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Best Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram

The advanced digital marketing course in malappuram can be used to improve the skills of students, professionals, and other individuals who wish to make a career out of digital marketing. The field in digital marketing developing as it is built on the constantly growing technology.It’s offered by Nexxa Academy, keeping up with the ever-growing technology. Join to upgrade your skills and succeed in the world of digital marketing.

Why Nexxa Digital Academy?

“Do you want to learn more about our Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram? We’re ready to offer it to you.”Find the top digital marketing classes in Malappuram to develop your talents. Nexxa is Malappuram’s best digital marketing institute, creating the most effective team of experts in this field.

Sreeresh K is an owner as well as a faculty of Nexxa. He has more than 10 + years of experience in digital marketing. Nexxa was developed to provide instruction in theory, practical and live projects.
Our syllabus is regularly updated since the field is constantly introducing new developments with the assistance of the most reputable digital marketing professionals.
The most important thing that makes us different from other institutes for digital marketing is that He emphasizes practical education more than theory classes. It means that We offer practical and theory courses using industry experts.

digital marketing course in malappuram

We ensure that students know what they’re learning, and we assure them that We provide students with many opportunities to use their new skills in the work. We offer Our students the chance to learn with Kerala’s Best Digital marketing institute in Malappuram.

Our Courses

Nexxa Academy provides the most practical training in digital marketing since we focus on high-quality coaching. They have an experienced mentor of Nexxa. They teach each module to students in a concrete method. We focus on core modules like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing. etc

Tools You’ll learn

Career Opportunities of Digital Marketing

Jump into a world of job opportunities in digital marketing! As more and more businesses go online, they need people like you. Whether you love creating content, analyzing data, or planning strategies, there’s a spot for you in digital marketing. It’s an exciting career path where you get to shape how businesses talk to people online.  Let’s explore together!

Average Salary

Job Opportunties


Anyone who’s a student , no matter what you studied, and knows a bit Knowledge about  computers.


Good for people who already have jobs and want to learn new things in digital marketing. It helps you stand out in your current job or find new jobs in this area. It’s like getting a secret advantage in your career!


Perfect for business owners who want to promote their businesses online. You’ll learn tricks to make more people notice and like what you do. It’s like having a guide to make your business shine on the internet!

What you will get?

Internship On Our Company

Internships available at our company! It’s a chance for hands-on learning, real projects, and gaining skills. Whether you’re a student or exploring a new field, come grow with us! Your internship adventure begins here.

Recorded Videos

Watch our recorded videos anytime! We get that you’re busy, so our videos are there when you want to learn. Whether you missed a class , our recorded videos let you learn at your own pace.

Understanding of Various Tools

Learn to use different tools with our training! In today’s world, knowing how to use various tools is  important. Our program doesn’t just teach you from books—it lets you actually use tools in real-life situations. Whether it’s for analyzing data, designing, or communicating, you’ll be ready to handle them.

100% Practical Oriented Training

Learn by doing with our training! We focus on practical skills that you can use in the real world. No boring theory—just hands-on experience. Whether you’re a beginner or want to improve what you already know, our training sets you up for success. Come join us for a practical learning experience that gets you ready for the real deal!


Get ready for your dream job with our help! We’ll support you in creating a great resume and preparing for interviews. Our goal is to boost your chances of getting the job you want. Let’s work together for your success!

6 month+ Support

Get help whenever you need it! Our support doesn’t stop after 6 months—it goes on. Learning is a journey, and we’re here for your questions, clarifications, or advice even after you finish the program.

What We Provide

Online batch

Come learn with us! Our academy has online classes that you can join from anywhere. It’s perfect for busy folks, students, or anyone who wants to explore new things.

Offline batch

 Our academy has classes you can attend in classrooms. If you like being there in the moment, asking questions face-to-face, and having a more interactive  learning vibe, our offline classes are just for you.

What Our Student Say


Who can do this course?

Anyone Can do this course. Only basic computer knowledge is required to learn this course

Does the fee difference impact the quality of education for online students?

Not at all. Online and offline students receive the same quality of education, expert guidance, and practical learning opportunities. The fee variation is primarily related to the mode of learning.


Is there an installment payment option available?

 Yes, we understand the importance of flexibility. Nexxa provides installment payment options. Contact our admissions team to discuss a suitable plan.

How long is the internship program?

The internship program is usually for 4 to 6 months. It’s like a hands-on experience where you dive into real-world projects, gaining practical experience to your digital skills.

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