-paced, as you’ll have to meet strict deadlines, manage multiple tasks simultaneously and collaborate with suppliers from outside as well as creative firms.

If you’re employed by an international corporation it is possible that you will need to travel or work in another country.


    Marketing is available to graduates of all levels however, an HND or degree in one of the following areas could be of particular value:

    •    Advertising

    •    Management or business

    •    communications

    •    Computer science, IT, or computer technology

    •    marketing


    •    psychology.

    Employers also seek a blend of skills and knowledge. Knowledge of digital media technologies is beneficial. Check out job ads to understand the mixture of industry expertise and knowledge that employers are looking for.

    If you do not have an academic degree, you may begin your career at the marketing assistant level, and then build your experience and skills.

    It is beneficial but not necessary to possess a relevant postgraduate certificate


    • interpersonal skills and communication
    • business acumen and commercial awareness
    • Design and copywriting skills
    • Creativity
    • an eye for detail
    • Strategic and analytical thinking
    • motivation and self-motivation
    • A flexible approach to work
    • collaboration and ability to create positive working relationships
    • Skills for influencing and negotiation
    • IT Numeracy, social media, and capabilities
    • the ability to speak another language – could be beneficial if you work for multinational corporations.

    You’ll typically need relevant experience in order to be considered for employment. Find work on vacation or placements, job shadowing, or even part-time job opportunities in marketing or related fields.

    Being an assistant in marketing (or junior marketing executive) can be a great starting point. Certain employers provide students with paid summer jobs.

    Any job that requires previous experience in sales customer service, marketing research, customer care, and public relations can be beneficial.

    Take advantage of marketing opportunities or the integrated year of placement in your program to improve your capabilities and build connections. CIM Student membership grants access to workshops, industry events as well as networking events


     Affiliated Marketing Jobs 

    Affiliate Marketing executive jobs require a wide range of skills. The job requires a deep understanding of online marketing, knowledge of affiliate networks, and a proven track record in managing affiliate campaigns.

    The successful candidate must also have excellent time management and organizational skills.

    This role also requires a high level of responsibility and the ability to work under pressure.

    Many affiliate marketing positions require a master’s degree. Affiliated marketing executives must have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to motivate and inspire others to achieve their goals.

    Other job titles in affiliate marketing include people manager, publisher, and sales.

    Typically, these positions start at the entry-level and move up to more senior roles. For example, the first position in the career path is marketing associate, where a person handles the administration of the affiliate program. This role may also be called a specialist or representative.

    Affiliate marketing executive jobs require an individual to be extremely knowledgeable about the industry and constantly look for new opportunities.

    They are expected to maintain a keen eye for trends and work with the management team to develop and implement new affiliate deals. In addition, they must inform affiliates of new promotions and optimization opportunities.

    Affiliate managers are also responsible for marketing efforts, which may include developing new campaign ideas and designing bonuses and incentives.

    In addition to managing the company’s affiliate programs, affiliate managers also need to oversee and monitor new affiliates. They must also negotiate with their clients and manage the business for them.

    In addition to monitoring the success of affiliate marketing programs, an affiliate marketing manager must work with the internal marketing department and develop strategies for company growth.

    Affiliated Marketing executive jobs are in high demand across a variety of industries. They can range from digital marketing executive jobs to Online Partnerships manager jobs.

    The industry has grown significantly and there is a high demand for these professionals. The career path in affiliate marketing is diverse and challenging. It can be lucrative and highly rewarding.

    The right candidate must be tech-savvy, and able to analyze data and apply logic. They must also possess excellent writing and presentation skills.

    Good organizational and collaboration skills are also essential. They should be a team player and have low egos.

    The ideal candidate should be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

    Affiliate marketing managers must have a thorough knowledge of digital marketing and customer service. Developing online marketing skills, expanding affiliate programs, and acquiring a strong reputation is essential for success in this job.

    While pursuing an affiliate marketing manager career, candidates can also take on a range of other responsibilities such as public relations and online advertising. These jobs are a great entry into the digital marketing industry

     Affiliated Marketing Jobs in Bangalore


    Affiliate marketing can be described as an advertising strategy where a business pays third-party publishers for generating traffic or leads for the company’s products or services.

    Third-party publishers are affiliates as is the fee for commissions, which motivates them to come up with ways to promote the business.

    If you’re looking for Affiliated Marketing executive jobs in Bangalore, there are a number of opportunities available. There are openings with both established companies and startup companies.

    You can find jobs listed below that are verified and contact them directly for more information. The salaries for these positions can range anywhere from 2,25,000 INR to 325,000 INR per year, and the location is flexible.

    If you have a proven track record working with affiliate networks, you’ll be an excellent candidate.

    Your job will involve managing relationships with affiliates and analyzing their performance. You’ll also need to identify publishers and develop KPIs.

    This job requires attention to detail and excellent negotiation skills. Additionally, you should have some knowledge of lead generation through affiliates


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