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How to create backlinks for free in 7 ways

BY  Hasrath Aysha |  JUNE 08.

How to create backlinks for free

How to create backlinks for free?
the first question that arises in your mind would be in relation to backlink building in SEO.
You are thinking hard while trying to rank your website higher.
Am I right?
Most frequently, while building quality backlinks, you need to pay some money.
but, don’t pay it now.
Read the article carefully and build high-quality backlinks for free.
Here is your hand guide to height quality backlinks free 2023.

And, let us check out how to create backlinks step by step?

Well, guess what, we have got the perfect answers for the questions mentioned above.

“Backlinking plays an essential role in SEO. Link building is a vital criterion that Google considers for ranking a website.”

In earlier days, any backlinks built were considered relevant for ranking within Google.

As days passed and technological advancements grew, the backlink process started getting harder and harder.

A long-running company will know the value of an excellent backlink building, as they would have gone through such a process.
There are many best digital marketing services in Kerala that offer such kinds of link-building services.

We will now be discussing link building in digital marketing.

For the time being, let’s learn the basics of how to create backlinks for free.
Backlinks can be defined as the methodology of getting links or hyperlinks from other websites to your website.

This is advantageous when the crawlers or Google bots crawl your entire website, including links provided internally and similar external links.

Rather than creating backlinks by mentioning your links on other websites, it is always better to acquire the backlinks unknowingly.


Let us clarify all of this through this article on how to create backlinks step by step.

The most common link-building process is done by digital marketers or SEO specialists, they create profiles on directory websites like Quikr, OLX, and many other such websites, and they also mention articles, price listings, and bookmarks on such platforms.
On the other hand, the obtainment of links that you did not work for or asked for is much of an achievement.

This happens when an influencer, blogger, journalist, or anyone who decides to mention you is a peak of achievement.

And such kinds of organic backlinks can leave a long-term yielding positive impression on your website.


But why exactly do I need a backlink?

high quality backlink

A non-commercial or professional connection between two websites through a single or several links facilitates the advantages of their contents, SERP ranks, and traffic results.
As we mentioned earlier, Backlinks are still one of the significant factors of SEO that helps in ranking a website within Google competently.

You have to be sure of the backlinks you are gaining.

It is a crucial factor to know whether the backlinks are good or bad.

How to know that the backlinks are good or bad for sure?

Don’t worry, we will get to that in detail in this article on how to create backlinks step by step.

A good backlink is a considerable favorable judgment, wherein you gain respect across the web and is foreseen as a home of quality content considered a healthy link by Google.

Unlike the long-gone days where Google was under development in recognizing the user needs and experiences, now years apart, Google stands as a highly advanced alpha in online technology.

Google can easily detect unconventional linking behavior and can identify which links are helpful or not.

An ideal link that acts as an SEO friendly should be:-

▸ Natural

How to create backlinks for free in different ways

how to make backlinks free


This may seem as though you’re helping another website create resources and get more views for them; however, this is actually very much about working together to help each other.

In the end, guest posting is different from ghostwriting.
As ghostwriters, you are entitled to no credit for the content at all.
The guest blog is solely credited to the author, not the site hosting it.
This is another way to acquire high-quality backlinks.
Naturally, it does aid the host site in its efforts in generating views, but that’s fine for the guest author since almost always it comes with a backlink back to your website.
Guest posts are one of those situations that aren’t just about getting a backlink in order to increase your indexing on search engines for SERPs.
This isn’t the only goal on any level.
Another way to get high-quality backlinks is free.
It’s a great method to promote your brand to the world, making your content accessible to readers who are new and also gaining increased visibility on the internet.
Guest posting, particularly for authoritative websites in your field, helps build your online profile in a massive, huge way.
It can take quite a while to locate opportunities to write guest posts, especially if you do it wrong.
One way to find new, relevant opportunities is to take advantage of websites such as Twitter.
Utilizing the search function that is available, you will be able to locate reliable websites that are searching for contributors to guest posts frequently.

Simply enter “your area of expertise” plus guest blog (for example “SEO” with guest posts) and then look through the results to find new opportunities.



on how to make backlinks free?
The secret is revealed here!

Everybody turns to blogs they read for updates But sometimes, readers are looking for or require something greater than what the article provides.
That’s where you come into.

Find blogs that are relevant to your field, either directly or via postings about your products or (or) products that are part of your own, and then start following these blogs.
There are plenty of reasons to join them and we’ll go into further about them in this post, but one of the most efficient ways to help create backlinks is to go through the comments section.

Numerous bloggers (and we’re including vloggers from websites like YouTube) frequently invite their readers to post questions or share their thoughts of stories, ideas, or even stories in the comments section.
These questions are typically answered by the original poster. The majority of bloggers attempt to respond to every post, but sometimes the best answers are provided by other readers. And that’s the time to step into it.

If you find that there’s something missing or not covered effectively in the blog post You can leave an appeal to the reader by providing the information.
By reading others’ comments and comments, you’ll also discover ways to answer them.
Sometimes, the answer that someone else wants to know doesn’t long to be posted as comments.
Utilize these opportunities to give an answer that is concise, and then end with a hyperlink to your post.
Another site that the public can turn to is forums like Yahoo Answers and Google Groups and also industries (or even products) specific solutions.
They offer similar opportunities to what the comment section on blogs does


Every company, large and small, is prone to displaying the positive reviews they’ve received from their customers.

In actuality, you’ll see that the majority of websites feature only a handful of testimonials on their homepages while a few sites have entire websites dedicated solely to testimonials from clients (which always include a link on the homepage, typically something similar to “customer success stories”).

Here’s an example of what an ideal review page  will look like.

