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what is the future of digital marketing in India?

Future of digital Marketing in India is expecting a tremendous rush in 202

Do you remember when you started to know about digital marketing ?

During the pandemic period, pre-covid era or just now.

Whenever it will be….This article is an eye opener for you ..read till the end.

You might have heard about the wider scope of digital marketing  in India and around  the globe.

Once in a while you gasp about overwhelming financial burden and thinking to switch on a part-time job even if you have a sound full time career.

Flexible working hours, freelancing opportunities, thriving career in digital marketing are some benefits of digital marketing.

Well, this is for you, stay online.

Let us come to the topic.

What is the Future of Digital Marketing in India 2023?

The future of digital marketing in India looks very promising. With the growth of the internet and mobile devices, more and more people are using these platforms to connect with brands and businesses.

This trend will only continue, so businesses need to be prepared to meet this demand. By creating a solid online presence and using digital marketing strategies, businesses can reach a larger audience and build relationships with potential customers.

Digital marketing is a component of marketing which uses online platforms to promote service or products.

However, digital marketing doesn’t require any qualification to be an expert digital marketer, but doesn’t underestimate the quality of the career.

You need to strive hard to be updated in the domain of digital marketing.

However, you aren’t required to possess certain qualifications like a doctor or engineer have.

Digital marketing is an ever-growing career, and it is quintessential for every business to flourish.

You are using the internet to pay bills online, purchase from groceries to gift, planning a vacation, rely on e-learning, and you are witnessing a transition of brick and mortar stores into online shops where everything can be purchased  within a single click.

The rising trend of business online increases the popularity of digital marketing, and it stands as an essential medium to promote business of all sizes.

It raises abundant career opportunities for digital marketer to create online marketing campaigns, blog posts, to establish content marketing efforts, to create web pages, social media posts, and much more. It intends all these to connect with customers.

Scope of Digital Marketing In India

Scope of digital marketing in India is far and wide.

Future of Digital Marketing in India

Digital marketing careers encompass the following job profile, but it is not limited to the listed below professions.

  • Email-marketing automation specialist 
  • Search engine optimization analyst
  • Online content developer
  • Professional blogger
  • Web designer 
  • Search engine marketer 
  • Brand Manager 
  • Social Media Marketer

Different occupational profiles demand diverse skill sets. Let discuss career opportunities, skill sets, and scope of digital marketing.

Different digital marketing career opportunities in India

(salary, demanded skills and career possibilities)

Digital marketing consists of diverse careers depending upon the type of work and level of expertise. A digital marketing career can develop as proportional to how well you gain knowledge and update yourself.

Before diving deep into the job profile, please opt your career wisely. Choose your passion as a profession and master the skills to be an expert in your own niche.


Email marketing automation specialist – Rising career for marketers

What do you think about email marketing and automation specialists?

Do you know email marketing is a powerful marketing tool which promotes service and products at minimal cost. Send triggering campaigns, sequence emails, automate emails based on open rate, lead generation , measure or certain other things.

According to Satista, an email marketing specialist is expected to have 440 k per annum.

What are the skill sets required to expertise in email marketing?

Ability to plan Inbound Marketing strategy -Curate strategies that attract an audience and convert visitors into buyers.

Planning and analytical skills-Strategy planning require analytical skills to foresee the cause-effect work flow.

Create interesting content- Content is the king, without captivating content all marketing strategies will perish.

Copywriting skills to write attractive subject lines -Grabbing the attention of readers is the vital part of email marketing. Understand the psychology of your audience and craft the subject line accordingly.

Search engine optimization analyst- A promising career in digital marketing

SEO analyst is one of the hot career opportunities in digital marketing. SEO is a career where you are able to work online and improve ranking in SERP page to increase visibility and branding.

Don’t think the hype of SEO will diminish year after year .It will stay alive as long as the search engine exists.

SEO specialists are responsible to find keywords aka ‘search queries’ the audience is searching for.

Sort it out…

Find competitors…

On page SEO…

Off page SEO…

Link building…

Monitoring site speed…

Don’t feel awkward !!

