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After MBA Which Course is Best :Career Guide For 2023

By  JAYAKRISHNAN  |  Date  :  25-June-2023

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According to some sources in 2022 , 53% of MBA students are unemployed in India.

What’s the reason, just think about it ?

In a country like India with a population of more than 140 crores which includes 65% of people below the age of 35 and that means ,the competition will be at the highest peak in case of finding a good paying secured job..

To be frank, just a degree or a master degree can’t offer you a high paying job.

Then what else??

And skill……

Most often heard question from an MBA student is “after MBA, which course is best ?”

This blog will help you find the perfect answer for this question..

After MBA Which Course Is Best ?,By Choosing Our Path We Choose Our Destinations


MBA is one of the most common post-graduations that is chosen by a large number of students in India and that results in cut throat competition in the pathways of a secured and well paid job.

As mentioned above in this blog 53% of mba students are unemployed in India and most of them are going for some regular jobs with low wages.

What results in unemployment in India ? and mostly we can say

“lack of skill” .

Every industry needs skilled employees. For that you must work hard and work smart by taking a particular area for restructuring and building skills.

Because only that can give you a well paid and secured job for enlightenment of your future..

Here we give some information about best areas or courses to do after Mba and what to do after mba hr

  • Digital Marketing

  • Web Designing

  • Financial Risk Management

  • Chartered Financial Analyst

  • Data Analytics

  • Certified Talent Management Practitioner Program.

Digital Marketing


It is also known as internet marketing, it is the promotion of brands, business etc to a targeted audience through the digital platforms.

It’s not completely about E-mail, social media, web based advertisement but also includes messages that are text or multimedia as a channel for marketing.

One of the fastest growing industries in the world, The digital world grows with digital marketing with the help of a digital marketer.

Every business needs digital marketing ,without proper marketing It’s very hard for a business to stand tall in this world . So scope for a digital marketer never dies.

For an MBA student who knows the basics of marketing , a career in

“Digital marketing will do wonders for them”

Currently large number of vacancies are available in India for digital marketing just check out the list.

Future of Digital marketing jobs in India demands skilled professionals and we can make you a skilled Digital marketer.

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Digital marketing always open wide doors of opportunities , digital marketing includes the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing 

  • Mobile Marketing

The above 7 will always give the best opportunities for every person who is looking for a job, freelance work and also for business purposes.

Let’s consider the above 7 separately and get to know about it …

Search Engine Optimization


SEO (search engine optimization) is a practice that aims to get your website higher in search engine results pages (SERP).

This will allow you to receive more traffic. The goal is to be on the first page for searches that are most relevant to your target audience.

This course will teach you about how to rank a website that means how to get your website higher in the search engine result page.

By doing keyword research ,link building, sitemaps etc..

check the contents in the SEO course:

  • Audience & Industry
  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Mobile SEO
  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Technical SEO
  • Content
  • Links

Currently there are huge amount of vacancies available in India for SEO just check out the list.

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Social Media Marketing


One of the most trending courses which allows you to become a master in social media marketing . This course helps you to become a freelancer, an office employee. And also you can grow your business to new heights if you are an Entrepreneur.

Outline of the best social media marketing course includes the following contents..

  • The Role of Social Media Marketing
  • Goals and Strategies
  • Identifying Target Audiences
  • Rules of Engagement for SMM
  • Social Media Platforms and Social Network Sites
  • Content Creation and Sharing: Blogging, Streaming Video, Podcasts, and Webinars
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing with Photos Sharing Sites
  • Discussion, News, Social Bookmarking, and Q&A Sites
  • Content Marketing: Publishing Articles, White Papers, and EBooks
  • Mobile Marketing on Social Networks
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Tools for Managing the Social Media Marketing Effort
  • Social Media Marketing Plan

The number of vacancies for social media job role is a whooping 80 thousand plus in India

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With 100% practical oriented classes.

Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing also known as SEM is among the most efficient ways to increase your company’s reach in a highly competitive market.

With the millions of businesses competing to get the attention of the public there has never been a time more crucial to promote your business on the internet, and search engines are the best and most efficient method to market your product and increase the size of your business.

So if you are skilled in search engine marketing ,companies will hire You ,with a good package that will be more than you expect.

