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Learn Google Ads course in Kerala from Google Ads experts

“Start and enhance your career in google ads.”

“Learn Google Ads course in Kerala from certified google ads specialists.”

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Google Ads or Google AdWords is an advertising service, very familiar to us, provided by Google to businesses or offices for advertising or promoting the businesses on google search and other websites.

Since Google Ads specialist is a highly potential and influential job, and it requires google certification, it is essential to meet quality training in the Google Ads course in Kerala.

Nexxa digital academy offers you the best Google Ads course in Kerala, which covers every key aspect of Google Ads and google ads training in Kerala along with an exhaustive internship program.

Google Ads course in Kerala in Nexxa digital academy will make you a complete Google Ads expert as most of our students are certified Google Ads specialists. The course we provide takes place with experienced digital marketing professionals. Nexxa digital academy courses are tailored to fulfill your requirements.

If you are dreaming of an exciting career in digital marketing, Google Ads is one of the best digital marketing courses for you. The Google Ads course in Kerala provided by us will strengthen your digital marketing skills.


How to be a Google ad specialist

Google ad specialist is a highly potential and influential job. Most of the Google AdWords specialists are certified by Google. For becoming a google ad specialist who is google certified, you have to pass two google assessments that are offered online by the Google academy of ads.

Passing the AdWords fundamental assessment and the supplemental advertising assessments are the two segments of Google certification.

Benefits of obtaining Google Ads certification

Google Ads certification benefits are various such as; to build social proof, gain credibility, can drive more sales, free promotions, etc. The Google certification is worthwhile for everyone and for the learners who have not yet started their careers.

The Google IT support professional certificate will benefit from getting better job opportunities. Nexxa digital academy provides you Google Ads certification course that will give you many benefits through Google Ads or Google AdWords training in Kerala.

Course overview

  •  Things you will learn from our Google Ad course in Kerala: 50% 50%

To make efficient ads
Conversion tracking
Video ad
Dynamics ad
To get maximum return of investments.

Campaign optimization
Bidding and quality score
Audience targeting
Keyword research
Introduction to Adwords

Pay per clicks
Display advertising
Google ads PPC

Who can join our course


  • Students
  • Mareketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales personnel
  • Any individuals who want to pursue a career in Google Ads


We offer you

Quality learning

We provide you quality oriented courses to enhance your skills and knowledge in the Google Ads course in Kerala.

Flexible batches

We have batches with flexible timing, which are designed according to the favour of students.

Supporting faculties

We have the best Google certified specialists as faculties ready to support and enhance you in Google Ads.

Updated curriculum

Since we are always updated that we update our curriculum.

Best google ads training in Kerala

The students can work in our company and enhance their skills.

Expert trainers

We have the expert professionals to train you.


We provide you internships after our quality classes on Google Ads.

100% job assurance

We assure you of a job after the internship and training.

Certification guarantee

We guarantee to provide you Google Ads certificate through our highly oriented quality classes.

Support after course

Even after the course, we offer you complete support from us.


Is AdWords and Google ads the same?

Yes, Google AdWords and Google Ad are the same. Google AdWords became Google Ads in 2018.

What are the prerequisites required for joining the Google Ad course?

No prerequisites are required for joining the Google Ad course.

Is Google Ads and Google AdSense the same?

No. They are not the same. Google ads is for advertisers, and Google AdSense is for publishers.

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