But remember, it is an interesting profession once you get onto the track.

Desired Skill Set for SEO professionals:

Critical Thinking: As a SEO professional, you must be able to understand the cause – effect, there should be a powerful vision about what happens when you plan a strategy in a certain way.

Technical Skills: Technical skills of a SEO professional doesn’t require amazingly well coding ability, whereas you must get basic coding skill to settle hundreds of crazy technical skills.

Analytical skills: Analytical skills help to get an insight about the cause- effect correlation. It assists you to foresee the plan and execution strategy .

 Adaptability: Career in digital marketing is highly challenging because of ever – changing online scenario. As SEO specialist, you need to open your sense organs wide open. Listen to the changes, foresee the result, and knit a relevant game -plan in SEO .

You will reign the SEO kingdom !!

Online content developer- Artistic job profile in digital marketing

It is said that content creates values in life.

Is it true ?

What is the use of an online content developer ?

Is there any scope for content marketers or writers ?

Content marketers are responsible for creating various types of content for diverse platforms such as blog, social media, product description, SEO friendly content and much more.

If you have a passion for writing and a bit of creativity. You are welcome to the content, marketer world.

Remember, content is the KING no marketing couldn’t be possible without high-quality content.

You can explore different career options in content writing such as content marketing manager, content marketing specialist, marketing writer. Each job profile has a different salary range based on the years of experience and expertise in the field.

Content writer salary in India & US :

Content Writer salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.2 Lakhs to ₹ 6.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 3.0 Lakhs.  Where as in US  national average salary for a Content Writer is $52,680 .


Hmm ….Still scratching head…!

If you are good in analyzing data, media proficiency, writing aptitude and observing time management skills. A refreshing content marketing career is waiting you.

Search engine marketer- Thriving career in digital marketing

Search engine marketer or PPC Marketing Professional is one of most seeking professions in digital marketing. Companies are spending millions of money to get instant traffic in order to boost sales.

PPC Marketing Professional will shape the future of digital marketing in India. Business organizations are running behind instant results.

So PPC professionals can expect a hike in their career opportunities.

PPC analyst starts his or her career as a PPC executive and moves to the position of PPC specialist and PPC manager, respectively.

Contemplating about the skills and salary find the below diagram for a better understanding.

A search engine marketer aka PPC professional must gain technical skills, desire to learn, be passionate and analytical to excel in search engine marketing.

Social Media Marketer- Buoyant profession 

Social media marketing is buzzing in the current scenario.

Why ?

Millions of people are using various social media platforms for promotion, news, entertainment, infotainment and much more.

Social media marketer handles every aspect of social media such as building communities online, quality lead generation, creating user friendly content to engage your audience and every work in correspondent with social media .

Different social marketing jobs are ranging from social media Intern to social media manager.

Social Media Intern is a pretty entry-level job in social media marketing assisting to develop strategies, analyze campaigns, create social media calendar and measure digital performance.

As per Indeed $12.63 per hour is the average salary of social media marketing intern.

Social media strategists develop strategies in correspondence with different social media platforms and analyzing the metrics derived. Take feedback and utilize it to improve strategic goals.

Social media manager: Social media managers create and maintain brand promotions, control marketing campaigns over different social media platforms.

Social media director: Social media director is a recognised job profile involved in decision making, coordinating other team members, developing a system to track and measure and prepare reports and inform social media directors about the improvement.

Sound knowledge about various social media channels, teeny bit of creativity, strong interpersonal skills help to master social media marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another result oriented marketing technique where you get a reward for the visitor you bring to the business.

Affiliate income is not fixed, and it can vary day after day. Whereas it adds another source of income.

How do you feel now?

There are plenty of job opportunities in digital marketing. scope of digital marketing in India is increasing day by day.so Choose a career based on your passion. If you work for a passion, you began to rise & shine.

Remember , an expert was once a beginner. if you began the journey; you are half there.

Time and tide do not wait for man!!

Start today !!

Happy journey..

Nexxa Digital Team