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6 Best Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes 2022

BY  Aysha  |  December 3

best free multipurpose wordpress themes

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 “Which are the Best Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes?”

“Do you have any idea on best multipurpose theme for website ?”


Out of all design decisions that a WordPress user must choose from, selecting the right wordpress design could be the most crucial.

There are several methods to choose the perfect theme for your website.


The first alternative is to pick one that is based on the specific area you are in — for instance, you could choose a blogger theme or one that is an eCommerce theme .

These themes offer options that are specifically tailored to your needs.


But, not everyone has the time to look through hundreds of theme options to find the right one that is right for them. Instead, you could prefer the Multipurpose WordPress themes.

Here is an answer for your question , what are the best multipurpose free themes for wordpress ?


A multipurpose theme can be used for any niche of website and provides everything an administrator may require.

The most common features of multi-purpose themes are the ability to build pages (via either the native builder, or an integrated plugin for page builders) as well as pre-built page and web templates to speed up deployment, responsive mobile designs, and a wide range of customizable options.

This may sound like a daunting task .right?

This may seem like a huge task, it’s not,

but WordPress theme developers can handle the challenge.


In this article we’ve identified 6 amazing Best Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes that can be used to create any website you want to create regardless of whether it’s an online store or a digital marketing company as well as a nonprofit or even a blog about cooking –

The themes listed here have all the features you require.


If you’re planning to create an online site that covers many different subjects or requires a built-in flexibility using a multi-purpose WordPress theme will be your ideal choice


Multipurpose themes come with a wide range of options for design and features which can be customized to fit a range of circumstances.

In addition the themes generally adhere to one of two distinct styles:


either they are fairly generic and are modified to fit a particular industry or have a variety of layouts that are each suited to different industries.


It’s not unusual to find latest free wordpress themes 2022 with dozens of themes, all suited to specific niches, which you can download by just a single click.


This helps you set up and is also a great fit to the concept of a multi-purpose or all-in-one WordPress theme.


The majority of the top multipurpose WordPress theme options are premium choices with different price points; however, you can find some decent options at no cost as well.




6 Best Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes


sydney wordpress theme


The first on our list will be the Sydney WordPress theme.

It’s a theme that can be used for multiple purpose theme for website that’s a great choice for both large as well as small enterprises.


It is a great choice for creating an online presence or portfolio for any company that is based on services.

There is a wide range of options for customization to pick from.


Sydney includes Google Fonts and allows for complete control of the layout and colors that you apply to your site.


It is possible to add a custom design and logo, and create a full-screen slider that can show your top products or services or news articles of the moment.

Features of Sydney wordpress theme

      • Build Unlimited Websites
      • 3 Free Starter Sites
      • Learndash, LifterLMS, Learnpress Integration
      • No jQuery
      • Scroll to Top
      • Sticky Menu
      • Basic WooCommerce Features



sydney wordpress theme


Airi is a modern and flexible multipurpose wordpress theme that boasts a variety of great features which make it stand out in today’s market.


It’s incredibly customizable and gives designers the option to create anything from a simple landing page with bold imagery and catchy headlines to a complete ecommerce store selling different products or services at competitive prices.


Airi also integrates seamlessly with Elementor, making site design incredibly fast and easy.


If you opt for choosing an Elementor layout when working with this theme, your website will be fully functional the very same day the two are combined, saving you valuable time and effort!

The Airi WordPress theme is another great multipurpose option.

It’s incredibly versatile and easy to use and gives sites a professional appearance.


 The theme itself is lightweight, so site speed won’t ever be an issue.


In fact, you can switch around the layout, change colors, add features and select from a variety of other design options with just a few clicks and without having to build anything from scratch.


Features of Airi  wordpress theme


      • This template is equipped with Elementor, one of the best page builder plugins, and it’s blazing fast.
      • Changes you make to your page will be updated instantly as you type – so there’s no waiting time to see how your edits look.
      •  This template supports the hugely popular WooCommerce plugin, which allows you to sell products and start up a shop in no time.


      • You can easily switch between elements and fonts because we’ve included a host of cool Google fonts for free!




wordpress astra theme


Astra comes under the best free multipurpose WordPress theme.


It’s clean, professional, and easy on the eyes, making it suitable for most any kind of online publication or business.


It’s packed with advanced functionality that makes it perfect for designers, freelancers or creative professionals looking to make their portfolio stand out from the rest.


This theme comes with a slew of pre-built website demos you can select from, so you can get a new site up and running in no time at all!


There are many starter templates to choose from covering all kinds of topics that should help you find something that fits your needs perfectly.


The Astra WordPress theme i s another multipurpose wordpress theme that would work for most site types.

It’s clean, professional, and easy on the eyes , and that’s just to start .


Because the Astra WordPress theme is so flexible , it comes with a slew of pre-built website demos you can select from so you can get a new site up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to build one from scratch using a standard theme.

We suggest giving it a try to see for yourself!


Features of Astra wordpress theme

  • The Astra theme for WordPress is an accessible and versatile option not just for personal blogs and business portfolios, but also news sites and magazine-style layout.


  • It’s comfortable and responsive enough to be used on any device, from a desktop to a tablet or smartphone.


  • This powerful theme will spare you from having to spend your time tweaking settings during the customization process because it already comes with eight different demos that you can use for inspiration both when building a website from scratch or redesigning your existing one.
  • We truly recommend the Astra theme if you want a self-explanatory experience!


4. GeneratePress


generatepress wordpress theme

Here’s another great multipurpose WordPress theme that might be perfect for your site.


This is one of the Best Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes.

because it is feature-rich, it works with both Beaver Builder and Elementor, so customization should never be a problem.

 It is super quick, too!

A fast loading website does wonders for user experience, conversions, and search engine results placement.

If you want to improve all of those things you can install GeneratePress which is lightweight, small, takes minimum room on your server, has optimized code that doesn’t come with bloat upon installation.


Features of GeneratePress wordpress theme

  • GeneratePress has been proven to be SEO friendly.

    For example, it has built-in schema.org structured data so that it makes your site easier to find via search engines by following HCAG guidelines.


  • It also provides users with various other forms of accessibility so that even if someone is experiencing problems with screen reading, they will still be able to navigate around the website using the keyboard alone.


5. Neve

neve wordpress theme


Neve is an awesome multipurpose WordPress theme for creating awesome websites.

It was designed mobile-first and compatible with AMP and most WordPress page builders these days.

Webmasters will feel like it streamlines the website building process due to its intuitive features and amazing benefits that really help things run smoothly and not get in the way or overwhelm beginners.


 Features of Neve wordpress theme

  • Fast & thin
  • Easy to use and flexible
  • Sleek designs
  • Quality code and full support
  • Reliable updates


6. OceanWP


oceanwp wordPress themes

OceanWP is designed for use in dozens of different niches including food, art, fashion, or even for an e-commerce store.


Users can import demos for projects in any industry they wish to create.

One can even choose from a variety of different layouts depending on your needs.

The versatility that this gives users when building their own websites helps the framework stand out against competitors.


OceanWP has built in SEO functionality, translation capabilities and it loads much faster than other platforms used to build websites.


Features of OceanWP wordpress theme

  • Fully customizable
  • No coding skill is necessary
  • Global site layout
  • Global fonts & typography



In Conclusion

If you’re looking for the best free multipurpose WordPress theme, we’ve compiled a list of the best of them here.


​Multipurpose themes are ideal for sites that matter to you personally or professionally whether it be your business, an online portfolio for your photography skills, or even just because you have something great to say.


These multipurpose themes are versatile in design and they can be adapted to various niche types with ease! Check out this list.


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