The outline of an perfect SEM course:-

  • What is search engine marketing
  • Aspects of the Google adword program
  • How to choose right keywords for ad campaigns
  • Different keyword match types and it’s importance
  • Ppc auction models
  • Setting the ad campaigns
  • How to analyse the metrics
  • What is Split test ad campaigns
  • Google display network and video ad campaigns

The number of vacancies for SEM job roles , just check the vacancy list.

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Content Marketing


How can a business or service in internet can reach to large audiences and have more conversions without proper content?

How much good is the ” content” of a business ,that much reach it will get to the audience.

Content marketing can be described as a marketing method used to gain people’s attention ,keep them engaged by writing ,sharing relevant content or videos, podcasts or any other media. This method can bring more brand awareness ,and can give more conversions and leads..

Outline of content marketing:

  • Introduction to content marketing
  • How can you start your content and end your content
  • Tips for creating the perfect content
  • How to use the content writing tools effectively
  • How content should be structured
  • How to target the intent of customers
  • How to stay updated.

Just check out the number of vacancies for a job role of content writer in India ..

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Email Marketing


Email Marketing will not die, as it is one of the costless way to reach to the targeted audience directly to them.

Email marketing is the practice of sending out a commercial message usually to a set of individuals, via email.

In the broadest sense, every email that is sent to a prospective or existing client could be classified as marketing via email.

This includes using email to promote products and requests for business, as well as to solicit donations or sales.

The outline of Email marketing:

  • Introduction to Email marketing
  • How to build your Email list
  • Steps to send marketing Emails
  • Email regulations
  • Email automation
  • How to stay updated.

Lets check out the vacancies for a Email marketing,

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 Affiliate Marketing


The concept of affiliate marketing refers to an advertising method that allows a business to pay third-party publishers for generating leads or traffic that leads to the company’s products or services.

If you have patience to invest time to it ,If you are good at presentation and are willing to earn by yourself you can choose affiliate marketing.

It will take some time maybe 3 or 4 months to make a good earning.

But once you reached a specific space with a good reach to the audience you can earn in lakhs in a month.

An outline for affiliate marketing :

  • Introduction to affiliate
  • Types of affiliate marketing
  • Platforms for affiliate marketing
  • How to maximise the earnings

Affiliate marketing can be a good option ,if you are willing to invest some time and are good at presenting ..

It can bring better earnings than a regular job or freelancing..

We nexxadigital.com is providing the best advanced Digital marketing course(Including affiliate marketing).

Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is an all-channel digital marketing strategy that is aimed to reach a specific group of consumers on smartphones, tablets and/or other mobile devices through websites including email, SMS, social media as well as apps.

Recently, customers are beginning shifting their focus (and money) towards mobile.

One of the easiest way to market is through mobile phones so that it can reach the audience personally..

SMS text messaging, MMS multimedia messages, via downloaded applications using push notifications, via games or in-app marketing via mobile websites or using a smartphone to read QR codes.

We nexxadigital.com provide the best advanced digital marketing Course in Kerala.

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Web Designing


Web design is the development of pages and websites that showcase a company’s branding and also provide the user Experience.

The appearance and design are included as essential elements when developing a mobile application or managing the content of a website.

Learn web design to build a website for your company or even become a professional designer by creating websites for customers.

Now web designs are commonly developed using WordPress, in that We can build web designs with or without coding….


  • Course Overview and Website
  • Structure and Hosting
  • Designing Your Own Website: HTML Basics
  • Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript
  • Websites with Style: CSS Properties, Colours and Fonts
  • Creating HTML Forms
  • Creating Web Applications

We nexxadigital.com is providing scratch to professional web development  course .

You can be a web developer in just 1 month.

Financial Risk Management


Financial risk management refers to a practice in finance that uses financial instruments to analyze and manage risk exposures to credit, market, foreign currency, shape, volatility and liquidity.

It also includes business, legal and reputational risks.

It will take a minimum of 1 year for completing the FRM examinations ,exams are conducted in two parts, part 1 and part 2.

The FRM exam is valid for 5 years starting from the date of registration. This means that the candidate must pass both exams,gain 2 years experience, and then obtain the certificate in this Period.