How can you make this an easy way to earn high-quality backlinks to your website?
First, make an inventory of the products and services that you’ve recently used.
The best way to go is to consider those you’ve frequently used (or have started using) in the last six months.
This may take some time and is likely to be an ongoing process however, it’s the longest phase of this procedure.

You should also check if the websites have an online testimonial page. If they do, you should spend some time writing an honest, short assessment of your experiences with this product and then contact them.
Many websites have feedback features or provide an email address for feedback on their page for contact.



Testimonials on other websites can be a fantastic way to build high-quality backlinks but there’s another beneficial option that permits testimonials for your service or product to act as a source of backlinks for your website.
What can you do?
Offer it to bloggers from your field free of charge. Although this isn’t an uncost-free method to build backlinks, the price is low, and the benefits should be able to pay for themselves quite quickly.

What you need to look for are bloggers who can provide reviews on items and services that are in your area. You can narrow the results down to those that are most reliable before proceeding to another step.
This is the time to present an offer. This is the guideline to follow:
Begin with a warm greeting.
Then, inform them that you were searching for relevant articles and came across their article.

Recommend their work and inform them that you have an item or service which is relevant to the subject.
Indicate the amount you normally charge and say that you’d be happy to provide the service for free cost.
The only thing you’d like to receive is to have them think about posting a link to your company on their blog or perhaps write an online review.




Sometimes, your company or name will be listed online, without linking to your website.

This is typically caused by human error however, the good thing can be that this could be a fresh basis for backlinks.
Link reclamation is a simple process however extremely effective.


It’s common to find people who have mentioned your name on their blog because they are impressed by one (or several) of the products and services you offer.
The blog post may not be an actual review, but in some instances, the blogger has brought your brand or business into the mix in the context of the larger story.
All you have to do to locate these mentions is utilize an app like BuzzSumo which creates a content alert each time someone mentions your site
. The majority of the time you’ll notice that they’ve already added an URL to your site.
This is wonderful news, but occasionally the link is not there.
Instead of waiting around and wishing they’d included an additional link, send your email! Thank them for including your company as a source of information in the article (bonus tip:
it can be helpful to add a positive comment to the article and also) And ask whether they’d be interested in adding a link to your website. It will help your readers discover you if they would like to. and it helps you to get high-quality backlink free.


backlinks free 2022



A great way to not just generate backlinks but also receive feedback on ways to enhance your site’s user experience is to submit your site on one of the websites that provide feedback.

They are intended to help site owners get the most of the potential of their site’s design and conversion.
Usability evaluation methods can be a fantastic method of doing this also and we strongly recommend you do it at least once a year (and especially if you’ve just launched your site or are thinking of redesigning your site).

However, these techniques rarely produce backlinks, so when you want to hit two birds in one fell – improving your UX and your SEO, using feedback websites is the best option.

All you have to do is set up accounts on these websites to submit your website to be reviewed. Include a brief explanation of how you feel about it or want to improve the quality of your site. And you’re done!

The top websites for feedback automatically create a backlink for your website.
This seems like a simple feature since it lets contributors find your website easily, however certain platforms do not automatically add the link.
So if you’re searching for an excellent feedback website that will automatically generate a link to you, here are the top trustworthy ones.



Interviews online are becoming a trend in recent times, and are a great method of earning backlinks.
It takes time to be recognized as an expert within your niche or industry however when you achieve this, you’ll likely find yourself receiving lots of interviews. Before that, you’ll need to make the first move in seeking out interviews.

One method of doing this is to keep an eye out for blogs and websites, or even vlogs that host interviews on the internet.
They don’t have to be geared towards the specific niche you’re in. However, in this instance, it is best to narrow the list to sites that cover a wide range of subjects.
You’ll waste your time trying to find an interview on a website that isn’t relevant to your particular industry. Even when (by some chance) you are lucky enough to get one it’s not going to help your SERP rank.
After you’ve discovered a suitable website, send them a friendly email to inform them you’d like to be a part of their work.

Be sure to include a description of the knowledge you’re able to offer to contribute. It’s like the guest post and providing resources through HARO however it’s an amalgamation of both, you’re providing information that someone else can convert to content that they can use on their website.

Another alternative is to reach out to the online publications within your area and inform them that you’ve just launched your own business.
If they’d like to do an article about local businesses and ask to participate as an interviewee
. Whatever method you choose it’s guaranteed to bring in several backlinks over the course of time.



In order to help you write great content that earns your website backlinks, you need to be aware of your competition.

because the odds are they’ve got excellent content that’s been ranked well and has also generated a number of backlinks.
The easiest method to accomplish this is by following their accounts on social media as this is where they’ll post their most valuable and pertinent content.

Being able to access the content is going to be a factor significantly in the next section which is The Skyscraper Method, but it’s essential in other ways,
Being aware of the activities of your competitors on their social media channels can provide an insight into the kind of companies and people who follow them, and people you can contact and promote your brand to.

In addition, you’ll also be able to keep up-to-date about the methods that are used by them to get backlinks.
This is information you can adapt to the needs of your brand.
The best thing to do is not just join their Facebook and Twitter accounts, but also join any newsletters that they publish.

Google Alerts is another excellent method to get notifications in regards to when they’re releasing new content on their website.
One of our most popular methods to find out what your competitors are doing and how they are constructing hyperlinks is Monitor Backlinks.

This tool gives you clear insight into the methods you can duplicate to get backlinks from the same sector: specifically websites that you need guest posts to bloggers, bloggers that you can request reviews from, and almost every other strategy we’ve discussed.

Wrap up


I am sure, how to create backlinks for free will never be a daunting question. If you read the article carefully,
In my opinion, what you must consider is to try each and every method discussed here.
If you get confused, feel free to ask.
Our expert off-page analyst will guide you.
Don’t let starting trouble ruin your dreams.

Just write us @[email protected]  and we will reply within 24 hours

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