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Google digital marketing courses, it’s free, completely free.

The major benefit of google digital marketing certification is it assists marketers to take up the fundamentals of digital marketing, which is unavoidable in the present marketing framework.

Is it suitable for marketing professionals only ?

No, anyone who wishes to pursue a career in digital marketing can make use of it .

It may be entrepreneurs who are keen to have an online presence for their enterprise.

Students who like to feel the pulse of online- era.

Any professionals who need to cope up with the ever-shifting technological paradigm.

The biggest advantage of google digital marketing course is to grab google certified professional for absolutely free.

10 Google Digital Marketing Certification For Free

Google Digital Unlocked Course -An Introduction to Digital Marketing 

Digital unlocked google course is to cater the essential knowledge about digital marketing and other aspects in the arena of digital marketing.

The purpose of google digital unlocked course is to offer an insight about digital marketing and other online marketing channels including search engine, social media, email and other internet marketing means.

It is an opportunity to decorate your CV with google certification and attract the attention of recruiters.

The digital unlocked google course comprises around 23 topics and at the end the availability of quizzes check the width of knowledge you gained through the course. Finally, the certification is available.

The digital unlocked google course consists of the primer app that delivers 5 minute digital marketing lessons in Hindi and English that teaches how to build a website, do SEO, how to run google ads and much more.

At the end of the course, it offers google analytics certification for those who complete the entire course.

Ad Word Fundamental Course

The expertise in google advertisement is compulsory for online marketers. It renders instant- measurable results.digital advertisement is smarter than traditional advertising methods, because the online advertisers are well- versed about the audience behaviour and aim at potential buyers in order to turn them into customers.

The modules in adword fundamental course provide the essence of google adwords and 

It provides the essentials of adword for those who are focusing on cracking adword fundamental exams, including the details about advantages of adwords, how to set -up 

Ad word refresher guide is best to freshen the skill and knowledge you have obtained through ad word fundamental course.

A series of guides that ensure to achieve new clients and figure out how efficiently the campaign is going, and it helps to understand what changes it requires obtaining more clicks.

You can develop an idea about google advertising products which is necessary to succeed google advertising campaign.

Adding relevant ad extensions gives greater visibility to the advertisement and enables more clicks.It is essential to understand which extension is suitable to what sort of business.

Building an appropriate keyword list helps to reach potential audiences who are in search of the service or product.

It assists to figure out when and where the advertisement is placed with campaign settings.

It assists to oversee the benefits of the ad campaign and plan in accordance with  financial plan.

Search advertising course

It is another feather in google digital marketing course. It helps students to get an overview about search advertising practices and prepare students to face the exam at the end of the course.

This exam guide provides an excellent opportunity to learn everything about search advertising optimization, how search ads work, how to monitor ad and improve quality.

It is an amazing opportunity to refresh before you take up the exam.

Introduction to Remarketing Lists for Search Ads help to send an ideal message to the right audience with the help of remarketing.

Google ads free certification

Display Advertising Course

You have seen advertisements while surfing through YouTube or any other website. Display advertising courses help to understand the tactics behind display advertisements and prepare students to crack the exam.

Display advertising course by google digital marketing course provides in-depth understanding of display advertising and it also teaches how to re-market to the audience who has expressed the intention to buy.

Mobile Advertising Course

Mobile advertising courses enable to capture the attention of the audience easily and it reaches how to optimise mobile advertising, bidding, estimation and run effective mobile advertising campaigns.

Video Advertising Course

Video marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to reach a potential audience and convert them into loyal customers. How to create an enticing video that attracts, educates and converts ?

Video advertising course teaches the basics of video advertising and equip to instil the foundation for video advertising.

Shopping Advertising Course 

Shopping advertising enables a strong sense of what you are selling with the help of image, name and details about your product or services.

Learning shopping advertising courses help to sell your products or service directly to the audience.

Analytics Course 

Why is analytics important for digital marketing?

It measures the outcome of your marketing campaign, how – well your audience responds to marketing efforts.

It is one of the major difference between traditional and digital marketing 

Learning analytic course from google digital marketing lays the foundation of analytics and helps to move forward in the area of digital marketing.

Tools and Best Practice Course

Tools are necessary for a strong and dynamic marketing campaign. Choosing the right tool ideal for your marketing campaign provides the best results. Tools and best practice courses render a deep overview about marketing tools and techniques.

Google My Business Course

If you are an entrepreneur or a marketing professional, you might come across google my business page to provide relevant information about your service and product.

It is a free tool where you can upload with a map and update with significant content.

Well, these are some free digital marketing courses. If you are aiming to brush up the digital skills, it is best to choose, and the exam at the end of the course is excellent practice to check your knowledge on the same.

Learn, earn, and repeat.

If you find it useful, please, let us know.