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Digital Marketing
Course in Malayalam

Discover the best digital marketing course in Malayalam, which helps students to be well aware of the current changing digital ecosystem and make them professional digital marketers.

digital marketing course in alappuzha

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Digital Marketing

Course in Malayalam

Digital marketing is the marketing of goods and services through digital technologies which in most cases means via the internet or online. Digital marketing allows you to use an individual’s interest and preference to tailor the marketing message they receive.

Digital marketing course in Malayalam covers the basics of all digital marketing techniques by a step-by-step guide for those looking to learn new skills or to pamper the existing ones.


Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Email Marketing

Where to study
digital marketing course
in Malayalam?


They were provided with a well-structured syllabus in Malayalam, formed by a team of certified digital marketing experts, which ensure a great learning experience while acquiring a great deal of practical knowledge within the specified time. The hands-on experience and case-study features are their highlights that will mold you into an industry expert, which you aspire to be.

Nexxa digital academy is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Kerala. The reason why Nexxa digital academy stands unique because of its field experience in digital marketing. From Nexxa, you got an opportunity to learn digital marketing tactics from a digital marketing company.


Core Modules

Core module supplies all essential knowledge related to digital marketing and its other aspects.

Search Engine Optimization

Get detailed understanding of best SEO course in Kerala, know various tools, keyword research, analytics and  learn SEO course with real work


Search Engine Marketing

Know the principles of paid advertisement in the Search Engine Result Page and it leads to optimisation and conversions

Social Media Marketing

Identify the methods to promote  various products and services in different social media platforms and drive traffic, boost sales, and connect audiences with your brand.

Marketing Automation

Discover various marketing automation technologies, learn how to manage marketing campaigns in multiple channels and how to deliver automated emails, messages and text.

digital marketing Advanced Modules

Advanced Modules

Advanced modules offer an in depth learning of digital marketing principles and practices to master digital career 

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a business method in which to attract audience by creating valuable content they always need and develop an emotional connection with them. It is another way to attract their attention by solving their problems.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is not meant to assess the traffic into a website , it strongly supports marketing research, assess and improve website effectiveness

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing approach in which focused to create and  circulate relevant , valuable consistent content to attract and keep audience and ultimately leads to profitable action

Media Buying & Planning

Media buying & planning demand strategies , discussion for placing ad. It starts with understanding the target audience and crafting effective messages for them.

digital marketing Specialization Modules

Specialization Modules

The specialisation module equips students to be proficient in an area of study and aid them to be an expert in their field of interest.

Growth Marketing

Growth marketing is the process of acquiring and retaining customers in every stage of the buying funnel by clearly stating their pain points, wants and thoughts.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing enables  to put products or services in front of a massive audience. A sturdy platform for highly targeted advertising and organic posts.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing exposes various digital marketing platforms, different strategies required for each platform and identifying diverse buyer personas.

Content Writing

Content writing involves the process of ,planning , writing  and creating content for various digital medium including writing blog, article etc.

Who Can join ?

1. Students

2. Professionals

3. Entrepreneurs

What You Will Get ?

Indepth Knowledge in Digital Marketing

Indepth Knowledge in Digital Marketing

Get profound understanding of digital marketing and its other aspect.

Internship On Our Company

Each student gets an opportunity to work in a company. Address real projects under expert guidance.

Internship On Our Company
Practical Oriented Training

100% Practical Oriented Training

Our training is completely practical, and each student gets an opportunity to learn through liver work .

Profound Understanding of Various Tools

For effective digital marketing, different tools are mandatory.we provide hands on experience on 70 + tools 

Profound Understanding of Various Tools
Helps To Be An Expert in DM

Helps To Be An Expert in DM

An expert digital marketer must have an immense hand on experience, well versed with strategies that works 

Free Web Hosting

Each student gets a free hosting space for their website building.

Free Web Hosting
6 month+ Support

6 month+ Support

Right after the course, each student get support through discussion forums.

Recorded Videos

Recorded classes of our online and offline batches are distributed, and students can rely upon for future reference.

Recorded Videos

How Nexxa is Different From Others ?


Expert Mentors

Nexxa digital academy has experienced mentors, that the best training can be offered only by an expert who knows in and out of the entire digital marketing field as a whole and the tutors in Nexxa are experts in digital marketing with an average of 5+ years of experience.

Expert mentors
Personalised attention


Personalised Attention

We provide personalized training for students, where the topic and syllabus are specially handpicked and designed for individuals.


Updated Syllabus

Our syllabus is not fixed. It is ever changing with latest updates and trends 

Updated syllabus
Practical Oriented Training


100 % Practical Oriented Training

Nexxa digital academy offers the best digital marketing course in Malayalam. It is an opportunity to learn digital marketing from a digital marketing company for students as they focused on quality-oriented training and focus on practical-oriented classes.

What Our Students Says?

The faculty and training were exemplary.

My experience with Nexxa was fantastic. The Centre has a variety of courses. I have completed the digital marketing course which changed my life because after the course completion I able to work independently. My trainer (Mr. Sreeresh) was excellent and gave all the guidance required to assimilate the course. I can ensure that choosing this institution will help you expand your skills which help in your future career.

Basil Joy

Digital Marketing Manager, Cocolabs

It was one of my best decision in my life.

A Software Engineering Graduate. After my graduation I got married and shifted to new place and was busy with my new life. A few years later, I started to think about my career, and I need to do something different which I have an interest. Finally I reached in Digital Marketing , where I got to learn how to run a website, writing contents, how to run an ad on a campaign, On-Page and Off-Page Optimization, Social media marketing etc. I am very thankful to my trainer Mr Sreeresh Sir, he helped me to learn DM with real time experiences and was able to provide clear directions to all my observations. I am well confident to take out the new skills which I learned during the course to the real market situations.

Dheeshna Vishnuprasad

Director, GDRIS Innovation Pvt Ltd

It’s a wonderful learning experience.

For me Digital Marketing is a new world. I don’t have any prior knowledge about DM. But Sreeresh sir helped me to explore the new world. It was really exciting to learn digital marketing with the help of live project from an expert.I got a chance to learn about social media marketing, Search engine marketing, SEO, Email marketing and digital marketing tools. So it was very helpful me to apply in my career. Eventhough after completion of course i can approach him at any time with my doubts
Thank you so much for your support.

Sudheesh N

SEO Expert, DigiSmashers

Frequently Asked Question?

1. What is the digital marketing course in malayalam fee ?

Ans: The digital marketing course in malayalam  fee varies depending upon the digital marketing course, its syllabus, faculties, etc. 

2. Is this Digital marketing course in malayalam with placement ?

Ans: Yes, we offer digital marketing course in malayalam with placement. Our placement cell vacancy details and arrange interviews. 

3. How to find Best digital marketing training in malayalam ?

Ans: The feature of best digital marketing training in malayalam is availability of live works, experienced mentors, hands on experience on various tools, and placement security.

4. Will i get placement assistance after completing the course ?

Ans: Sure, As nexxa digital academy is under nexxa corporate info tech you are able to work as an intern and develop a portfolio in which you can sell yourself .clearly speaking , you can exhibit your works and easily secure a job.

5. Is it worth to study digital marketing

Ans: Learning digital marketing open wide range of opportunities, able to  drive revenue from multiple sources, moreover, scope and relevance of digital marketing  is rising steadily .

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