Some Job roles that an FRM completed person is hired for:

  • Financial Risk Analyst/ Manager. …
  • Enterprise Risk Management. …
  • Investment Banking. …
  • Trading.
  • Wealth Management.

There are some more but above 5 are the top hired roles..


Chartered Financial Analyst


The CFA Program is a three-part examination that tests fundamentals of investment tools and valuation assets. It also assesses portfolio management and wealth planning.

The CFA(r), or Chartered Financial Analyst charter, is a title that is given to individuals who have successfully completed the CFA(r), and fulfilled acceptable work experience requirements.

Hired for the purposes of:

  • Relationship Management
  • Data Science
  • Credit Analysis
  • Chief Investment officer
  • Trading
  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Financial Planning
  • Sales and Trading

Data Analytics


Analytics (DA) analytics (DA) is an approach to looking at data sets to identify trends and draw conclusions regarding the information they include.

Data analytics is increasingly performed with the help of software and systems that are specialised.

  • Introduction to Data Science
  •  Mathematical & Statistical Skills
  • Machine Learning
  • Coding
  • Algorithms used in Machine Learning
  • Statistical Foundations for Data Science
  • Data Structures , Algorithms
  • Scientific Computing
  • Optimization Techniques
  • Data Visualization
  • Matrix Computations
  • Scholastic Models
  • Experimentation, Evaluation and Project Deployment Tools
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • Exploratory Data Analysis

Certified Talent Management Practitioner Program


The Talent Management Certification Program (TMCP) is designed to assist participants acquire practical skills and improve their knowledge in the area that is Talent Management.

Participants can earn the distinction of a Talent Management Certified Professional.

Outline of Certified Talent Management Practitioner Program

  • Business Case for Talent Management
  •  Creating a Workforce Planning Strategy
  • Talent Acquisition and Selection
  • Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Career Planning and Employee Development
  • Integration and Implementation of the Talent Management Strategy

How to Get Job in Abroad After MBA From India?: 4 Important Tips to Follow


If you are looking to find a job abroad after your MBA from India ,you must have some Skill to find a job abroad.

You must concentrate on your particular industry and you must be skilled..

For that you may go for some short term course with international certifications so that you can find better jobs abroad..

Some Tips For getting job in abroad after mba from India:

  • Sharpen your skills
  •  Choose the country wisely
  • choose the companies that you are going to apply and collect their details
  • Study about the company that you are applying and a have a brief idea about them

Career Guidance For MBA Students: Post Covid 19 Updates And Opportunities


Covid 19 struck us , it has taken away many lives ,and has destroyed the world’s economy by causing huge losses for many businesses and industries .

So the job opportunities for a fresher in those conditions was always a tough task. Many lost their jobs and struggled to find a new way to earn a living…

Now the conditions have changed, the world is breathing ,businesses and the economy are coming to it’s old shape and now the opportunities are also levelling up …

Usually MBA is taken as the master degree by everyone thinking to find a secure job with a good package of salary.

But what the current stat shows is that only an MBA can’t give you a secure job with a good salary package..

Number of unemployed MBA students are increasing every year,
It’s because of that the students don’t have any skill to meet the needs of the companies that are hiring ..

To overcome the situation everyone should concentrate on a particular area or skill and you should bring that skill to new heights and be a master in that area or that skill ..

Do some short term courses ,so that you can increase your practical knowledge and can go deep into that area.

Select one course that suits from the above courses list we have provided..
And start learning…


D di 

A job after your masters is always a great feat to achieve ,but considering the case of India it’s always tough to get a well secured job for freshers with a good salary.

You need to be skilled and that skills will only come from getting deep into the field with the practical knowledge for that you may do some short term courses or some practical oriented courses under a good mentor.

A good mentor who is an expert and experienced in that field can always give you better knowledge and ideas for fitting into your space in that field.

A MBA student may have the marketing ideas and knows the structure of a business so it’s always best to take digital marketing Course as a short term course .

It’s because considering the current situation an MBA qualified student with digital marketing knowledge Will have more priority in company who is hiring for digital marketing job roles.

If you are a digital marketer with MBA as your master degree then you will surely get 40% extra salary compared to other degree holders who is applying for digital marketing jobs.

Want to know more about Advanced Digital marketing course just go through Nexxadigital website ,we can make you a better Digital marketer for sure…