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Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Calicut

Learn about the practical Digital Marketing Course in Calicut, which will help you master essential marketing techniques and gain experience in the field to begin your career in the field of marketing. Nexxa Academy is your best choice for a successful career in marketing, offering a practical learning experience.



Years Of Training


Why Nexxa Academy?


Are you looking for an excellent digital marketing course in Calicut? Nexxa Digital Academy always recommends the most reputable digital marketing institute in Calicut due to its online marketing courses quality and unique way of teaching.

Nexxa is an experienced academy which presents each module to students systematically and practically. We provide core courses like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. Sreeresh K, owner and trainer of Nexxa. He is an expert in digital marketing with over 15+ years of experience. He also inspires the students with his success stories.”

Nexxa was created to offer training in live projects. Our students are proof that they have been accepted into well-known companies worldwide.
Nexxa provides the most practical education in digital marketing as we focus on high-quality training and offer the best digital marketing course in Calicut.

digital marketing course in calicut

Nexxa Academy is the leading name in training for digital marketing in Calicut . Our  institute has the distinction and goodwill of having taught hundreds of students and succeeded in launching them into digital marketing, resulting in excellent career paths.

Who Can Join?


Students or graduates from any stream with a basic understanding of computers


Working Professionals who plan to change  careers


Are you planning to boost your the current business through digital marketing strategies


Our Course

Search Engine Marketing

 Social Media Marketing





Customized Digital Marketing



Our Key Modules

Search Engine Marketing

SEO boosts your site’s using keywords and strategies to connect with your target audience.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is paying to put your website at the top of the search results, making sure it gets noticed by people looking for what you offer.

Social Media Marketing

SMM(Social Media Marketing) is like using social media to tell everyone about your business and make it more popular.

E Mail Marketing

Email marketing is like sending digital letters to people who are interested in your business. It’s a way to share news, promotions, and keep in touch with your audience directly through their email inbox.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is like spreading the word about your business on the biggest social media. It involves using Facebook to connect with people, share updates, and promote your products or services to a wide audience.

Growth Marketing

Growth marketing is like using smart ideas to get more customers, sell more, and make your business grow faster.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is like sharing interesting and helpful stories about your business to make people like and know you better.

Google Ads

Google Ads is like paying to have your business show up at the top when people search on Google. It’s a way to get more attention and visitors to your website.


Popular Courses

Online Batch

Learning takes place over the internet. Students can access course materials, lectures, and assignments through digital platforms. This mode of learning offers flexibility as students can study from anywhere with an internet connection. Interaction with instructors and peers often occurs through online forums, video calls, or chat.

Offline Batch

We  are conducted in physical classrooms. Students attend in-person sessions, interact directly with instructors, and participate in face-to-face discussions. This offline mode of learning provides a structured environment and real-time interaction with among students.


What You Will  Get ?


Free web Hosting

Each student owns their own domain, and they create their own site without programming. 


6 month+ Support

You can get help  for more than six months. It’s like having someone there to help you out for a long time after you get something.


Recorded Classes

Daily classes will be shared and saved for future information .


Deep Knowledge of Digital Marketing

Get more about various aspects of digital marketing and its applications

Digital Marketing Tools

What Our Students Say


Frequently Asked

Is there an installment payment option available?

 Yes, we understand the importance of flexibility. Nexxa provides installment payment options

Do online students receive the same level of interaction with faculty as offline students?

Absolutely. Nexxa is committed to providing equal opportunities for interaction and mentorship. Online students can access live sessions, discussion forums, and interactions with faculty.

Are the same faculty members available for online and offline batches?

Yes, Nexxa ensures consistency in the quality of education. The same experienced and expert trainers are available for online and offline batches.

What is the duration of the course?

 The duration of the course is four months. Please contact us for specific details based on the program you’re interested in. They’ll provide  information on course durations and help you choose the right path for your digital learning journey.

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Join Nexxa academy  for a digital journey like no other! Whether you dream big in business, our courses are here to make you a digital superstar. Easy online or cool offline, the choice is yours. Book today and let’s kick off your digital dreams! 

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